Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Hope by Maurice Dyson

Perfect Rest
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

When God created everything,
And time itself began,
It could have been more recent than we think;
The scientists are wondering,
As formula they scan,
If something has escaped them as they blink.

The Bible does not contemplate
The ages of the stars,
Or when the earth was given its debut;
We may suggest or speculate
That life exists on Mars,
But still it’s not the place for me and you.

We have a gracious heritage,
Inherited in time;
It comes to us from God through every test;
Preserved for us on every page,
In prophecy or rhyme:
In Jesus Christ the Lord is perfect rest.

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Our Blessed Hope
Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep,
1 Corinthians 15:51

If we believe that Jesus died,
And from the grave arose,
So God will bring along with Him
Those loved ones in repose.

For this we say by holy word
That we who still remain,
Shall not precede the sleeping ones
When Jesus comes again.

The Lord will come amid the clouds,
Descending with a shout;
The archangel will give a cry;
The trumpet will blare out.

And so the dead in Jesus Christ
Will be the first to rise;
Then we too shall be taken up
To meet Him in the skies.

And thus we shall be with the Lord
For all eternity;
So let us share this precious truth
With every saint we see.


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Thy Help
The LORD is thy keeper.
Psalm 121:5

I lift mine eyes unto the hills;
Where is the help I need?
The Lord Creator is my help;
A present help indeed.

He will not let thy foot be moved;
Thy soul He ever keeps.
The One who watches Israel,
Ne’er slumbereth nor sleeps.

The sun shall not prevail on thee,
E’en though it gives thee light.
The moon shall not impede thy ways
Within the realms of night.

The Lord shall always be thy shade,
Wherever thou may roam;
And when thy days are at an end
He’ll take thee safely home.


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Our Eternal Home
Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men.
Revelation 21:3

Now the Scriptures clearly say,
That the earth will pass away,
And the elements will melt with fervent heat;
Then a New Jerusalem,
Like a many-coloured gem,
Will be home for many pilgrims as they meet.

God will wipe away all tears,
Shed in sorrow through the years,
And the crying and the pain will be no more;
For He maketh all things new,
As His prophecy is true,
So our hearts are longing for that distant shore.

There a river crystal clear,
From a throne that we revere,
Will be flowing with the fruit trees either side;
There shall no more be a curse,
Nor the sin that we rehearse,
For the ransomed of the Lord will there abide.

When the ages yet to be,
Are a true reality,
There will yet be many more without an end;
For this sure eternal home,
Is for any who will come,
And let Jesus be their Saviour and their Friend.


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Let no man beguile you of your reward…

Inheritance is that reward
The saints have got in store;
It is the glory of the Lord
Within this present war.

Salvation is a once for all,
In fact a second birth;
Then service after such a call
Has value on the earth.

Inheritance will be the place
Each Christian will have earned;
By working out in light of grace
The teaching they have learned.

Equality will not be known
Among the Lord’s redeemed;
For each will get what they have sown,
When they have been esteemed.

A kingdom promised long ago
For Gentiles and for Jews,
Is drawing closer as we know
From items on the news.

For Jesus Christ will be the King,
As now He is the Head;
The nations will their riches bring,
As prophecy has said.

The kingdom of the Lord is born
In each believer’s heart;
What started as a glowing dawn,
Will nevermore depart.

The sinful world will see the mark,
As Scriptures are fulfilled;
Before the dawn must come the dark,
When all dissent is stilled.


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A New Home
In My Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you.

John 14:2

A house built for aunty
May just be a shanty
In countries where villas are few;
Whatever our dwelling
The trait that is telling
Is seen by the things that we do.

If we have respected
Whom God has elected,
Who sits at the Father’s right hand;
Then we shall inherit,
With none of our merit,
A home where the prospects are grand.

We cannot describe it
Nor can we imbibe it;
It’s something the Lord has in store;
For He is preparing
For those in His caring,
A home in the sky evermore.


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A New Song
The LORD is my strength and song, and He is become my salvation.
Exodus 15:2a

We all knew the tune
When assembled at noon
In the days of our child education.
The musical notes
Would be stuck in our throats
If we had not the right inclination.

A song may convey
Any mood of the day
With a touch of composure or feeling.
The lyrics and rhyme
Are the subjects of time
If it’s only with time they are dealing.

There’s sweet melody
With a true harmony
When our hearts are in tune with the Spirit.
We’ll fully relate
To that blissful estate
When we reach the reward we inherit.

An anthem of praise
To the Endless of Days
Is the song that the angels are singing.
We look to the sky
For our Saviour on high,
And the place where His glory is ringing.

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Whom having not seen, ye love.
1 Peter 1:8

Do not let your heart be troubled,
He is coming back one day.
As He prayed the heavenly Father,
We are safe while He’s away.

Though the way is straight and narrow,
He has taken all our care;
When this earthly fight is over,
We shall meet up in the air.

Should this body groan within us,
It is but a temporary home.
Once He breathes His Spirit in us,
We are never more alone.

By His grace we shall be strengthened,
If we stumble on the path;
Resting on His sure foundation,
No more destined for His wrath.

As a Father so He tends us;
Giving shelter, clothes and food.
There’s no need for gloom or worry,
Though the times be bad or good.

Young or old or adolescent,
There is ample scope for each,
In our corner of His vineyard,
Learning what He has to teach.

Healthy, sickly, weak or dying,
There is but one plan for all.
From the womb a soul immortal,
Must before the Judgment fall.

For believers, judgment passes
Onto Him who bore their shame;
But for those who do not trust Him,
Torment in a lasting flame.

Oh the greatness of His mercy,
That He should descend so far;
Reaching out to every sinner,
Knowing just how weak we are;

How can we bypass His goodness,
When He hung upon the tree;
Saying with the thief beside Him:
Lord, wilt Thou remember me.

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A New Name
To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna,
and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written,
which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Revelation 2:17b

Whenever a name with its token claim
Is given or awarded;
It signals a place in the human race
Which heaven has recorded.

Not many can boast they achieve the most
Within their life profession;
But any can be a new entity
By simple faith confession.

Redemption is found on the common ground
Where Jesus died for sinners;
The Cross is the place of abundant grace
Poured out to make us winners.

Believers are free by His victory,
To enter realms of glory;
For Jesus is there with His saints to share
A never ending story.

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A New Heart
A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you:
Ezekiel 36:26

A hardened heart may be the start
Of that which leads to sorrow;
For such a state could indicate
A lasting hell tomorrow.

A heart that grieves but never leaves
The sinful life of mortals,
Will never see the majesty
In heaven’s lofty portals.

Receptive hearts in many parts,
Wherever truth has entered,
Have set their seal on its appeal;
In God their hearts are centred.

If when you read you do not heed
The message of salvation,
Your heart will be in misery,
With hell your destination.

But if you rate your earthly state
As lacking hope or reason,
Then be assured you can be cured
At any time or season.

If you should wait it may be late
To enter God’s salvation;
You’ll never find the peace of mind
At any other station.

There’s no respect for intellect
As being a credential;
The only must is simple trust
In Christ; it is essential.

A heart can be progressively
Insensitive or hardened;
Yet those who claim the Saviour’s name,
Have had their misdeeds pardoned.

Eternity will surely see
Our earthly life reflected;
For those who choose the gospel news
Will have their souls perfected.


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Our Only Hope
…Christ in you, the hope of glory.
Colossians 1:27

The word of Jehovah is living and keen;
The only true knowledge that mortals can glean;
It traces the record of why we are here,
And where we are going is perfectly clear.

Awareness of God is a general fact;
Creation itself is a wonderful act;
The moral convictions we carry within,
Cannot lift the burden of personal sin.

For having awareness is never the whole;
We need something more for the health of our soul;
For since Adam’s fall we are spiritually dead,
And that is the realm where the gospel must tread.

Our natural thinking can hardly perceive
Why Christians are ransomed because they believe;
In fact they have taken the Scriptural word,
And made it the basis for all they have heard.

When sin disconnected our spirit and mind,
It also disrupted the whole of mankind;
We lack the dimension by natural birth,
Of seeing the reason for being on earth.

The road that we travel will have its reward;
The wages of sin or the gift of the Lord;
The door has been opened; the veil has been rent;
The way is the Cross where the Victim was sent.

The Victim was Christ as a Lamb without spot;
He took all the judgment that we should have got;
So as He was judged for the whole human race,
His work is the issue we mortals must face.

This issue confronts us as long as we breathe;
No sin can condemn us; no work can relieve;
If Christ is our Saviour the battle is won;
If He is not with us we shall be undone.

No sin will be mentioned when judgment is due;
It will be our work that is brought into view;
For only the work of our Lord on the Cross,
Determines our safety or settles our loss.


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Joy Amid Despair
Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vine…
Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

Habakkuk 3:17, 18

Though the fig tree may not flourish,
And the ground is lacking dew;
Though the plants we tend and nourish
Are in number growing few.

Though there is no feed for cattle,
And the autumn harvest fails;
And survival is a battle,
As the countryside travails.

When the poor are needing water,
And there is no water there;
And for every son and daughter
There is sorrow and despair.

Yet our hearts will not be craven,
Though the news is full of woe,
For the Lord will be our haven,
And His love will overflow.

For the rivers He will summon,
And the fountains they will spring;
On the hillside and the common,
Exultation will be king.

Both the cypress and the pine tree
Will abound with shouts of glee,
In a newly fashioned country
Where the ransomed will be free.

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Called and Chosen
Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…
 John 15:16

The end of the age is the day we await;
Salvation has come with its glorious state;
For those who are chosen, who’ve answered the call,
A place in the glory is promised for all.

The plan of redemption was fashioned of old;
Prophetical words made the story unfold;
In all generations the plan is the same:
By trusting the One with His wonderful name.

The name that was given by royal decree
Has meaning for those who have bended the knee;
Assured in their heart by a spiritual seal,
That He who has saved them is living and real.

The end of the age will not be a surprise
For those who are watching with God-opened eyes;
For many the end will appear as a shock,
As midnight that falls at the stroke of a clock.

The end is described in a letter by Paul;
A letter well known by the church overall;
The Lord will descend in the clouds with a shout,
And those who are saved will be called from without.

The signs of the times are alarmingly clear;
By this do we know that the end must be near;
Lukewarmness is found in the churches today,
For such is the state of those drifting away.

Rewards will be waiting for works that are pure;
Attested by God that will ever endure;
A crown will be given for such that are meet,
For they will be fitting to lay at His feet.


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Eternal Promises
Being born again… by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.
1 Peter 1:23

The promise of God is a treasure we find
That strengthens the weary and lightens the blind;
The content of prophecy settles for sure
The things that will perish and things that endure.

The Word of the Lord and the Scripture in sum,
Determines the kingdom and judgments to come;
The kingdom will come when the Saviour appears
And governs the earth for ten hundreds of years.

The judgments are certain as night follows day;
In fact they are only an instant away;
The moment our bodies are left without breath,
Our souls go to glory or lingering death.

When Adam defected and broke the decree,
By eating the fruit of the singular tree,
The whole of creation came under a curse,
And creatures made perfect were changed for the worse.

But knowing beforehand the weakness of man,
And seeing the fracture before it began,
The Lord made a pledge with assurance to all,
That He would atone for the tragical fall.

The gospel of God is the spiritual key
Which opens the door of the highest degree;
Because we are born with a fleshly desire,
We cannot attain to the things which are higher.

God so loved the world that He gave us His Son,
That whoso believes Him will not be undone,
But enter a life that will last evermore,
And reach its desire on that heavenly shore.

Until that reality comes into view,
Our conduct should mirror the One who is true;
The works we accomplish of silver and gold
Will echo His glory when bounties unfold.

To Him who is able to keep you from sin,
And render you faultless and joyful within;
To Jesus our Saviour the God only wise,
Be honour and glory till ages arise.


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And He showed me a pure river of water of life,
clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

Revelation 22:1

Can you visualise a scene,
Clothed with beauty and serene,
Filled with every sweet delight and constant praises?
It is difficult, I fear,
If my wording is not clear,
To encapsulate such things in rhythmic phrases.

I can only hope and pray,
In the most effective way,
That a concept will be formed as you are reading;
Though it is my wish to try,
There is Providence on high,
Who is caring for His own and interceding.

I would only turn your thoughts,
To the providential courts,
Where the Saviour is both glorified and waiting;
He is coming very soon,
Could be midnight or at noon,
A Parousia we should be contemplating.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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