Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Perception and Study

The Battleground
Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God,­
that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand
. Ephesians 6:13

Spiritual perception
Overcomes deception
In the daily battles that we face;
We must wear the armour
For this daily drama
Founded on the cornerstone of grace.

Truth is most essential,
Living or potential,
Absolute, eternal and complete;
Humanist solutions
Add to our confusions
Having neither reasoning nor feet.

Let us be specific
Hell-fire is horrific;
Life without the Lord is endless night;
As the gospel preachers,
With the Bible teachers,
Furnish us with promises and light.

Let us be dogmatic,
Truthful and emphatic,
Spiritual perception is a must;
Trusting Christ the Saviour
Without fear or favour,
Will assure our reckoning is just.

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The Enemy
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
 principalities, against powers, against the rulers
of the darkness of this world, against spiritual
wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12

There are forces above so malignant,
Who have neither a colour nor pigment;
As existing unseen,
They do oft intervene,
Putting into our minds every figment.

Though created as ethereal creatures,
Their defection has lessons that teach us;
As with Satan their lord,
Their demise has been stored,
Yet they still back the evils that reach us.

They are branded as demons and rulers,
Their objective in time is to school us;
They adopt a disguise
To inflict our demise,
With deception sufficient to fool us.

They are found in the Lord’s holy writing,
With the wars and the deeds they’re inciting;
Yet our Lord and our Friend
Has determined their end
With the sentence of hell He’s indicting.

As we live in these lattermost ages,
As predicted in scriptural pages,
We should call out in prayer
To the Lord who is there,
For He’s vanquished these foes that engage us.


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The Cure
The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk,
the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up,
and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

Matthew 11:5

We are living in days well predicted
As the drugs have got many addicted;
The effect on the mind
Is a blot and a bind
That’s affecting the ones so afflicted.

There’s a cure for this daily vexation,
Any time in our mortal probation;
We are all given light,
Yet with eyelids shut tight,
We will not see our true destination.

There’s a factor beyond comprehension,
That in public does not get a mention;
As with all of mankind
We are spiritually blind,
Till the gospel has got our attention.

It is all of God’s doing completed;
It cannot be improved or deleted;
For the cross on the hill
Is the oracle still
For a soul who is lost or defeated.

Every day has its portion of factors
That can either instruct or distract us;
Yet they all play a part
In desires of the heart;
It depends on the way they impact us.

As the fall was the cause of all cursing,
We cannot hide the ills we are nursing;
They will not go away
Till that prophesied day,
That the scriptures have long been rehearsing.

Now for those who have found the solution,
In a group or at any seclusion,
There is always God’s word
They have welcomed and heard,
And it never has proved an illusion.

It begins with the gospel related,
As to Adam and Eve it was stated;
They were clothed with the skins
So to cover their sins,
As a symbol that’s oft been narrated.

We must now trust in Jesus to save us;
With assurance and promise He gave us;
We must all bow the knee
So that we can be free,
From the sins that destroy and enslave us.


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The Lord is risen indeed,
Luke 24:34 

A day can be a flash of light
When all the elements ignite;
A day can be a time of rest
When all our hopes are manifest.

A day is set for all to stand;
For some to hear a reprimand;
For others who are living yet,
Approval from the Lord they’ve met.

A day that is of great import,
Repeatedly and widely taught,
Is that occasion when we choose
Obedience to the gospel news.

A day that many contemplate
Is coming at a steady rate,
And when that awesome day has dawned,
A frightful chasm may have yawned.

A day will come, make no mistake,
When all the earth will roll and shake;
The Lord will come with power and might
To put His enemies to flight.

We all await that wondrous day
When demon hordes are cast away;
When peace and joy are spread abroad
In that great kingdom of the Lord.


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Living Faith
The just shall live by faith.
Hebrew 10:38

Now faith is the essence
Of hope yet unseen,
Apparent to those with perception.
In no way it lessens
The visible scene,
As written without an exception.

Now Abel, believing,
Was counted as right;
His worship was thereby accepted.
A witness achieving,
With godly insight,
A pattern that God has protected.

Now Enoch was taken
Up into the sky
And could not be found or discovered;
His faith was unshaken
So he did not die,
And reckoned by God as beloved.

By faith also Noah,
With warnings from high,
Constructed an ark for salvation.
It was the bestower,
As decades passed by,
For sealing the world’s preservation.

When Abraham heeded
The outgoing call,
He left his domestic relations,
And thus there was deeded
A blessing for all:
A heritage large for the nations.

By faith even Sarah,
Though stricken in years,
Considered Him faithful who’d spoken;
And so as the bearer,
Without any fears,
Her son became more than a token.

By faith we see Moses,
A beautiful child,
Adopted by Pharaoh’s young daughter;
Yet God’s sure enclosures,
So perfectly styled,
Was watching His child every quarter.

By faith he left Egypt
And treasures therein,
Not fearing the wrath he encountered;
No issue or edict
Related to sin
Could rate with the tests he surmounted.

By faith he kept truly
The Passover Feast:
The blood that was sprinkled that first morn;
Ensuring that duly
No angel or least,
Could harm or destroy any firstborn.

So Rahab the harlot
Told evident lies,
While trusting her life to the Saviour;
She used a bizarre plot
To rescue the spies,
And thus she was treated with favour.

What more shall we say then,
For time cannot tell
Of those who performed deeds of valour;
The Lord has His own men,
And women as well,
Who faithfully trust Him with honour.

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And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,
All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Matthew 28:18

There is but one authority,
Transcendent and unique;
Essential for our harmony,
However men may speak.

The law of God is absolute,
Dependable and tried;
Foundational and resolute,
Wherever men reside.

Since God created everything,
Its purpose and its role,
No creature in their meddling
Can nullify the goal.

The goal is manifest to all;
God’s glory will be seen;
Despite the anguish and the gall,
Our Lord remains serene.

For as the Saviour of all men,
Extolled in victory,
We wait for His descent again,
Enrobed in majesty.

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The Light
And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

John 3:19

 The light we see
From mother’s knee
Is truly providential;
Yet as we grow
We need to know
The truth that is essential.

There comes a time
In any clime
When conscience is alerted;
A scripture verse,
However terse,
Declares the truth asserted.

From there we choose
The gospel news:
The gift of life eternal;
Or else reject
The simple text
And meet with wrath infernal.


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Our Friend
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

The world events we see
Are counted vanity,
For human thought
Amounts to naught,
Or mere philosophy.

Renewal of the mind
Is vital for mankind;
It cannot start
Within the heart,
For sin has made us blind.

We must be born again;
By God and not by men;
The second birth
Is not from earth:
A heart-desiring yen.

The Lord said, Come to Me!
For then we shall be free,
And comprehend
He is our Friend
For all eternity


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Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
John 17:17

The facts of history
Are plain for us to see;
For no offence
In any sense
Could cancel verity.

The fall was an event
When Adam showed his bent;
Then from his seed
There did proceed
His nature we lament.

Yet that was not the end
Of all it did portend;
A spoken word
Had first occurred
On which we can depend.

The woman’s Holy Child,
Steadfast and undefiled,
Came at a time,
Ordained, sublime,
That we be reconciled.

His victory so sure
Has brought the only cure;
He took the place
Our fallen race
Would evermore endure.

He’s coming back again
To exercise His reign;
We must believe
Or ever grieve
The gospel we disdain.


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The Issue
He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life:
and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life;
but the wrath of God abideth on him.

John 3:36

The biblical records we long have possessed,
Have left us with details precisely addressed;
They centre on issues we must comprehend:
.Of sin and of judgment and what they portend.

It starts with creation, complete and sublime;
As God had decreed at the outset of time;
The man with his lordship o’er nature and beast:
The crown of creation that never has ceased.

The Lord God commanded, for such was His due,
To see whether man would be noble and true;
A test was determined by one set decree:
A clear prohibition on one certain tree.

The man disobeyed as he ate of the fruit;
His spirit then died with lament in pursuit;
His nature now fallen; the ground under curse;
The loss of his standing; Oh, what could be worse!

But God in His grace had a cure ready planned;
It rests with our freewill, we must understand;
The Seed of the Woman would come on a day,
In grace and in truth take the cursing away.

These primary issues are always the key:
Creation, the Fall, and the Life yet to be;
The choice that we make, for the Lord or for death,
Determines our future while yet we have breath.
For everyone living the issue is clear;
The gift of salvation is gracious and near;
Our conscience bears witness as clear as a bell:
We choose for the Lord or we wind up in hell.

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Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust:
Isaiah 26:19

Awake my soul, the time is near,
Before the mountains disappear;
Creative notions come to naught;
Destructive deeds no longer taught.

Enquire and heed the sacred book;
Forsaking things we once partook;
Grow ever closer to the Lord;
His love, a true and lasting cord.

Is truth an issue for debate?
Judge for yourself and cogitate;
Know that a day is clearly set,
Lamentable with great regret.

Make haste while there is token grace;
Near to His throne that we must face;
Our mortal clothes we cannot wear;
Parental garments bring despair.

Quickened in spirit we must be;
Regenerate eternally;
Saved by Messiah’s precious blood;
Throughout the ages understood.

United with the saints on high;
Victorious we never die;
Within God’s house forevermore;
‘xtolling One that we adore;
Yes, when at last the Lord we meet,
Zip goes the past with joys replete.


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Without Excuse
Come; for all things are now ready.
And they all with one consent began to make excuse.

Luke 14:17, 18

Communication far and wide
Takes information in its stride;
The facts of mortal history
Are plain for anyone to see.

We cannot point to ignorance,
Or put our faith in commonsense;
It’s more than what we see or touch;
For many they are just a crutch.

We do not speak of mysteries
As something far beyond the seas;
We speak of factors of delight
That furnish us with newborn sight.

Our natural intelligence,
We have by godly providence;
And yet we have a greater need
That earthbound riches can’t exceed.

To see the glory of the Lord,
We need to have our sight restored,
For in the spirit we are dead,
Derived from parents as they bred.

We shall not enter lasting pain
If we are truly born again;
But if we shun the gospel news,
We shall be left without excuse.


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Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,
that He may exalt you in due time:

1 Peter 5:6

The subject of humility
Is always relevant;
When faced with rank hostility,
And reasoning is spent.

In Zephaniah’s bold address
We read about the meek,
That they should seek God’s righteousness,
As all of us should seek.

In any real predicament
That calls for due restraint,
It should be always our intent
To pray and not to faint.

Humility or humbleness
Prefers the lowly place,
In light of God’s true holiness
We bow before His grace.


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In His days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely:
and this is His name whereby He shall be called,
 Jeremiah 23:6

Thanksgiving is always in view;
In Jesus to whom it is due;
God’s daily provision
In any collision
Is always sufficient and true.

Thanksgiving should not be a fake
To cover a fault or mistake;
The smallest temptations
Or big tribulations
Are with us while we are awake.

Thanksgiving for all we possess,
Are gifts from the Lord whom we bless;
Eternal salvation
For peoples and nation,
In Jesus our true righteousness.


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And you He hath made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins;
Ephesians 2:1

The creation we see,
As a tri-unity,
Is a pattern reflecting its Maker;
Whether land, sea or sky,
Or in vistas most high,
We observe them as fits a partaker.

God is One yet triune,
Ever perfect in tune,
As the Father, the Son and the Spirit;
When creating the man,
It was always His plan,
To invest him with hope he’d inherit.

We were threesome when made,
Yet without accolade,
For a thing is not staid till it’s tested;
So our true loyalty
Would relate to a tree,
For its fruit would bring death if ingested.

As we stated before,
So we add furthermore,
We were threesome as having a spirit;
Yet because man rebelled,
God’s commandment has held,
And his sentence of death we exhibit.

There is only one cure
For the death we endure;
A solution that God has provided;
For the Cross is the tree,
Where the Lord made us free,
And believers will not be misguided.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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