Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson


God's Glories
To Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.
Revelation 1:6

Our God is everywhere,
And we are in His care,
For as we claim His holy name,
His glory we can share.

He is omnipotent;
His strength is never spent;
Yet He became an open shame,
When to the Cross He went.

His knowledge is so vast,
Complete and not amassed;
He knows the thought of every sort,
However it is classed.

His justice is revealed,
And cannot be repealed,
The victory of Calvary
Declared the matter sealed.

His righteousness is pure,
And ever will endure,
In Christ alone its light is shown,
There is no other truer.

Eternally sublime,
Beyond the realm of time,
He visited while we were dead,
To cancel every crime.

 His love can dwell within,
Because He conquered sin,
If we partake the bread He brake,
We shall His portion win.

His grace is full and free,
For all eternity,
It can descend and so extend,
Because of Calvary.

His mercy never wanes,
But goes to extra pains;
Withholding hurt, our just desert,
And cleansing all our stains.

His Name is Wonderful,
Without a moment’s lull,
As we adore Him more and more,
With joy unspeakable.

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The King and His Bride
Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.
Psalm 45:6

My heart is overflowing with rejoicing;
I write my composition to the King;
My tongue a vocal instrument is voicing
The words that I am penning as I sing.

So fair art Thou in all Thy grand endeavour;
For grace is being poured upon Thy lips;
Therefore the LORD hath blessed Thy name forever;
A name that is secure and never slips.

So fasten on Thy sword Thou strong and fairest;
With glory and with majesty so ride;
Because of Thine integrity Thou wearest,
Thy righteousness is ever by Thy side.

Thy right hand shall instruct in terrors pending;
Thine arrows pierce the hearts of all Thy foes;
Thy throne O God is great and never ending,
For righteousness Thy sceptre doth enclose.

Thou lovest righteousness as Thou appointed;
Thou hatest wickedness and all therein;
Therefore Thou art forevermore anointed
With oil of gladness more than all Thy kin.

Thy garments have a scent of myrrh and aloes,
From palaces of ivory they came;
And they have made Thee glad above Thy fellows;
Thy robes imply Thy dignity and fame.

Thine honoured women are the royal daughters;
The queen from Ophir stands arrayed in gold;
They do the Monarch’s bidding as He orders,
With love so warm and tender as of old.

O daughter will you listen with attention;
Consider now, and so incline your ear;
Forget your people that you often mention;
Your household and the ones you hold so dear.

The King will be desirous of your beauty;
Because He is your Lord so worship Him;
The rich will seek your favour as a duty;
And Tyre will bring a gift for Elohim.

So glorious within; the royal daughter;
Her clothing is resplendent wrought with gold;
In robes of many colours have they brought her;
Presented to the King as they behold.

The virgins, her companions, follow after;
With gladness and with joy they shall be brought;
Their entrance will be marked by song and laughter,
With dignity that fits a royal court.

The LORD will make Thy name forever hallowed;
In all the generations yet to be;
The people who believed in Thee and followed,
Shall reverence and ever worship Thee.


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Psalm 19
Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

Psalm 107:31

The heavens are telling God’s glory from high;
His handiwork vividly etched in the sky;
From day unto day they are uttering speech;
And night unto night with the knowledge they teach.

No language occurs where their voice is not heard;
Throughout all the earth goes their eloquent word;
Their message has reached to the end of the world;
Resplendent above like a banner unfurled.

In them He has set up a tent for the sun,
That goes like a bridegroom whose day has begun;
Rejoicing as one who is running a race;
A circuit described by its circular trace.

The law of the Lord is effective and whole;
Its witness is simple converting the soul;
Its statutes are noble rejoicing the heart,
Establishing truth for our innermost part.

His holy commandments are gracious and pure;
Enlightening the eyes that our sight may be sure;
The fear of the Lord is enduring and clean;
His judgments are righteous and wholly pristine.

More are they desired than the finest of gold;
And sweeter than honey for youngest or old;
Moreover by them is Thy bondservant warned,
And keeping them favours a lifestyle adorned.

For who understands his erroneous ways?
Acquit me of faults that are hid from my gaze;
And keep back Thy servant from sins born of pride,
And let them not rule me nor hinder my stride.

Then I shall be clear from their grievous excess,
And innocent whereof I’d greatly transgress;
Let all my intentions by day or by night,
Be counted acceptable, Lord, in Thy sight.


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O LORD, our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:1

Almighty God, how laudable,
Is Your eternal name!
In every place recordable,
Forevermore the same.

For You have set Your eminence,
So far above the skies;
The stars in their magnificence,
Shine forth like watching eyes.

Out from the mouths of little folk,
You have perfected praise;
That You may silence every yoke,
Imposed upon Your ways.

When I consider all the host;
The stars which You have made;
What then is man’s allotted post,
In every role displayed?

You made him lord of land and sea;
Of birds and fish and beast;
You gave him all-sufficiency,
With grace that never ceased.

Almighty God, how laudable,
Is Your eternal name!
By every means accordable,
Your glory meets acclaim.


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Name Above All Names
O LORD, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:1

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent
Is thy majestic name;
In every land and continent,
Abounding with acclaim.

From mountain top to citadel
Thy fame is spread abroad;
Wherever mortal man may dwell
Thy name shall be adored.

Thy glory hast thou set on high
In heaven at thy throne;
For thou dost dwell above the sky,
And all things thou dost own.

Out of the mouths of little folk
Thou hast perfected praise;
Just as the words that thou hast spoke
In thine incarnate days.

That thou might still the enemy;
The one who doth oppose;
The one who doth contend with thee,
Who brings incessant woes.

When I consider and behold
The heavens thou hast made,
The moon and stars as yet untold
In all their grand parade.

Then what is man that he should be
The object of thy care?
Thou gavest him authority
Of creatures everywhere.

Thou granted him a lower state
Than angels, even so;
Thou crownest him with honours great,
As history doth show.

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent
Is thy majestic name;
Engrafted in thy testament,
For thou hast borne our shame.


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Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined.
Psalm 50:2

Earth and sea and sky so vast;
Manifest their perfect cast;
Now as in the distant past;
As the Lord has made them.

Creatures dwelling on the earth,
By the Lord who gave them birth,
Shall proclaim His highest worth;
Doing as He bade them.

Sin and death shall not prevail;
Nor shall resurrection fail;
Hell shall be the devil’s jail;
Time has just delayed them.

God so loved us through His Son;
All salvation’s work is done;
All the glories He has won;
Let us not evade them.

He has set His holy laws;
With a just and righteous cause;
Christ was perfect without flaws;
He alone obeyed them.

Songs of praise shall ring abroad;
Hearts and minds with one accord;
Praising our incarnate Lord;
As He well portrayed them.

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Psalm 95
O come, let us sing unto the LORD.
Psalm 95:1

Let us come and sing our praises to the Lord;
Let us glorify the One who is adored;
Let us make a joyful noise,
With a hearty gladsome voice,
To the Rock of our salvation with accord.

Let us come with our thanksgiving to His throne;
And with psalmody let all His works be known;
For the Lord our God is great;
He is Head of every state,
With a Majesty no other god can own.

He possesses all the places of the deep;
And the strength of every hill is in His keep;
For the sea was made by Him,
As He limited its rim;
And His hands have formed the valleys and the steep.

Let us worship our Creator on our knees;
As a Father He will listen to our pleas;
We are ever in His care,
And should never feel despair,
For in Him there are no dark anxieties.

So today if you will listen as He speaks,
For it is your preservation that He seeks,
Do not turn away your heart,
Where your soul decisions start,
Like the people who resisted many weeks.

In the wilderness as in the day of test,
When they proved Him having seen His holy quest;
Through the space of forty years,
He was grieved with all their fears,
So He swore they should not enter in His rest.

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The King of Kings
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.
Matthew 6:13

O, sing unto the Lord;
Exalt His Name with praise;
Let all the people worship Him
Who reigns through endless days.

His deeds are marvellous;
Declared for all to see;
His right hand and His holy arm
Hath won the victory.

Salvation is declared;
The Lord hath made it known;
His righteousness is clearly seen
And manifestly shown.

Yet mindful of His love,
And long time faithfulness,
Toward the house of Israel
Whom He has sworn to bless.

He comes to judge the earth,
With truth and equity;
And all the people shall behold
His glorious majesty.

Give out a joyful sound;
Sing with a cheerful voice;
Sing praises to the Lord, the King;
Let all the earth rejoice.

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God is Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
John 4:24.

Worship is praising the One whom we love;
Angels are gazing with rapture above;
All we should render to Jesus our King;
Lord and Defender His praises we sing.

He has created the stars at their birth;
Scripture has stated His life on the earth;
Friend of the outcast, the poor and the blind;
Love which He broadcast is food for the mind.

Since He has finished His work on the tree,
Sin has diminished in those who are free;
By His salvation: His life and His blood,
Sweet adoration is fitting and good.

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God’s Mercies
Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name.
Psalm 103:1

O bless the Lord, declares my soul,
And all who share His blessing;
Forget not all His benefits,
In faith and hope possessing.

Who pardons thine iniquities,
And healeth thy diseases;
Who purchased thee from slavery;
His mercy never ceases.

He satisfies thy hungry mouth,
And all thy soul is needing;
Thy youthfulness He does renew,
Though years may be receding.

He executes His righteousness
For all who are afflicted;
He showed His acts to Israel,
In ways that He predicted.

The Lord is kind and merciful;
He will not keep on chiding;
He does not store His anger up;
His love is still abiding.

He has not yet requited us
For sins we have committed;
Nor has He so rewarded us
For wrongs we have permitted.

For as the heavens are so high
Above the earth in measure,
So does His mercy yet abound
To those who seek His pleasure.

For as the east is from the west,
By infinite progressions,
So far has He removed from us
Our multiple transgressions.

Like as a father pitieth
The children who are near him,
So does the Lord have sympathy
On those who rightly fear Him.

For He remembers we are dust;
Our mortal frame He knoweth;
Our days are like the meadow grass,
Which for a season groweth.

It flourishes a little while,
Until the winds are blowing;
And very soon it is no more,
Its place no longer knowing.

The mercy of the Lord is sure,
Throughout all generations;
Upon the ones who fear His name
And love His visitations.

O bless the Lord, declares my soul;
He works in every quarter;
Imputing life and righteousness
To every son and daughter.

O bless the Lord ye heavenly host,
Who serve Him with endeavour;
His kingdom will be glorious,
And magnified forever.

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Triumphal Entry
The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.

Psalm 24:1

The earth is the Lord’s,
And its fulness so wide;
The world and its people
Who therein reside.

He founded it sure
In its place on the seas,
And made it secure
By authentic decrees.

For who shall ascend
To the hill of the Lord?
Or stand in the place
Where His name is adored?

Him having clean hands,
And a heart that is pure;
Who has not sought vainly
The world and its lure.

This one shall be blessed,
And be justified too,
By God the Redeemer
Of Gentile and Jew.

So lift up your heads
O ye welcoming gates;
The King in His glory
Will come as He states.

Who then is this King
Coming into your coasts?
The One whom we worship:
The Lord God of hosts.

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Psalm 8
O LORD our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:1

O LORD our Lord, how excellent
Is Thy majestic name!
In all the earth exemplified;
With evidence on every side
Re-echoing Thy fame.

According to Thy providence,
Thy glory has been set
Above the heavens in its state,
On which we can but contemplate,
Until our hopes are met.

From mouths of babes and sucklings,
Thou hast perfected praise;
That all Thine enemies be stilled,
Because the hopes on which they build
Are manifestly base.

When I consider all Thy works,
The heavens Thou hast made;
The moon and stars Thou hast ordained,
And by Thy faithfulness sustained,
Are nightly on parade.

Then what is man that Thou shouldst care
For his eternal state?
For Thou hast set his mortal place
Below the angels in his case,
In all Thou didst create.

Thou gavest him dominion
Of Thy created things;
And having made the earth complete
Thou placed it underneath his feet;
A paradise of springs.

O LORD our Lord, how excellent
Is Thy majestic name!
In all the earth personified,
By men and angels glorified,
Through endless years the same.

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Psalm 110
Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.
Psalm 110:4

The LORD declared in solemn tone,
Sit at the right hand of My throne,
Until Thy foes in disarray,
Are made Thy footstool on that Day.

The rod of Thy dominion great,
Shall go abroad from Zion’s gate;
So rule Thou in the midst of them,
From Thine elect Jerusalem.

Thy people shall be volunteers,
Both young men and the old in years;
For in that celebrated hour,
Thou shalt reveal Thy kingly power.

In beauties of Thy holiness,
As from the womb in loveliness;
Thy youth has got the morning dew,
Refreshing as the day is new.

The LORD has sworn His vowed intent,
And of that vow will not repent,
Thou art a Priest for evermore,
Inherited from none before.

The Lord who sits at Thy right hand
Shall strike the kings in every land;
His day of wrath that many dread,
Shall see them wounded in the head.

His drink shall be a wayside brook,
That flows beside the path He took;
The head that once He bowed to die,
Is now and ever lifted high.

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Psalm 139
O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me.
Psalm 139:1

O Lord, Thou hast searched me,
And known me through and through;
My sitting down and rising up,
And everything I do.

My thoughts Thou dost know well,
Thou knowest them far off;
Thou winnowest the path I take,
And all my ways thereof.

There is not a word, Lord,
That issues from my tongue,
But what Thou knowest totally,
And what may come along.

And Thou hast enclosed me,
Behind me and before;
And laid Thine hand upon me so,
It filleth me with awe.

For where shall I go to?
Or from Thy Spirit flee?
If I ascend to heaven’s height,
Thy presence there shall be.

If hell be my bedroom,
Behold, Thou art there too;
Or dwell in parts beyond the sea,
Thy hand shall hold me true.

If I say with sureness,
The dark shall cover me;
But then the dark shall be as light
About me unto Thee.

The night cannot hide me,
It shineth as the day;
The dark and light are both alike
In Thy just interplay.

My reins Thou hast fashioned,
And formed my inward parts;
And woven me within the womb,
A masterwork of arts.

So I will extol Thee
With steadfast accolade;
For I am from Thy skilful hand
Most wonderfully made.

How precious Thy thoughts are
To me O God my Lord!
The sum of them is all too great
Than ever could be scored.

If I should but count them,
They would be more than sand,
That lies beneath the mighty sea,
Or borders on the land.

O search me, my Saviour,
And know my inmost heart!
And test all my anxieties
Known unto Thee apart.

If there be within me
Withal a wicked thing;
And lead me on the upward path,
My Master and my King.

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The Song of Mary
And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord.
Luke 1:46

My soul doth magnify the Lord;
My Saviour whom I fear;
My spirit strikes a joyful chord
In Him who is so dear.

Because He hath regarded so,
His handmaid’s low estate;
For as His love and kindness show,
It counts with One so great.

From this time forward everyone,
Will truly call me blest;
For mighty things the Lord hath done,
As all His deeds attest.

His mercy rests abidingly,
On those who fear His name;
For generations yet to be,
And evermore the same.

His arm hath shown His awesome strength;
The proud He scatters far;
The mighty He puts down at length,
Though strong and great they are.

He lifts up those of low degree,
And places them with kings;
And those who hunger rightfully,
He filleth with good things.

The rich man in his emptiness,
He sendeth yet away;
For wealth does not bring happiness
If values are astray.

The Lord hath helped His servant well;
His mercy never fails;
The promise made to Israel,
That evermore prevails.

Just as He spoke to Abraham,
And to his promised seed;
The everlasting great I AM,
Who meets our every need.

Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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