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About the author: Maurice Dyson

I was born in Sheffield, England. My childhood memories are of impending war with the conditions it brought such as air raid shelters, gas masks and the dreaded sound of air raid sirens which warned us that attacking bombers were approaching ready to unleash their deadly loads.

On leaving school I spent some years in wood handicraft then followed a short time in military service which started me on a career in electronics.

I eventually migrated to Australia and settled in Perth, Western Australia.

The most important event in my life occurred when a Bible verse convicted me that I was a sinner going to the Lake of Fire. Soon I was on my knees in prayer.

At that time I believe I was saved from eternal death and judgment by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

Later I received assurance from the scriptures that I was now a newborn child of God with a heavenly Father who loved me and gave His Son on the Cross to be my Substitute. Thus began my Christian pilgrimage.

In time a ministry opened and the gift of poetry became evident.

The last chapter of my life with my dear departed wife remains one of my dearest memories with the certain hope that we shall meet again in glory.

Maurice Dyson aged 8 in Bradway, 1940
1948 Maurice Dyson (at back) learning sportsgoods handicraft.
1952 Maurice Dyson on weekend leave from the Royal Air Force.
1958 Maurice Dyson arrives in Australia as a 10 pound Pom.
2006 Maurice with wife Kathleen.
Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Poems of Praise by Maurice Dyson