Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems for Comfort

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious
appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

Titus 2:13

Looking to the skies
Opens up our eyes
One so great
King of State
Is the God we prize.

No one great as He
Gained such victory
On our side
Ruling history.

Tempests come and go
Hailstones as we know
At His call
Thus they fall
Blessings overflow.

Livelihoods we ply
Ever aiming high
Should not be
Effortless or dry.

Downcast we may be
Hurt to some degree
One in grace
Pleads our case
Eyed so tenderly.


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And make straight paths for your feet,
lest that which is lame be turned out of the way;
but let it rather be healed.
Hebrews 12:13

Making paths correctly
Aiming straight ahead
Kindly, not abjectly
Easing as we tread.

So are the instructions
Taught us in the Word
Rating our deductions
As it is inferred.

Idealistic long ways
Grandiose or neat
Have been proven wrong ways
Trodden neath our feet.

Purposely with sureness
Avidly we trek
Till we meet obscureness
Hindrance we must check.

Some men walk securely
Failure still they know
Others walk demurely
Resting as they go.

Yielded inclinations
Underhand sensations
Reap unwanted stress.

Faith in Christ the Saviour
Extolled on His throne
Extends love and favour
Trusting Him alone.


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Looking unto Jesus the author
and finisher of our faith;

Hebrews 12:2

Looking unto Jesus
Onward as we go
Only as He sees us
Keyed up or aglow.

In our varied quarters
Needs are ever near
Giants cannot thwart us
Urging us to fear.

Natural reactions
Test our temperament
Overbearing factions
Just bring discontent.

Endless as projected
Sure as stone engraved
Under God protected
So are sinners saved.


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Continue in prayer, and watch in the same
with thanksgiving;
Colossians 4:2

Continue in thanksgiving
Our blessings they abound
Needs every day for living
Thoughts open yet profound.

In light of due conditions
No one can well ignore
United clear petitions
Echo to every shore.

If we can join with others
Needs only one or two
Petitions spent with brothers
Refresh us like the dew.

At any said occasion
Young people or the old
Enthused by such persuasion
Rewards can then unfold.


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Walk in wisdom toward them that are without,
redeeming the time.
Colossians 4:5

Wisdom requires a particular skill
Armies for battle are trained by a drill
Levels of wisdom are often attained
Knowledge of God gives a wisdom unstained.

Insight is wisdom not taught in the schools
Not in the fore when philosophy rules
Wisdom in spirit is always the goal
Indoctrination eternal and whole.

So there are two kinds of wisdom abroad
Drawn from all sources or taught by the Lord
Only volition determines the kind
Mortal instruction cannot heal the blind.


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In the beginning was the Word,
John 1:1

In words profound
Noteworthy bound
The text replete with glories
Henceforth proceeds
Entwined with deeds
Brings out its timeless stories.

Enriched with light
God-gifted sight
In Him is life completely
New thoughts appear
Not tinged with fear
Ingrained in us discretely.

God’s plain decree
Wins out with godly living
Achieving goals
Secure for souls
Throughout when faith is thriving.

Heartfelt are deeds
Engaging needs
With those who are dejected
Our lightened eyes
Regard demise
Direct and not neglected.


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…and the Word was with God…
John 1:1

Able students of the Word
Note when Adam’s fall occurred
Death and sin began to reign
Till the Lord returns again.

Happiness and paradise
Each gave way to sin and vice
With mankind so far depraved
Only eight aboard were saved.

Reading on through history
Darkness filled man’s reverie
When a call from God was heard
Abram’s spirit-life was stirred.

So a nation built in form
Would become the rightful norm
Instituted by the law
Tested for each coming war.

History must take its course
God its goal and God its source
On to His great resting place
Days of joy with boundless grace.


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…and the Word was God.
John 1:1

Age-long darkness once foretold
Now looks on as days unfold
Days are dawning near in sight
There to put all fears to flight.

Haste the trumpet, speed the call
End the darkness, clear the pall
Waken to a dream fulfilled
Ogre spirits now are stilled.

Rise and greet the coming day
Don’t be fearful, don’t delay
When the Lord our God appears
Ageing seals our bygone years.

So with judgment left behind
Grace affords our peace of mind
Open prospects laid in store
Dwelling safe for evermore.


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 How shall we escape,
if we neglect so great salvation;

Hebrews 2:3

How shall neglectful men escape?
Our context makes it clear
When eyes are on the finish tape
Such prospects disappear.

Had we no clear enlightenment
Allowance may be found
Like those who claim entitlement
Live so on shaky ground.

We like the Christians so addressed
Endued with facts revealed
Exemplified by faith and rest
Stand firm in every field.

Completed is God’s victory
Announced and verified
Providing our salvation free
Extolled on every side.


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We love him, because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19

When morning breaks
Each day awakes
Love always is abiding
Our lasting hope
Vast in its scope
Exhorts us in our striding.

Hope furthermore
In times of war
Marks out a place selected
Belaboured folk
Entrust their yoke
Complete in Christ elected.

A text we know
Used as we grow
Should be our strong preserver
Earth-minded laws
Have only flaws
Emptied of godly fervour.

Friends that we make
In paths we take
Refresh with views insightful
Such turn our gaze
To God always
Linked up with thoughts delightful.

Our freedom call
Valued by all
Exceeds when once we enter
Divine insight
Unveils the light
Supreme with Christ the centre.


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The Search
Many shall run to and fro,
and knowledge shall be increased.

Daniel 12:4

Mobility or pace
Affects the human race
No brakes applied
Yet in our stride
Success is what we chase.

Half measures we apply
Are not by standards high
Let anyone
Leave work undone
Reaction is the cry.

Unholy though we be
No-hopers can be free
Their only choice
Our Saviour’s voice
Affords fidelity.

New life is our reward
Despair goes overboard
Faith like a seed
Reflects the Deed
On which our life is stored.


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So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he
 him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:27 

Since God created man
Our pilgrimage began
Great things are yet to be
Our hope and destiny.

Decisions that were made
Could not leave matters frayed
Redemption was designed
Exact and well defined.

As sin with judgment fell
The race became unwell
Expulsion was entailed
Decreed now man had failed.

Mankind must now give heed
As justice must proceed
Not as it was before
It sparked a new-found law.

Now grace was ushered in
Held out because of sin
Innately in the race
Such does our life encase.

Our Saviour now declares
Withstanding Satan’s snares
Needs faith to be our guide
In which He would provide.

Mankind has now a goal
An anchor for the soul
God gave to us His Son
Endued, the work is done.


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…I will build my church;
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18

In time to come
When we are home
In days without an ending
Long will be there
Love’s lasting care
Bedecked with praise ascending.

Unearthly glee
In all shall be
Likeminded sons and daughters
Desires so dear
Made bright and clear
Yes, all that God has taught us.

Consider this
Heart-warming bliss
Unuttered now by mortals
Refreshing springs
Creative things
Headstreams through verdant portals.


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 The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament sheweth his  handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

The sky’s display
Here every day
Excels with light diffusing
Hymn-like its shine
Enriched, divine
Affords with much enthusing.

Viewed in the night
Each star alight
Nocturnal beasts appearing
Safe in their lairs
Devoid of snares
Endued, the dark not fearing.

Could any dream
Laced with esteem
Add aught to such enchantment?
Reserved on high
Events are nigh
The just hear their pronouncement.

His glory there
Ends every care
God’s grace is thus effected
Long will remain
Outstanding pain
Revealed for works rejected.

Yet every day
Our chance to pray
For souls who are in darkness
God never wills
Ongoing ills
Distrust brings only starkness.


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Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Exodus 20:3

There is a prohibition
Held up in high regard
Outstanding by position
Unknown when hearts are hard.

So darkened is our standing
Habitual, depraved
All modesty disbanding
Like children misbehaved.

The gods we often follow
Have features that appeal
Although their claims are hollow
Viewed dimly they are real.

Each person has a vacuum
Not knowing it is there
Obscure as in a back room
Or underneath a stair.

The soul we have is lacking
Hedged daily with its needs
Each goal we have is cracking
Regardless of our deeds.

God always has the answer
Our vacuum can be filled
Devices like a cancer
Survive till they are stilled.

Before we were created
Ere humankind was born
Foresight was designated
Our Saviour’s role was sworn.

Regardless of your leaning
Emphatic overall
Make life as full of meaning
Embrace the Saviour’s call.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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