Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Dedicated to those who love the Word of God and seek
to honour the Lord Jesus Christ.

This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from the author provided the material reproduced is distributed without charge, and the original author is acknowledged.

Bible quotations are taken from the Authorised (King James) Version

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Martha and Mary
Now Jesus loved Martha,
and her sister, and Lazarus.
John 11:5

Martha and Mary were friends of the Lord;
He came for a visit one day.
Martha invited Him into her house,
Befitting the customary way.
She was distracted with so much to do,
While making the Lord feel at home.
But in her serving, she thought, Wait a bit!
I’m doing this all on my own!

Coming to Jesus, she stated her case,
And bid that the Lord would command.
Speak to my sister and tell her to help!
Assist me and give me a hand!
Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet,
And choosing to take in His word.
Teaching more precious and dear to her soul,
Than any she ever had heard.

Jesus was seeking the best for them both,
And Mary had chosen that part.
All Christian service falls short of its goal
If not coming forth from the heart.
First we must listen like Mary of old,
And then when our service is pure;
Offer the Saviour our bodies and then,
He’ll gladly accept them, I’m sure.

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A Lame Man Walks
And He shall send Jesus Christ,
which before was preached unto you.   
Acts 3:20

He sat in the dust by the Beautiful Gate;
They carried him there every day.
His only recourse was in begging for alms,
From any who happened that way.
He never had walked from the day he was born;
His ankles and feet were so weak.
He often had wished he had strength in his bones;
The future seemed hopeless and bleak.

One day as he sat by the same temple gate,
He saw two men coming to pray.
So stretching his hand out he asked for an alms,
As he had been doing all day.
Then one of the men, Simon Peter by name,
Gave heed as he heard his request;
And fixing his eyes on this man begging alms,
He sensed that this man could be blessed.

He said to the man, Look directly at us!
He looked at them both in the face;
Expecting to get a donation from them,
Which might pay the rent on his place.
I do not have silver or gold, Peter said,
But that which I have I give you.
Arise up and walk in the name of the Lord!
While reaching his hand to him too.

His ankles and feet gained immediate strength,
And rising, he sprang to his feet;
Then leaping, he jumped about one metre’s length,
For him, a considerable feat.
He entered the temple with Peter and John,
Extolling the Lord every bound;
He could not contain his excitement and joy,
His feet hardly stayed on the ground.

The people could see this man jumping for joy,
And wondered about his estate;
They knew it was him who had long been outside,
Soliciting alms at the gate.
So as he was leaping and praising the Lord,
And staying close by to his friends;
They gathered around with astonishing looks,
Amazed at these marvellous trends.

Then Peter responded and said to the crowd,
Why all this excitable talk?
And why are you looking intently at us,
As though we have made this man walk?
The God of our Fathers has honoured His Son;
The One you denied out of hand;
When Pilate had tried Him and found no offence,
Resolving to quash His remand.

But there you rejected the Holy and Just;
And asked for a felon instead.
But Him you rejected, the Lord Prince of life,
Our God has raised up from the dead.
This man whom you see and is known unto you;
Who begged and was formerly lame;
Has got his new soundness through faith in the Lord;
Through trusting in Jesus’ name.

Repent, be converted and blot out your sins,
That times of refreshing may come;
That God may send unto you Jesus the Christ,
Who waits till restoring is done.
For Moses said truly, Jehovah your God,
Will raise up a Prophet like me;
And Him you shall hear in whatever He says,
Or suffer untold injury.

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God’s Redemptive Plan
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.    Luke 21:28

When the Lord created woman, it was always in His plan,
That she complement His image He invested in the man;
Who in turn would be ennobled by the one born from his bone;
So together they might glorify the Saviour on His throne.

But the plan was interrupted, for the Lord already knew,
That a test of their volition was both requisite and due.
Thus the Tempter found his opening and solicited to sin;
So the image was degraded as transgression entered in.

Now the plan could not be thwarted by intrusion good or bad;
Even though the total ruin was so very very sad.
For the Lord had made a promise which prophetically said,
That the Offspring of the woman would destroy the serpent’s head.

At the time of His appointment so the Lord took on our frame;
Having laid aside His glory which adorned His holy name;
Being found in low appearance, He submitted to the Cross;
Where He cried in dereliction having suffered every loss.

Now the darkest day had fallen with its legacy of fear.
For what hope was there remaining with the Lord no longer near?
But a new day was approaching which the gloom could not deny;
For behold, the tomb is empty! He is risen! ‘tis our cry.

For we have a risen Saviour who is present every day.
Seeking those who are obedient and desire His holy way;
So together let us laud Him with our sacrifice of praise;
With thanksgiving to the Father and the Author of our days.

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A Canaanite Woman
Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David!   
Matthew 15:22

A Canaanite woman cried out unto Jesus,
Have mercy upon me, O Lord!
My daughter is grievously vexed with a demon.
But He did not answer a word.
The men who were with Him: His trusty disciples,
Were urging Him, Send her away!
But she kept persisting with her interjections,
And would not be silenced this way.

Then Jesus declared to this woman who followed,
The purpose for which He was sent:
I came not except to the lost sheep of Israel.
But she did not lose her intent.
She worshipped Him openly, saying, Lord, help me!
But Jesus went on, Furthermore,
It’s not good to take bread prepared for the children
And cast it to dogs on the floor.

The woman said, True Lord; she caught His expression,
Alluding to those in her land,
Yet even the dogs eat the crumbs from the table
That fall from it onto the ground.
Then Jesus acknowledged this woman’s persistence,
O woman, how great is your faith!
So let it be done for you as you desire it.
Her daughter was found well and safe.

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The Rich Young Ruler
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,
than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.   
Mark 10:25

A ruler came running to Jesus one day,
And made a request on his knees.
He wanted to do some acceptable deed,
Whereby he could merit his pleas.
Good Teacher, he said as he bowed himself low,
What virtuous deed shall I do,
That I may inherit perpetual life?
Assuming his work would accrue.

So Jesus responded and said to the man,
Why do you address Me as good?
There is no one person befitting that mode
Except for the Person of God.
But if you desire to inherit the life,
You know such commandments as these:
Do not commit murder, nor steal anything;
Eschew all adulterous deeds.

The witness you give must be honest and true.
Defraud not from any his own.
And give to your parents the proper respect
Befitting their place in the home.
The ruler replied in a confident voice,
All these have I kept from my youth;
What else do I lack to inherit the life?
He could not envisage the truth.

The Lord looked intently upon this young man,
With love that flowed out from His heart:
If you would be perfect then sell all your goods
And give to the poor every part.
Then you shall have treasure in heaven above:
The riches that God has in store.
Come, take up the cross, and be following Me.
The Lord did not add any more.

On hearing these sayings his countenance fell,
Because his possessions were great.
He turned away sorrowful, grieved in his heart,
Not willing to lose his estate.
Then Jesus looked at His disciples and said,
I verily say unto you,
‘Tis hard for a man with abundance of wealth
To enter the life that is true.

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It Is Finished
Beginning at Moses and all the prophets,
He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures
the things concerning Himself.   
Luke 24:27

When Adam had chosen a path of his own;
The Lord God pursued him for what he had sown;
In love and in grace He made garments of skin;
The symbols which spoke of the ransom for sin.

The blood of the animals signalled to man,
That access to God must conform to His plan;
Because God is holy and man is depraved,
A bridge must be found for mankind to be saved.

If God had decided, for so was the hurt,
To banish His creatures and give our desert;
He would not be other than holy and true,
For we would be getting our merited due.

But knowing full well we were helpless and lost,
He made a decree notwithstanding the cost;
The debt of our sin has been settled in full;
Salvation is finished which none can annul.

Our God is the Saviour from sin and from death;
He cried, It is done! as He drew His last breath;
Whoever will come and partake of this Bread,
Shall live on forever although he were dead.

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From Jordan to Glory
He hath done all things well:   
He maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.   
Mark 7:37

A Figure walked quietly to Jordan one day;
His messenger waiting to witness and say:
There stands One among you whom you do not know;
A Lamb without blemish and spotless as snow.

The Stranger was Jesus our Saviour and Lord;
A Stranger no longer but known by His word.
His word is our promise both steadfast and sure;
His character blameless and humble and pure.

Our Lord walked in Jewry with healing and life;
Where many had demons and sickness was rife.
Though many were cured and made perfectly whole,
Restoring to health was not mainly His goal.

A more deadly malady deeper within,
Was cursing mankind with the ravage of sin.
It needed much more than a touch from the King;
It called for a sacrifice no one could bring.

A Figure walked staggering slowly one morn;
His cross was so heavy a load to be borne.
He’d suffered the flogging, the mocking, the shame;
The blasphemy hurled with abuse at His name.

So gentle a Figure, no violence did know;
The walk up that hill was so painfully slow.
He went there to rescue a race that was lost,
By bearing our judgment at infinite cost.

A Figure hung naked transfixed to a tree;
The Lord of all glory so awesome to see.
Though God had foreknown there was no other plan;
The Son of His love was the victim for man.

A Figure sits nobly in heaven right now;
A laurel of victory gracing His brow;
With honour and glory His work is complete.
Dear Lord we adore Thee and fall at Thy feet.

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A Demoniac Healed
And when He went forth to land, there met Him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time.   
Luke 8:27

A Gadarene demoniac was living by the sea.
His strength from demon influence caused much anxiety.
The locals could not tame him so they bound him up in chains;
But every time he broke the bonds, undoing all their pains.

One day he met the Saviour who was visiting the land.
The Lord had stirred his spirit by the tone of His command.
The man fell down and worshipped Him and cried aloud in fear.
He knew who Jesus really was and judgment could be near.

The demons dwelling in this man did not desire to quit.
They begged the Lord He would not send them off into the Pit.
A herd of pigs was feeding near upon a mountain side.
They begged that they might go in them and balefully abide.

The Lord gave them permission so they entered in the swine;
Which rushed on down the mountain slope and ended in the brine.
And so the herd was choked to death and drowned beneath the sea;
But those who fed them ran away at this catastrophe.

They told the people living there about this happening;
Who came out to investigate this catastrophic thing.
They saw the wild man sitting quietly at the Saviour’s feet;
Both fully clothed and sound of mind; his healing was complete.

Now when they saw the man composed they frankly were afraid.
For it was also told them how his life had been remade.
They pleaded with the Lord to go and trouble them no more.
Their profiteering industry had disappeared offshore.

As Jesus got back in the boat, acceding to their plea,
The man from whom He’d cast the demons begged Him earnestly,
That he might go along with Him but Jesus thought it best,
For him to go back to his friends and tell them of His rest.

He went his way and told the people in Decapolis;
Of how the Lord had changed his life from bondage into bliss.
So all the people marvelled at this wondrous work of grace;
And thus the glory of the Lord went forth from place to place.

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The Rich Man and Lazarus
For the love of money is a root of all evil:    
1 Timothy 6:10

A man very wealthy in all earthly riches,
Was living in great luxury.
Another man covered with sores on his body
Was laid by his gate every day;
Desiring to eat of the crumbs from the table
Which fell on the dining room floor;
The dogs came and licked at the sores on his body;
They couldn’t do anything more.

The beggar called Lazarus gave up the spirit;
His earthly sojourning had ceased.
His soul was transported to Abraham’s bosom;
The place of the godly deceased.
The rich man eventually died like his neighbour;
His riches were gone overnight;
And being in torments he saw at a distance,
There Lazarus resting in light.

He called out in anguish, O Abraham father!
Employing the patriarch’s name.
Send Lazarus that he may bring me some water,
And cool off my tongue in this flame.
But Abraham answered him, Son, you remember,
That you in your life fared so well;
And Lazarus likewise had evil befall him;
He’s resting while you are in hell.

And further, a chasm is set up between us,
So you cannot pass over here;
And those who are dwelling in this place of comfort,
Cannot go across over there.
The rich man remembered his five living brothers
Unmindful of their future state;
Let Lazarus go and relate what he’s witnessed,
Lest they share a similar fate.

But Abraham said, They can learn from the Scriptures,
The things that are forecast ahead.
The rich man insisted they would be repentant,
If someone went back from the dead.
But Abraham said, If they do not hear Moses,
And heed not the writings he gave;
Then neither will they be convinced or persuaded,
Though one rises up from the grave.

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God’s True Record
And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life,
 and this life is in His Son.   
1 John 5:11

Our God has left a record that has stood the test of time.
It has a central message both compelling and sublime.
Its purpose is to penetrate the secret inner thought;
Then as it finds a yielded heart, reveal the message brought.

The record has been left for us through many many years.
Though written by the hand of men, the mind of God appears.
If anyone should doubt that it is not completely true,
Then they must wait until the Day when all is brought to view.

Although some parts seem difficult and now irrelevant;
They nonetheless are coupled with a major world event.
Its pages are replete with stories everyone can read,
And verify the things contained for every human need.

It centres in a Person who is near to everyone.
He bore the sins of you and I and when His work was done,
The veil that separated us from God was rent in twain;
We now can enter into life and with our Saviour reign.

This book has been maligned but stands alone in history.
For unbelieving souls it still remains a mystery,
Until the Day arrives when they are judged for every thought,
And all the pride of humankind will fall and come to nought.

A Person will be waiting who was raised up from the dead.
We all shall stand before Him just as He Himself has said.
The only way we can escape from what we all deserve,
Is put our faith in Jesus Christ and thus our souls preserve.

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The Prodigal Son
I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him,   
Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee.   
Luke 15:18

Two brothers abode with their father at home,
Enjoying his welfare and keep.
The younger decided he wanted a change
From tending the goats and the sheep.
He said to his father, Please give me the goods
Apportioned that fall unto me.
His father divided his living to them,
And gave each his due legacy.

Not many days after the younger son left,
And went to a land far away;
He wasted his money on pleasureful things,
Which left him without any pay.
A famine arose in the very same land;
A dearth for both people and kine.
He joined himself unto a citizen there,
Who set him to feeding the swine.

He would fain have eaten the pods which they ate;
And no man gave aught unto him.
But when he had come to his senses, he thought,
This dire situation is grim.
He thought of his home where the servants had much,
While he was repining in need:
I’ll go to my father confessing my sin,
And ask him to hire me, indeed.

I’ll say to my father, I’ve sinned against heaven,
And done this disservice to you;
I’m no longer worthy to carry your name,
Please hire me as one of your crew.
He rose up and came to his father forthwith,
Who saw him some distance away;
And filled with compassion he ran to his son;
For he had been watching each day.

He fell on his neck with a welcoming hug,
And kissed him, so great was his joy.
He’d waited so long with a lingering hope
That one day he’d see his young boy.
His son started telling the wrong he had done,
But while he was having his say,
His father gave orders to bring him new clothes,
And make this a festival day.

Now as they were feasting with music and dance,
The elder son came off the land.
He called to a servant on hearing the sounds,
For such he could not understand.
The servant related the wonderful news:
Your brother has come safe and sound.
Your father has made it a feast day for him,
Because his young son has been found.

The elder son would not go into the house;
Because he resented this stuff.
His father came out and entreated with him;
But he thought it more than enough:
Behold, I’ve been serving you these many years,
And you never gave me a beast;
But this son of yours has been living with whores,
Yet you have provided a feast.

His father replied, You are always with me,
And all my possessions are yours.
It’s right to make merry and celebrate thus,
For we have a very good cause.
Your brother was dead and is living again;
Our thankfulness cannot be bound.
And so there is joy with the angels of God,
For every lost soul who is found.

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The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.   
John 10:11

Before man existed or earth had been fashioned,
And space-time had not yet occurred;
Our Lord whom we know as the Saviour from heaven
Eternally lived as the Word.
He made all the stars that shine brightly above us;
He spoke, and they came at His call.
The earth with its colourful flowers and beauty;
The sun giving warmth to us all.

In Him was the life which enlightens our darkness,
And shines in the blackness around.
The forces of evil could not overcome it,
Although they are strong and abound.
He came to His own but they did not receive Him,
Although they were chosen of old.
He sent forth a man as a witness before Him:
The one whom the prophets foretold.

The Word became flesh in the form of our manhood;
His dwelling place humble and low.
He came as a Man who was truthful and gracious
With blessings to share and bestow.
His witness called John gave a true testimony:
The One who proceeds after me,
Has always existed and must take precedence;
There is no one greater than He.

The Lord called out followers, Andrew and Peter;
Nathaniel and Philip and John;
Who left their professions and all their possessions
And followed where He led them on.
By trusting the Saviour they made a commitment
Which bound them together in love;
Although they were weak and their faith was untested,
The Lord gave them grace from above.

The Lord is still calling to those who will listen,
And know they can’t make it alone.
In love He is seeking the sheep who are dying,
Because they have strayed on their own.
Whenever He catches a faint cry of weakness,
Aware of their anguish and pain;
He follows that cry till at last He has found them,
And brings them rejoicing again.

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For how can I endure to see the evil
that shall come unto my people?   
Esther 8:6

Now in the days when Persian kings were ruling on the earth,
There was a royal festival for those of noble birth.
The king sat with his noblemen and feasted with them all;
The food and wine were plentiful; they really had a ball.

A feast was made for womenfolk invited by the queen;
Now Vashti was quite beautiful in all the courtly scene.
And when the king had spent a week of insobriety,
He sent to bring queen Vashti in for all the guests to see.

But she would not comply with this intemperate command.
And so the king was very wroth and sought her reprimand.
Consulting with his wise men he enquired what he should do;
For such a breach of etiquette would only cause a stew.

Then certain of the noblemen came forward with a plan;
For Vashti by her wilfulness had injured every man.
When all the women hear of it they’ll denigrate their spouse,
And husbands will take second place in almost every house.

So let there be a royal charge made known throughout the realm;
That Vashti no more enter in nor see the king again,
And let there be another one selected in her stead,
Then every husband in the land will be the rightful head.

Now when the dust had settled and the wrath had been appeased,
His servants gave the king advice which made him rather pleased.
Young virgins would be gathered in from all provincial towns;
And each would go before the king dressed in their regal gowns.

Within the city Shushan there abode a certain Jew,
Descended from the captives when their land was broken through.
He had a fair step-daughter with the name of Hadassah;
Her parents were deceased so Mordecai adopted her.

This maiden known as Esther was escorted to the rooms,
Along with other virgin girls for washing's and perfumes;
But Esther found much favour with the male custodian;
And she received the beauty aids provided by this man.

Now Mordecai had charged her not to talk about her race;
Nor speak about her family for such was not the place.
And every day he asked about her situation there;
Amid the preparations with the perfumes and the myrrh.

So at the end of twelve months with the purifying done,
The maidens were presented as they entered one by one;
And Esther too was called upon to stand before the king;
She’d asked the women’s keeper for advice on what to bring.

Of all the women that he saw the king loved Esther more,
And she received more favour than she’d ever had before;
The royal crown was taken up and placed upon her head,
And she became queen Esther as the one in Vashti’s stead.

In those days two men made a plot to put the king away;
But Mordecai soon heard of it and came without delay;
He told the plot to Esther who conveyed it to the throne;
The men were duly sentenced for the crime which they had done.

An Agagite called Haman was promoted by the king,
And made the chief of princes in the courtly inner ring.
The king had charged his servants who obeyed him at the gate,
Show reverence to Haman and respect his high estate.

But Mordecai would not bow down before this prince of men;
When Haman saw he would not bow it filled him with chagrin;
He scorned to lay his hands upon this Jewish man alone;
But wipe out all his people who were governed by the throne.

This superstitious Haman made a comprehensive plot;
And came up with a deadline which was set by casting lot.
The Jews would be annihilated on a certain day.
Their personal possessions would be taken for a prey.

The thing was put in written form; the Jews would be destroyed;
The charge was carried far and wide with couriers employed.
So Haman sat down with the king who entertained his guest;
While in the city Shushan there were scenes of great unrest.

When Mordecai perceived the plot his bitter cry arose;
He clothed himself in sackcloth having torn away his clothes;
The Jews in every province were aghast with sudden grief;
The news was devastating with no comfort or relief.

The news came through to Esther, Persia’s newly chosen queen.
Then Mordecai decided she must promptly intervene.
She could not stay in silence in her place beside the throne;
For who knows whether she had come that this might not be done?

To go within the inner court without a royal call,
Brought instant death to anyone and this was known to all.
The only one exception to a positive disgrace,
Was if the king held out his sceptre, signifying grace.

Queen Esther gave her answer as she bid her maidens fast;
She’d go into the palace when three days had duly passed.
She knew the risk of breaking through a governmental law;
So if I perish, let it be; for I can do no more.

And so upon the third day Esther put on royal dress,
And went into the palace court with due respectfulness.
The king on seeing Esther standing in the inner court,
Held out his golden sceptre and enquired of what she sought.

She came and touched the sceptre and requested if she may,
Invite the king and Haman for a banquet on that day.
The king replied, Bring Haman quickly ready for the feast;
Do as the queen’s requested for there is no time to waste.

So after they had wined and dined the king enquired of her,
What is the favour you request to which I may defer?
She said, If it is pleasing and as such seems good to you,
Please come again tomorrow with our guest attending too.

Then Haman went forth joyfully, his heart was filled with glee;
But when he saw the man again who would not bow the knee;
His indignation mounted up against this Jewish man;
However, he restrained himself and went on to his home.

He told his wife and family about his rich estate.
And yet it counted nothing while the Jew sat at the gate.
They listened to his accolades and then they told him straight,
Let there be made some gallows for that wretched man you hate.

That night the king was sleepless as he lay upon his bed;
And so he gave commandment that the records should be read.
They read to him the incident when two men sought his life;
How Mordecai had made it known and saved the king from strife.

The king said to his servants, What reward was given him?
What honour did the man receive? he asked the chamberlain.
They told him that no honour was bestowed for what he wrought.
And then the king broke off and said, Who’s that inside the court?

Now Haman had just made his way inside the palace yard,
To speak about the gallows which his servants had prepared,
To ask the king that he should hang this fellow Mordecai;
For he could not rest peacefully till he had seen him die.

The servants of the king replied, Lo, Haman stands outside.
The king said, Let him enter! for he’d let this man decide.
What honour shall be given to the highly favoured one?
He whom the king delights in, just suggest what shall be done!

Now Haman thought, The king would honour no one else but me;
For no one but myself is such a real celebrity.
Let whom the king is honouring be given royal fare,
And let him ride on horseback through the city streets out there.

And let a proclamation go before him in the way,
Thus shall it be to him in whom the king delights today!
Then spake the king to Haman, Do exactly as you’ve said,
And go to Mordecai and place my crown upon his head.

So Haman took the robes and set up Mordecai’s array;
Who sat upon the horse’s back as Haman led the way,
Proclaiming to the people and to everyone in sight,
Thus shall it be to him in whom the king shall take delight.

Then Mordecai went to the gate and Haman hurried home;
His head was draped in mourning cloth with so much to bemoan.
He told his wife and friends about the humbling and the gall.
They said, If he’s a Jewish man then surely you will fall.

Now as they were still talking so the chamberlains appeared,
To take him to the banquet which queen Esther had prepared.
So both the king and Haman were transported to the feast;
The king said to his hostess, What indeed is your request?

She said, If I’ve found favour and it’s pleasing to the king,
And were the matter pressing just a mere domestic thing,
I would have held my tongue in case the king should be annoyed.
My people have been sold away! Our lives will be destroyed!

The king with indignation, answered, Who and where is he?
And who is such a person who would do so callously?
She said, This wicked Haman is our enemy and foe.
Then Haman listened terrified, his heart was filled with woe.

The king went in the garden as his anger burned within;
While Haman sought indulgence as he pleaded with the queen.
He saw that evil loomed ahead determined by the king,
And so he begged the queen that she would nullify the thing.

The king came from the garden as the matter reached a head;
He found the prince had fallen down and lay on Esther’s bed.
Will he assault the queen, he said, while I am in the place?
And while the king was speaking thus they covered Haman’s face.

A servant said, Behold the gallows fifty cubits high,
Are standing now at Haman’s home prepared for Mordecai;
Who spoke good on the king’s behalf and gave a good report.
Take Haman there and let him hang! came back the king’s retort.

And so they hanged this Haman on the gallows he’d prepared,
To hang the one he hated so and never would have spared.
The pride and fame of Haman fell before the noble Jew,
And Mordecai was given rank and gained much favour too.

To save the Jewish people and to help them in their plight,
The king proclaimed an edict which enabled them to fight.
So in the month of Adar they stood firm against their foes;
And fear beset those hating them and all who did oppose.

The Jews remember Esther their beloved Persian queen;
And Mordecai her guardian and regard them with esteem;
They keep the feast of Purim for two days in every year;
For God preserved His people, even those He reckons dear.

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Remember Thy Creator
Remember now thy Creator
in the days of thy youth.
Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember thy Creator,
Before the evil days;
While life is still a challenge,
And passions are ablaze;
Before the light gets misty,
And sight is getting dim;
And all desire for living
Is spiritless and slim.

Remember thy Creator,
Before the cord is loosed;
The thread of life is broken;
The staff no longer used;
When sound of grinding ceases;
With industry complete;
And caskets bearing loved ones
Are carried down the street.

Remember thy Creator,
While memories remain;
Before the shadows deepen,
And life becomes a bane;
Before the soul is yielded,
And flesh returns to dust;
Remember thy Creator,
And make the Lord thy trust.

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The King of Kings
For Thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory, for ever.
Matthew 6:13

O, sing unto the Lord;
Exalt His Name with praise;
Let all the people worship Him
Who reigns through endless days.

His deeds are marvellous;
Declared for all to see;
His right hand and His holy arm
Hath won the victory.

Salvation is declared;
The Lord hath made it known;
His righteousness is clearly seen
And manifestly shown.

Yet mindful of His love,
And long time faithfulness,
Toward the house of Israel
Whom He has sworn to bless.

He comes to judge the earth,
With truth and equity;
And all the people shall behold
His glorious majesty.

Give out a joyful sound;
Sing with a cheerful voice;
Sing praises to the Lord, the King;
Let all the earth rejoice.

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Thy Kingdom Come
The earth is the LORD’S and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.
Psalm 24:1

Why do the nations rage,
And calculate in vain?
The kings and rulers set themselves
Against Messiah’s reign.

The One who sits on high,
Whom they have long defied,
Shall speak to them in holy wrath
And vex their lofty pride.

Yet has He set His King
Upon His holy hill;
The city of Jerusalem
Shall be exalted still.

The edict is declared;
The Lord said unto Me,
Thou art My Son, this very day
Have I begotten Thee.

The nations shall be Thine,
If Thou shouldst ask of Me;
The earth unto its utmost parts
Are Thine eternally.

So shalt Thou smash the proud,
And wield Thine iron rod;
Be wise ye rulers of the earth
And serve the Lord your God.

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The Children’s Friend
And they brought young children to Him ...
and He took them up in His arms …
and blessed them. Mark 10:13,16

Every day we share with Jesus,
Makes that day a happy one.
That is why the heavenly Father
Gave to us His own dear Son.

First of all we must receive Him;
In our hearts He longs to be.
Simply trusting His commandment:
Let the children come to Me.

If we say we really love Him,
When at home, at school, or play;
We’ll be happy to be doing
Anything He has to say.

He has given us the Bible,
So that we may know His will;
How to live and pray and worship;
Whether times are good or ill.

Jesus is the only Saviour;
He is our Creator Lord;
And for those who love His coming,
He will ever be adored.

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The Choice Is Yours
They shall look upon Me whom they have pierced.
Zechariah 12:10

'Twas just His choice He left His throne,
To dwell with those not called His own,
To call by name that they might be,
Life members of His family,
And live with Him eternally.

'Twas just His will that He should be
The object of our infamy;
Foregoing rights and bearing scorn,
Enduring shame, reviled, forlorn;
To make in One a race newborn.

'Twas just His faithfulness that He,
When being nailed onto the tree;
Remained until the price was paid;
And then within the tomb be laid;
The full work of atonement made.

For all is ready, time is full;
Salvation near, without annul;
You may now come, the choice is yours,
Till death o’ertake and then the doors
Of heaven closed by sacred cause.

His precious blood, my only plea;
If anyone should say to me:
What did He therefore do for you
To free from sin and judgment due?
My risen Lord so pure and true.

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The Path to Glory
And beginning at Moses and all the prophets,
He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures
the things concerning Himself.  Luke 24:27


Let’s walk through the Bible together,
And follow the path where it leads;
For refuge in turbulent weather,
And wisdom for everyday needs.

Let’s meet with the God of creation,
Who made everything by His Word;
Who called for the sun’s radiation,
And formed every mammal and bird.

Let’s go on our journey in wonder,
Beholding the scenes of delight;
The lightning that heralds the thunder;
The rainbow with colours so bright.

Let’s go back in time through the ages,
Before man was given his breath;
Where Scripture records in its pages
The roots of discordance and death.

When Lucifer, son of the morning,
Succumbed to ambition and pride;
And evil was seen at its dawning,
Through which many thousands have died.


Consider the setting before us;
The earth with its bountiful trees;
The beautiful hues with their auras;
And everything fashioned to please.

The husband and wife He created
In Eden with pleasures replete;
The limits so clearly dictated:
The fruit He forbade them to eat.

So now must the couple make choices
Within their appointed abode;
For soon there would be other voices
To lure them away from the road.

Along came an elegant creature,
Disarmingly subtle and sly;
He knew that significant feature
By which they could stumble and die.

He questioned the word God had stated;
Asserting it was not the case;
Thus Eve had her ego inflated,
Which led to the fall of the race.

She ate of the fruit tree forbidden,
And gave to her husband who ate;
Their guiltiness could not be hidden;
It brought in a ruinous state.

They knew they were naked completely;
Their mantle of splendour had gone;
The fig leaves they fitted discreetly,
Could not hide the wrong they had done.

The couple were hastily banished;
The Garden was barred at the east;
Their noble distinction had vanished;
Their life of enjoyment had ceased.

To add to their fateful decision,
In Eden’s inaugural school,
There followed a global transition:
The Devil exacted the rule.

Amid their lamentable darkness,
A promise was given that day;
Though sin would remain with its starkness,
A Saviour would bear it away.

The coats made of skin He provided,
To cover their sin and their shame,
Foreshadowed a day long decided,
When Jesus would carry the blame.


The image that God had invested
In man for his privileged role;
Was so much the less manifested,
Because of the trend of his soul.

The sons who were born, Cain and Abel,
Chose different paths for their life;
Yet Cain was profane and unstable,
And murdered his kin with a knife.

And having no place for repentance,
It boded a future so dark;
He heard God’s inflexible sentence,
And had placed upon him a mark.

His brother had been well regarded,
Because of the offering he brought;
While Cain had in essence discarded
The truth that was visibly taught.

The world population exploded,
While evil continued to grow;
God’s image was almost eroded,
With morals exceedingly low.

The Lord warned the people through preaching;
The ark bearing out His appeal;
The ultimate day they were reaching,
Would prove that His warning was real.

With only one person remaining,
Who found God’s unmerited grace,
There would be no further refraining
From starting a newly formed race.

The Flood came as Noah predicted,
And swept all the evil away;
For men had become so addicted,
It must not, nor ever, hold sway.


The earth was again populated;
The people had cities so grand;
Ambitions were soon elevated;
They thought they could do as they planned.

For Nimrod, a hunter by nature,
Was building a height on the plain;
He thought it would further his stature,
But God knew his motives were vain.

The builders were thwarted and scattered;
The project was put out of reach;
Their lofty ambitions were shattered,
For God had confounded their speech.

The nations which thereby resulted,
Established themselves far and wide;
Yet still with their gods they consulted,
Which neither could counsel nor guide.


Among these idolatrous nations,
God spoke to a resident there;
He told him to leave his relations,
And make his departure from Ur.

So Abraham went as directed,
And set up his tent in the Land;
For he and his line were selected
To further the Seed that was planned.

A nation was born in affliction,
And given God’s Law on the mount;
A charter without contradiction,
Made clear in its holy account.

The sovereign tribe would be Judah,
As Jacob had formerly known;
There have been attempts to exclude her,
Since David ascended the throne.

A covenant-keeping adherence
Would mark out their worship from all;
And if there was such perseverance,
Their standing with God would be tall.

When centuries later they faded,
Resorting to idols again;
Their spiritual life became jaded,
And rendered them captives of men.


At last the event long awaited;
The promise of God never fails;
The birthplace had been designated;
The shepherds were out in the dales.

A virgin gave birth to Messiah;
For such had the prophet foretold;
He came with a fervent desire
To gather His sheep in the fold.

His mission was flatly rejected;
His kingdom was not as they thought;
He was not the King they expected,
In spite of the lessons He taught.

And yet were the Scriptures completed;
The Saviour was true to His Word;
Though sin had been soundly defeated,
His kingdom on earth was deferred.

His death marked the end of an era;
Salvation from sin is complete;
The light of the gospel is clearer;
And He is the Judge we shall meet.

The fact of His great resurrection,
Conclusively settled His word;
It seals our belief and protection,
Confirming the truth we have heard.


Today we await His appearing;
A passage of two thousand years;
To whom He is ever endearing,
His advent will quell any fears.

His body, the Church He is making,
Will be His celestial bride;
It has a divine undertaking,
To witness as well as abide.

Its members are called to be holy,
Reflecting the Saviour on high;
Who came as a Carpenter lowly,
To offer His life and to die.


And so when the Church has been taken
To heaven with all its delight,
The nation He has not forsaken
Will enter its prophesied night.

The time of the Great Tribulation
Will come with its season of woe;
Upon every country and station;
On hilltops and valleys below.

The time that is called Jacob’s Trouble
Will sift out the wheat from the tares;
The cities will turn into rubble,
And catch many folk unawares.

Amid the refining and trials;
Through seven unspeakable years;
The angels will pour out their vials,
Before the Lord’s kingdom appears.

For nation will rise against nation,
And love will decline and grow cold;
Yet all who call out for salvation
Will live as the Lord has foretold.

For those who remain at its closure
When all the convulsions are through,
There will be an open disclosure
Of things that will quickly ensue.


There will be a great visitation
Of glory and light in the sky,
As Jesus returns to His nation
To set up His kingdom from high.

The people from every location
Will hear their impending estate;
For some it will be condemnation,
For others a heritage great.

The issue has never been altered;
The pathway has always been true;
If any have stumbled or faltered,
It’s what they have chosen to do.

Whatever the clime or the season,
Should there be dishonour or fame,
We must give an answer or reason
For not having trusted His Name.

As Jesus has stated so clearly,
A truth that betokens His love,
And having redeemed us so dearly,
We need to be born from above.

His kingdom is for the believer;
The soul who admits he was lost;
Once bound by the artful Deceiver,
But now become free at great cost.

The cost of our freedom and station,
Was paid by the blood of the Cross;
It brings everlasting salvation,
Or seals our perpetual loss.


Our journey is nearing its finish,
As day follows day in the year;
Our hopes either rise or diminish;
Our thoughts turn to glory or fear.

What started way back in the Garden,
When Adam committed the crime,
Has been reconciled by a pardon,
Extending beyond mortal time.

The Lord has another creation,
For those with the right of access;
For others, a dark destination,
Too ghastly for words to express.

The Scriptures are telling the story;
Whatever I write must agree;
The path follows Jesus to glory:
The home of the ransomed and free.

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Dry Bones
O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.
Ezekiel 37:4

The Lord brought me out
To a valley of bones,
And caused me to pass all around them.
The bones lay about
In the dust and the stones;
Exceedingly dry as I found them.

He said, Son of man,
Can these bones come alive?
I answered and said, Lord, Thou knowest.
He told me His plan
For these dry bones to thrive;
From uppermost bone to the lowest.

Moreover He said,
You shall say to these bones,
Dry bones, hear the word of Jehovah!
I listened with dread
To His wonderful tones;
Enthralled by the words that came over.

Dry bones you shall know
With the breath that I give,
And flesh that shall clothe you with sinew;
I’ve caused you to grow,
And be upright and live,
Because of My Spirit within you.

Now as I looked on,
There was noise all around;
And bone came to bone with a rattle.
The dryness was gone,
Newborn life did abound;
An army prepared as for battle.

Then further He said,
What you see with your eye,
These bones are My very own nation;
They say we are dead
For our bones are so dry,
And we are in such desolation.

Now say unto them,
O My people! Give ear!
Your graves I will yet open surely;
To Jerusalem
Will I bring you with cheer;
And there you shall dwell most securely.

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From Jordan to Glory
He hath done all things well:   
He maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.   
Mark 7:37

A Figure walked quietly to Jordan one day;
His messenger waiting to witness and say:
There stands One among you whom you do not know;
A Lamb without blemish and spotless as snow.

The Stranger was Jesus our Saviour and Lord;
A Stranger no longer but known by His word.
His word is our promise both steadfast and sure;
His character blameless and humble and pure.

Our Lord walked in Jewry with healing and life;
Where many had demons and sickness was rife.
Though many were cured and made perfectly whole,
Restoring to health was not mainly His goal.

A more deadly malady deeper within,
Was cursing mankind with the ravage of sin.
It needed much more than a touch from the King;
It called for a sacrifice no one could bring.

A Figure walked staggering slowly one morn;
His cross was so heavy a load to be borne.
He’d suffered the flogging, the mocking, the shame;
The blasphemy hurled with abuse at His name.

So gentle a Figure, no violence did know;
The walk up that hill was so painfully slow.
He went there to rescue a race that was lost,
By bearing our judgment at infinite cost.

A Figure hung naked transfixed to a tree;
The Lord of all glory so awesome to see.
Though God had foreknown there was no other plan;
The Son of His love was the victim for man.

A Figure sits nobly in heaven right now;
A laurel of victory gracing His brow;
With honour and glory His work is complete.
Dear Lord we adore Thee and fall at Thy feet.

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