Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Poems about God the Holy Spirit

The Spirit Life
But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit,
if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.

Romans 8:9

Condemnation has been banished
For the saints in Jesus Christ.
Total judgment has been measured;
Christ Himself is sacrificed.

Sin and death are legal tyrants,
Blocking off our upward goal;
But a higher law is working,
Giving freedom to the soul.

What the Law could not accomplish,
God accomplished through His Son.
Righteousness is now afforded;
Satan’s hold has been undone.

Those who live by human standards,
Set their minds on things on earth.
But those who are Spirit-minded,
Value things of higher worth.

If the Spirit dwells within us,
We belong to Christ alone;
But those having not received Him,
Will be speechless at His throne.

Now that God has set our standards,
Which are bound in our belief;
Every sin within the body
Brings the Holy Spirit grief.

As the Holy Spirit leads us,
We are royal sons of God;
Free to follow on the pathway
Which our Lord devoutly trod.

Heirs of God with Christ our Saviour;
Joined to One whom we adore.
Sons and daughters of the Highest;
Praising Him
for evermore.


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Spiritual Gifts
Freely ye have received, freely give.
Matthew 10:8

The grace which God bestows,
By nature overflows,
And thus imparts to needy hearts,
Refreshment in their woes.

The gifts we have received,
Through whom we have believed,
Are sent to be a ministry,
For those who are bereaved.

Abilities we gain,
While on this earth's domain,
Can help perfect the Lord's elect,
Who follow in His train.

We shall be so assessed,
By that which we were blessed,
And thus afford a rich reward,
To whom we have confessed.


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Come unto me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Spirit, soul and body, three,
Given to humanity;
Each with its propensity;
Thus created perfectly.

Spirit is the vital part,
Feeding knowledge to the heart;
Heart and soul as they respond,
Keep alive the sacred bond.

Yet the bond was set aside;
You won’t die, the devil lied;
As the Tempter entered in,
Planting doubt that led to sin.

Now the soul was darkened through;
Spirit-life was banished too;
Yet a promise was bequeathed,
Resolute and Spirit-breathed.

In the soul there is a choice;
Shall we heed the Saviour’s voice?
Bidding us with tender plea,
Ye who labour, come to Me.

Body is for work or play,
Till we face the judgment day;
Deeds will then be tried in court,
Of the flesh or Spirit-wrought.

We are born in slavery;
Dead in sin from Adam’s tree;
Faith in Christ: the only cure;
Life with Him: forever sure.



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In the Spirit
But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be
that the Spirit of God dwell in you.
Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Romans 8:9

Now we need to be sure,
With our knowledge secure,
As we talk about spiritual meanings;
For we cannot dilute
Any truthful dispute,
Just to satisfy personal leanings.

For a factor we guard,
Not demanding or hard,
Is the teaching we learn from the Spirit;
For it has been supplied
By the One at our side,
For the kingdom of God we inherit.

Now in all our affairs,
Be they sorrows or cares,
We can turn unto God or to others;
But the One who is Light,
Who illumines our night,
Has the wisdom not found in our brothers.

It is true we concede
We can’t solve every need
That we meet in our daily relations;
Yet we say, nonetheless,
It is fruitless to guess,
For the answers are not speculations.

We can profit by prayer
And the principles there,
For the Spirit gives true inspiration;
We can then rest assured
That a wrong can be cured,
If the heart has the right preparation.

So the summary line
With a holy design,
Is to lean upon God and His treasure;
For He will not deny
Any genuine cry,
If we live for His name and His pleasure.


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Ye must be born again. John 3:7

Creation began with a word of command;
At once it appeared as directed;
As threefold in nature by righteous demand,
Yet each in their substance connected.

Creation reflects in its unified scope
The print of its glorious Master;
Ordained by decree to a certified hope,
Sustained amid age-long disaster.

As God is triune as the scriptures declare,
Yet one in the sense of His being;
So we in His likeness are fashioned with care,
To which all our parts are agreeing.

The spirit and soul and the body are one,
Yet each has a role implicated;
The soul is the centre as life passes on,
Although it has degenerated.

As man was tripartite, for thus he was made,
His spiritual life was effective;
It would have continued both measured and staid,
Yet sadly his heart proved defective.

We enter this life with a spiritual loss,
Resulting from Adam’s defection;
We must be reborn by a look at the Cross,
And onto a great resurrection.


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Divine Majesty
Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts:
the whole earth is full of his glory.
Isaiah 6:3

Our Sovereign Lord rules over all;
He governs His creation;
He chooses things that shall befall,
And their distinct location;

The incidents of history;
The people generated;
Events that were a mystery,
He sovereignly dictated.

Our Master is omniscient;
Indeed He is all-knowing;
He knows our very heart content,
And of the way we’re going;

He knows the choices that we make
Before they are decided;
He will not cancel nor forsake
Salvation He provided.

Our Sovereign God is everywhere;
He’s ever omnipresent;
If we are hiding He is there:
The dark is no deterrent;

He occupies the universe,
The one that He created;
Wherever people may disperse,
He there too is located.

He also is omnipotent,
Creating and upholding;
Almighty yet with due restraint
In discipline or scolding;

He did not use this attribute
Throughout His crucifixion;
He stayed there as our Substitute,
In total dereliction.

He is not limited by time,
Because He is eternal;
And yet He has a plan sublime
Recorded in His Journal;

Eternal life is what He gives
To those regenerated;
In Him the former sinner lives
With life invigorated.

In love our God remains unique,
For that is just His essence;
Our souls He came to save and seek,
For judgment never lessens;

His glory will be manifest
To every tribe and station;
His kingdom will be richly blest
Beyond imagination.


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Divine Design
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing,
that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day.

2 Peter 3:8

As we observe our history
A pattern fits symmetrically;
Seven thousand years are set to be
The sum of their entirety;
Six thousand years have now expired;
One thousand yet are still required.

One thousand is to God a day,
As so the scriptures clearly say;
A week of years would be the plan;
With six days given unto man;
The seventh day is one of rest
As that from God at His behest.

Divisions are so evident;
Two thousand years the Gentiles spent;
And then two thousand for the Jew;
The church itself allotted two;
And so a thousand years remain,
For Christ and His immortal reign.

So we observe a true design
When days and weeks and years align;
With six days for the working week,
Then one for rest, for so we speak;
When human works have had their day,
The Lord will rule without delay.


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Divine Imprint
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour
and power: for thou hast created all things, and for
thy pleasure they are and were created.

Revelation 4:11

Our God is three,
And He is one,
Devoid of contradiction;
And so we see
What He has done,
In making this distinction.

The Trinity
Contains the key
To all our understanding;
As there must be
A harmony
In what this is demanding.

The Father planned
With righteous hand
Our wonderful salvation;
The Son endured
The goal secured
Through much humiliation.

The Spirit’s power
At every hour
Sustained the Incarnation;
It satisfied
And glorified
The God of all creation.

This threesome-ness,
Is what we stress,
As that which God created;
In time or space,
Or rocky face,
This grouping is located.

Our human form
Has got a norm
Of body, soul and spirit;
It cannot start
Without each part
In life that we inherit.

In summary
We must agree
Creation tells the story;
The earth and skies,
Before our eyes,
Reflect His matchless glory.


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Divinely Ordered
Study to show thyself approved unto God,
…rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15

There are divisions,
But never collisions,
In Scripture that’s trusted and true;
Law is first stated
With honour equated:
Beginnings and what will ensue.

Prophets are second,
Yet equally reckoned,
Foretelling events that will be;
Some are completed,
No longer repeated;
To one we shall all bend the knee.

Writings selective
Are wise and effective,
Poetic, descriptive and bold;
These three partitions
Admit no additions:
A Covenant treasured from old.

In the new era,
To which we are nearer,
The Scripture continues its course;
Four gospel writers
Use words that excite us
Because of their powerful source.

Then a transition
Marks out a division:
A book that is titled as Acts;
Led by the Spirit
With wonders explicit,
The writer has gathered the facts.

Next come epistles
With doctrine that bristles:
The spiritual food that we need;
Then Revelation
With mighty ovation
To whom highest honours proceed.

As we have stated,
Each part is related,
Like bells in their harmonies ring;
All that’s recorded
Will duly be ordered,
Awaiting the forthcoming King.


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God’s Holy Law
Think not that I am come to destroy the law,
or the prophets: I am not come to destroy,
but to fulfil.
Matthew 5:17

There’s a God-given law
That should fill us with awe,
For it has such an absolute standard;
We have all fallen short,
Doing not as we ought,
Well deserving the judgment demanded.

All the idols we seek
Every day of the week
Are a blight at the throne of our Maker;
He alone is revered,
Or instead will be feared
By the one who’s an evil partaker.

His adorable name
With its laudable claim
Must not ever be slandered or slighted;
For the sin will remain,
What is spoken in vain,
And His anger may well be ignited.

Tis our Maker’s behest
There be one day of rest
In the week as it was at creation;
Everyone needs a break
In the work they partake,
While the Sabbath is kept for God’s nation.

It is wholly correct
That we give due respect
To the parents that God has provided;
That our days may extend,
In a land we defend,
Till the time to depart is decided.

The command not to kill,
Is obligative still,
For to murder a brother is evil;
As the first homicide
Was a crime born of pride,
Which began in the heart of the devil.

As a marriage is bound
On a biblical ground
We must not let adultery enter;
We’re forbidden to steal,
In a contract or deal,
For the Lord sees the bond at the centre.

It is wrong and unwise
To resort unto lies;
We must witness in truth to our neighbour;
And we must not desire
What we should not acquire,
Not to covet, but joy in our labour.

In this far-reaching list,
We would truly insist,
It can never be broken or altered;
As the Lord kept it all,
Through the blood and the gall,
For His resolute will never faltered.

In the New Testament,
He regards with consent
His commandments, as they are repeated;
But the fourth is not there,
As we further declare
That the Sabbath is not now entreated.

We have stated before,
And we add furthermore,
Now the Lord has been raised and exalted,
By the Spirit we may
Keep the law every day,
If our life is well balanced and salted.


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Great Events
Heaven and earth shall pass away,
but my words shall not pass away.

Matthew 24:35

Certain events have been set by decree;
All in a plan we can study and see;
God has provided for man in his need;
We can be sure that His plan will succeed.

Each in its turn has a purpose in sight;
Time is a factor as day follows night;
Only in Scripture is wisdom revealed;
Anything else is a mystical field.

God spoke a word and creation was born;
Formed with a purpose bestowed at its dawn;
Angels and men with the freedom to choose;
Something that creatures can guard or abuse.

First we perceive that a Fall has occurred;
Sin has offended and broken God’s word;
Adam as leader and head of the race,
Brought on a curse which no one could erase.

Let us move on to the next great event;
God sent a flood when His patience was spent;
Thus when the waters were caused to abate,
Life was restarted, but only for eight.

Then their descendants assembled with pride;
Let’s make a name for ourselves, so they cried;
Yet soon their efforts were duly cut short,
Mid the confusion that Babel had brought.

Next an event that historians quote;
Pharaoh was ruling his country of note;
Plague after plague hit the houses and land;
God freed His people by word of command.

Thus did the Exodus bring a release;
But for Egyptians their woes did increase;
God did not use any weapons of war;
Only His word of rebuke and no more.

This is a pattern of things yet to be;
When there is chaos on land and on sea;
When all the armies are gathered as one,
They will be slain by a word from the Son.

Yet the event which is greatest by far,
Will be the standard of just where we are;
God came to earth where He died on a tree;
Taking our place so that we might be free.

He will return for He rose from the dead;
This next event will occur as He said;
Welcomed by those who have trusted His name;
Dreaded by those who are bound for the flame.

When time is ended and judgment is due;
This old creation will terminate too;
God will create a new home for His own:
Every believer beloved and foreknown.

Just let me add something more as a friend;
Death or the grave is by no means the end;
While there is breath and your mind is alert,
Choose for the Lord and you’ll suffer no hurt.


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For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised:
he is to be feared above all gods.
Psalm 96:4

How great is our Maker;
Creation proclaims;
How great is the aura
Portrayed by His names;

He spoke and creation
Uniquely appeared;
He is the Redeemer
Forever revered.

We read of His story:
The record He keeps;
His works are decisive;
His arm never sleeps;

We sleep in the night time
Of spiritual death,
Unless He breathes in us
His life-giving breath.

In Him life is hidden
Both certain and true;
The life He’s begotten
Is what we pursue;

Now Jesus is risen,
Alive from the dead,
He rules absolutely
With judgment ahead.


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The Trinity
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Matthew 28:19

The Trinity has been revealed,
As God the Three in One;
A paradox we cannot comprehend.
The Scriptures are the only field,
Where such a light has shone,
And given us the information penned.

The threefold personality,
And corresponding roles;
Are patent by the names which they possess.
With wisdom and integrity,
They scrutinise our souls,
That we might share their joy and happiness.

Creation gives the evidence,
Of awesome intellect:
The galaxies we see in outer space.
Thus with a sense of reverence,
And dutiful respect,
We recognize our humble dwelling place.

For time we know is relative,
As either one of three;
The future or the present or the past.
As God’s word is affirmative,
Controlling history,
So time which has a limit cannot last.

The wonder of the Trinity,
As scholars would agree,
Goes far beyond the realm of human thought.
And on throughout eternity,
His glory we shall see,
Regarding every facet He has taught.

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The Triune God
For in him dwelleth all the fulness
of the Godhead bodily.

Colossians 2:9

God is Light, God is Spirit, God is Love;
He appeared at the Jordan as a dove;
As the Light He illuminates our way;
That our path may be clearer every day.

In His love He has cancelled all our debt;
Every sin has been judged that we have met;
Such a love we can hardly understand;
With a life that fulfilled the Law’s demand.

When the rainbow is seen amid the cloud;
We remember the covenant He vowed;
As the spectrum appears with every hue;
So our God is dependable and true.

In the Scriptures the Saviour is revealed;
For believers He is a mighty shield;
God has chosen the words that are preserved;
And has placed on His Son all we deserved.

In this world there is quarrelling and hate;
Many woes are the problems we create;
There is progress in almost every field;
Yet the problem of sin is never healed.

Without God there is darkness everywhere;
Only He can shed light in our despair;
Without God we are spiritually dead;
In the nature by which we are inbred.

Without God love is on a human plane;
It is earthly and so it will remain;
But when Christ is the object we revere;
Then His love takes us to another sphere.

We need Love, we need Spirit, we need Light;
We need Jesus who bore away our blight;
Every virtue resides in God the Son;
Let us praise Him for everything He’s done.

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…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…
Psalm 139:14

The wonder of God is a treasure in store;
A hope that we ponder and cherish;
The sweet revelation of One we adore,
When every encumbrance will perish.

We all have a sense of an ongoing need;
A place without darkness or crying;
There is such a place as the Lord has decreed,
Devoid of bereavement and sighing.

A Person is watching and waiting on high,
Who came to this world as predicted;
He came here expressly to live and to die,
To free us from sin so addicted.

The wonder of God is the glory prepared
For those who have chosen salvation;
Enshrined in the love He so graciously shared:
The wonder of regeneration.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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