Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Jesus Christ

The King of Kings
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory, for ever.

Matthew 6:13

O, sing unto the Lord;
Exalt His Name with praise;
Let all the people worship Him
Who reigns through endless days.

His deeds are marvellous;
Declared for all to see;
His right hand and His holy arm
Hath won the victory.

Salvation is declared;
The Lord hath made it known;
His righteousness is clearly seen
And manifestly shown.

Yet mindful of His love,
And long time faithfulness,
Toward the house of Israel
Whom He has sworn to bless.

He comes to judge the earth,
With truth and equity;
And all the people shall behold
His glorious majesty.

Give out a joyful sound;
Sing with a cheerful voice;
Sing praises to the Lord, the King;
Let all the earth rejoice.


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Prophet, Priest and King
The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet.
Deuteronomy 18:15

Prophet, Priest and King is He;
Lord of sky and earth and sea;
What He says will surely be,
Now and for eternity.

Interceding at the throne;
Though unique yet not alone;
For the Father hears His prayer;
And His love availeth there.

Coming soon in power to reign;
With His angels for a train;
Jews and Gentiles like will be,
Subjects of Integrity.

Once He spoke and it was done;
All the universe in one;
Once He cried amidst the Cross,
Lord, forgive them, they are lost.

Constantly His prayers are heard;
Every breath and every word.
For believers He doth pray,
For their food throughout the day.

Soon the day will surely break,
After storm and plague and ‘quake;
Then His prophecies will be,
Plain for everyone to see.

Prophet, Priest and King so true;
Just as old and ever new;
Jesus Christ our Saviour Lord;
Worshipped, honoured and adored.


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The Testimony of Jesus
The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
Revelation 19:10

The spoken word of Jesus Christ
Will never pass away;
It always is a certainty,
As night-time follows day;

He prophesied in Genesis
That He would see it through;
In chapter three and verse fifteen,
It’s written there for you.

We’ll look at Matthew’s gospel now
And notice what He said.
In chapter four He spoke about
Our common daily bread.

We cannot live by bread alone
To satisfy our needs;
But we must feed on every word
That from His mouth proceeds.

In chapter five He there begins
His sermon on the mount;
For every soul must answer Him,
And thereby give account.

He came not to destroy the law
But rather to fulfil.
The law could never make us well,
It only proves we’re ill.

In chapter seven, twenty-four,
He tells us how to build.
For everyone who builds a house
Is either dumb or skilled.

The one who builds upon the Rock
Will not be swept away.
But he who builds upon the sand
Will rue the Judgment Day.

In chapter nine, the sick are healed,
Their sins forgiven too.
But those who do not see a need
Cannot be cured, it’s true.

We all must come in simple faith,
As sinners, to His Cross;
For only there our souls are saved
And never suffer loss.

Discipleship is spoken of
In Matthew chapter ten.
A person who is loved by God;
Unrecognized by men.

The call to selfless discipline
Which has its own reward;
A life that’s moulded by His love,
And subject to His word.

Capernaum and Chorazin
Are mentioned in the text.
Their attitude toward the Lord
Could only leave Him vexed.

They witnessed many mighty works
But still did not repent;
Their lot will be the Lake of Fire,
And that without relent.

A man was in the synagogue
Who had a withered hand.
The Pharisees were present too:
A strict religious band.

Because it was the Sabbath day
They plotted His demise,
When Jesus healed his malady;
Before their watching eyes.

The parables have double truth
For those who can discern.
A sower went to sow a seed;
A little child can learn.

The hidden truth is only seen
By those with inner sight;
The kingdom is a mystery
Without the gospel light.

Our Lord continued on His way
That led Him to the Hill.
The prophecies must be fulfilled
According to His will.

He enters old Jerusalem:
The city of His choice.
But soon the crowd who cheer Him on,
Will use another voice.

In chapters twenty-four and five,
He warns of things to come.
Of earthquakes and calamities
And darkening of the sun.

And when the darkest hour descends
On those who stay in gloom;
They’ll see the end of prophecy,
And their eternal doom.

The Passover was drawing near:
Now just two days away.
He sat at meat in Simon’s house:
A place called Bethany.

A woman came with precious nard
And poured it on His head;
Expressing by her act of love
What never could be said.

Events which followed afterwards,
Like those already past,
Were all envisaged by the Lord
From origin to last.

Be absolutely sure of this
In case you’re not awake:
That Jesus Christ was crucified
For every sinner’s sake.

The only standard God allows
Is that which He has made:
His own imputed righteousness
Which cannot fail or fade.

He promised to forgive our sins
And wash us in His blood;
And clothe us with His righteousness
That’s absolutely good.

We live in times of boundless grace:
The greatest time of all.
The world is on its downward path,
Bound under Satan’s thrall.

The Lord defeated Satan’s power
Upon the shameful tree;
If we ignore His finished work,
There is no remedy.

The final prophecy we read
In Matthew twenty-eight;
Was spoken by the risen Lord,
Which we should contemplate;

All power resides in Jesus Christ,
So let us understand:
This gospel must be preached to all,
By lasting great command.


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From Jordan to Glory
He hath done all things well:   
he maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.   

Mark 7:37

A Figure walked quietly to Jordan one day;
His messenger waiting to witness and say:
There stands One among you whom you do not know;
A Lamb without blemish and spotless as snow.

The Stranger was Jesus our Saviour and Lord;
A Stranger no longer but known by His word.
His word is our promise both steadfast and sure;
His character blameless and humble and pure.

Our Lord walked in Jewry with healing and life;
Where many had demons and sickness was rife.
Though many were cured and made perfectly whole,
Restoring to health was not mainly His goal.

A more deadly malady deeper within,
Was cursing mankind with the ravage of sin.
It needed much more than a touch from the King;
It called for a sacrifice no one could bring.

A Figure walked staggering slowly one morn;
His cross was so heavy a load to be borne.
He’d suffered the flogging, the mocking, the shame;
The blasphemy hurled with abuse at His name.

So gentle a Figure, no violence did know;
The walk up that hill was so painfully slow.
He went there to rescue a race that was lost,
By bearing our judgment at infinite cost.

A Figure hung naked transfixed to a tree;
The Lord of all glory so awesome to see.
Though God had foreknown there was no other plan;
The Son of His love was the victim for man.

A Figure sits nobly in heaven right now;
A laurel of victory gracing His brow;
With honour and glory His work is complete.
Dear Lord we adore Thee and fall at Thy feet.


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Our Great High Priest
We have such an High Priest, who is set on the right hand
of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens.   

Hebrews 8:1

The God who by His prophets spoke in many varied ways,
Has spoken to us by His Son in these the latter days;
Who, when He had removed our sins with that immortal cry,
Ascended to the Father’s throne in Majesty on high.

He is the splendour of the Light which eyes have never seen.
The very image of the God eternal and supreme.
Through Him the ages were designed; their boundaries decreed;
And by His Word all things consist; both galaxies and seed.

Our Lord has by inheritance obtained a better name,
Than countless holy angels who are held devoid of blame;
For which of them at any time has heard the Father say,
Thou art My Son, I have indeed begotten Thee today.

And when He brings, a second time, the firstborn to the earth,
Let all the angels worship Him, the Lord of Sabaoth.
And of the Son He testifies, Thy throne, O God, exceeds;
For Thou hast loved integrity and hated lawless deeds.

We therefore must give diligence to that which we have heard;
For if there was a penalty for every broken word,
And every disobedience received a just reward,
How shall we flee the wrath of God if we neglect the Lord?

The world to come of which we speak and which we signify,
Has not been subject by the Lord to angels in the sky;
But one has testified somewhere and we recall his theme,
For what is man that Thou, O God, shouldst so remember him?

Thou madest him a little while below the angel host;
And set him o’er Thy handiwork; from mountain range to coast.
Thou gavest him authority as ruler over all;
But now we do not see his rule by reason of the Fall.

And yet we see our Saviour Lord in glory unsurpassed.
He tasted death for everyone and then He breathed His last.
For it was fitting that the LORD should perfect evermore,
The Author of our blessed hope through sufferings He bore.

Consider, therefore, Jesus Christ, Apostle and High Priest;
So faithful as the One assigned to be the Paschal Feast.
For He is counted worthier than Moses was esteemed;
Since God has glorified His Son by whom we are redeemed.

And now the Holy Spirit says, If you will hear His voice,
Do not be hardened in your heart and make a tragic choice.
Your fathers were rebellious and proved Me forty years.
That generation found no rest throughout their short careers.

A promise still remains for us of entering His rest;
So let us fear lest anyone should fail this crucial test.
The gospel has been preached to us as in that bygone age;
And yet the Word had no effect because of sacrilege.

The Word of God is powerful and sharper than a sword.
It pierces through our intellect and cannot be ignored.
It is a critic of the thoughts and intents of the heart;
And shall decide our destiny when soul and body part.

We do not have a great High Priest unmindful of our needs;
For He was tested far beyond the realm of human deeds.
And having thus experienced the weakness of our frame,
He recognizes every need we suffer for His Name.

So let us with temerity approach His throne of grace;
That we may find His clemency and run a faithful race;
The tabernacle ritual was clearly understood;
For no one could approach the Lord without atoning blood.

For every priest repeatedly stood making sacrifice;
And though he offered constantly they never could suffice;
But Jesus, after having made one sacrifice for sins,
Is seated in the Majesty until His reign begins.

We have a new and living way which enters through the veil.
The Law was made conditional and thus was bound to fail.
For as the blood of beasts was shed to cover mortal sin,

Much more the blood of Jesus Christ shall make us pure within.


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The Servant of Jehovah
Behold, my servant, whom I uphold,
mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth;
I have put my Spirit upon him:
he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.

Isaiah 42:1

Behold, My Servant whom I love,
In whom My soul delights;
He shall be very prosperous,
Exalted in the heights.

As many were amazed at Him,
His visage was so marred;
His form more than the sons of men,
So brutalized and scarred.

Yet shall He startle many lands;
The princes shall be mute,
For they shall see such happenings
Which they cannot dispute.

He shall grow as a tender plant
Before Him in the land;
And as a root in arid ground
Among the rocky sand.

He has no form or comeliness
That custom may require;
And when we set our eyes on Him,
No charm we should desire.

A Man of sorrows, bearing pain,
Acquainted well with grief;
We hid our faces as it were,
From Him in disbelief.

And surely He has borne our grief,
And carried all our pain;
Yet we esteemed Him struck by God,
Afflicted for our gain.

But He was wounded for our sins:
The breaches of His law;
The chastisement was borne by Him:
Our peace for evermore.

We all like sheep have gone astray,
Without a hope and lost;
The Lord has laid on Him alone,
The all-sufficient cost.

He was afflicted and oppressed,
Assailed with bitter gall;
Yet like a sheep when being shorn,
Was silent through it all.

It pleased the LORD to buffet Him
And put His soul to grief;
So shall His days be measureless
With joy beyond belief.

For when He sees the sore distress
And travail of His soul,
The many shall be justified
And made uniquely whole.


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Ye are my friends,
if ye do whatsoever I command yo.

John 15:14

We all need a friend
Who is there at the end,
And there’s only one Person unfailing;
He took all our sin
When He came on this scene;
And we wait for His Second Unveiling.

His knowledge is vast,
For He knows all the past;
Every thought and the words we have spoken;
He loves us so much
And His nature is such
That His promise can never be broken.

He only can save
From the fear of the grave,
For He’s conquered the peril that holds us;
His word is the seal
Which His Spirit makes real,
And His constant protection enfolds us.

If therefore you deem
That His claims are supreme,
And His love for your soul is the clearest;
Then call on His name,
Just as I did the same,
And you’ll find He’s the Friend that is dearest.


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The Lamb of God


Abel...brought of the firstlings of his flock,
and of the fat thereof.
Genesis 4:4

When sin had fallen on the human race,
And human good had no respected place,
A lamb became the cover by its blood;
For so the one who offered understood;
But not so was the offering of Cain,
Who offered up the fruit of his domain;
The offering he pictured as profound,
Was from the best production of the ground;
But Cain had no humility within,
His offer could not cover for his sin.


And Abraham said, my son, God will provide
himself a lamb for a burnt offering.
Genesis 22:8

A man who had been summoned out of Ur,
And knew his only son would be his heir,
Was told to offer him, a sacrifice,
And Isaac as the son would pay the price;
For Abraham, his faith was resolute,
But God already had a substitute;
A ram had got entangled by its horns,
It struggled being helpless in the thorns;
He offered up the captive for his son,
Upon the mount where justice would be done.


And when I see the blood, I will pass over you.
Exodus 12:13

The people who were exiled many years,
Had laboured in their slavery with tears;
At last the day arrived when they were free,
A lamb was slain for every family,
Its blood was on the portals of the door,
The Lord was satisfied by what He saw,
It gave protection from the coming doom;
For death would strike in every other room;
The Passover would ever call to mind,
A Lamb of God would die for all mankind.


And if his offering be of the flocks...
he shall bring it a male without blemish.
Leviticus 1:10

When Israel had nationhood conferred,
And God had given orders through His word,
A tabernacle took the central place,
Where all the tribes could worship Him in grace,
An animal was brought devoid of spot,
Its blood would be the price for every blot,
A sacrifice accepted must be clean,
For nothing else could be a go-between;
The Man assigned to finalise the role,
Would demonstrate the pureness of His soul.


He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter.
Isaiah 53:7

Isaiah writes in chapter fifty-three,
About the One who died vicariously;
The punishment for sin we had in store,
Was placed upon the Lamb, and furthermore,
The work of full atonement has been made;
The debt of our transgression He has paid;
The Lamb has made amends for His elect;
Their failures He has made of none effect;
And when He sees the travail of His soul,
The Father will appoint His priestly role.


Behold the Lamb of God,
which taketh away the sin of the world.
John 1:29

At Jordan as Messiah was baptized,
His ministry was clearly emphasized;
The testing that would follow in its train,
Would prove His dedication yet again;
The Lamb had come for Jesus was His name,
His miracles exemplified His claim;
His healing was available for all,
His precious blood would expiate the Fall;
His stringent cry announced the victory,
When every sin was judged upon the tree.

THE UNIVERSAL SACRIFICE a lamb dumb before his shearer,
so opened he not his mouth.
Acts 8:32

The eunuch read the Scripture as he rode,
Religion was the state in which he bode;
He needed explanation of the key,
Of whom the prophet wrote in history,
The Scripture that he did not understand,
Was opened by God’s servant near at hand;
The Lamb that would be slaughtered, as he read,
Was Jesus who had risen from the dead;
As soon as his perception was revised,
The object of his faith was realised.

THE REDEEMING SACRIFICE know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible
things...but with the precious  blood of Christ,
as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.
1 Peter 1:18,19

We enter into slavery at birth,
Our daily life is coloured from the earth;
In sin we were conceived and we remain,
Which manifests itself in earthly pain;
Our sin has been condemned upon the cross;
Our good will be rejected like the dross;
The Saviour has redeemed us by His blood;
It is the only work that counts for good.
The Sacrificial Lamb as He has taught,
Is offering the freedom He has bought.


Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power,
and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour,
and glory, and blessing.
Revelation 5:12

Authority is vested in the Lamb;
He is the Potentate, the great I AM;
His rule will be extended everywhere,
The universe will blossom in His care;
The angels and the elders are in voice,
The saints whom He has glorified rejoice;
The Lamb of God who once for all was slain,
Will come again in majesty to reign;
His kingdom will extend from shore to shore,
And truth will be established evermore.


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Christ Is All In All
For it pleased the Father that in him
should all fulness dwell.

Colossians 1:19

Since we heard of your faith and your love,
We give thanks to the Father above;
For the hope that is stored
In Christ Jesus our Lord;
As an anchor that nothing can move.

For by Him were created all things;
Whether thrones or the splendour of kings;
All dominion and power,
Which exist every hour,
Only live by the grace that He brings.

He has broken the wall that divides,
By His cross and the peace it provides;
Having once reconciled,
Every sin-tainted child;
Things on earth and in heaven besides.

He is head of the Church, His elect;
Every saint He will truly perfect;
As the Star of the morn,
He will come at the dawn,
With His bride in her garments bedecked.


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The Holy One
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
The mighty God, The everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a Child is born,
A Son is given freely;
And He shall on a coming dawn,
Uphold a rule ideally.

His name shall be called Wonderful,
The Counsellor, Almighty;
The Father with a lasting rule;
The Prince of Peace so rightly.

And of His government and peace,
On David’s throne unending;
For it shall prosper and increase,
With justice never bending.

The Lord of hosts in holy zeal
Will notably perform it;
No creature, be they ethereal,
Can alter or reform it.


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The Incarnation
For unto us a child is born,
unto us a son is given.

Isaiah 9:6

Though many years had passed along
Since man had started breathing,
There still remained a promise strong,
Though strategies were seething.

All human effort was in vain,
Not having any moment;
It could not ease the lasting pain
That sharp divisions foment.

Though forces insurmountable
Opposed him from the devil,
He still was held accountable
For sin at every level.

Then came the Advent prophesied;
A Saviour was provided;
Within Judea’s countryside,
Where Herod’s rule presided.

For God incarnate as a Man
Had come to die for sinners;
His life of such a shortened span,
Would later dwell within us.

Now every human lost in sin,
Wherever they are dwelling,
Have got the right to enter in,
For so His Word is telling.

So wonderful, His holy name,
With grace and truth abounding;
The Saviour of the blind and lame,
With hymns of praise resounding.


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Name Above All Names
Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
Revelation 22:20

There is a Name above all names,
Exalted and unique;
Though not a name the world acclaims
Among its lauded clique;

An appellation verified
By testing as of fire;
A designation justified
In all of its desire.

He is the Saviour prophesied,
And promised long ago;
He lives forever, having died
While dwelling here below;

He is the First Fruits and the Branch,
A Nazarene well known;
His advent did not come by chance
To seek and save His own.

He is the Judge we all must face,
No matter who we are;
A time of rapture or disgrace
Before His judgment bar;

His Name will be the only Name
To qualify our state;
To live with Him in halls of fame
Or meet an awful fate.

He had been chosen in the past
To take a humble role;
Indelibly the die was cast
To sacrifice His soul;

But He arose victorious
Above the cloudy sky;
His coming will be glorious,
And seen by every eye.


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Our High Priest
Sanctify them through thy truth:
thy word is truth.
John 17:17

When Jesus prayed His priestly prayer,
His public work completed;
He faced the cross He had to bear,
Where sin would be defeated.

He asked that He be glorified,
As having got all power;
His Father also magnified,
At this His final hour.

He had revealed the Father’s name
To those He had been given;
And they had kept His word the same,
Eternal life in heaven.

While He was with them in the world,
He kept them by His teaching;
The holy banner He unfurled
Exemplified His preaching.

He prayed they might be sanctified
The truth would be the token;
In that it had identified
The word that He had spoken.

He asked that they become as one,
In fellowship united;
As in the Father and the Son,
A bond that can’t be slighted.

He also prayed for other sheep:
Believers down the ages;
Who likewise would His doctrine keep,
Found in the Bible pages.


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Our Daily Bread
How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
John 6:52

When Jesus had fed the five thousand and more,
Who’d witnessed the signs of His healing before;
They said He was truly the Prophet foretold;
Their active response grew increasingly bold.

A popular movement was starting to build;
Their longing for freedom could now be fulfilled;
The Roman oppressors had taken the reins;
A captain was needed to break off the chains.

But Jesus could see their intentions were wrong;
He would not be moved by a popular throng;
He knew they were fickle as humans can be;
Political fervour is never the key.

He went by Himself to a mountain to pray;
He needed this time in the stress of the day;
His closer disciples had boarded a boat,
But soon they were struggling to keep it afloat.

A storm broke upon them; a tempest severe;
The Lord came alongside and quietened their fear;
The people took shipping across in their wake,
They didn’t know Jesus had walked on the lake.

They sought Him as soon as they got to the land;
When did you come here? was their searching demand;
He knew they were taking a practical line,
Content with the food after seeing the sign.

So Jesus recalled the events of the day,
Of work that is mortal and passing away;
Their labour should be for the food that endures,
The gift of the Father and what it secures.

The people were missing the object in sight;
They thought there was merit in what they did right;
But Jesus rejected their singular bent;
Their focus must be on the One who is sent.

They asked for a sign of what Jesus could do,
That they might believe and accept Him as true;
Our fathers ate manna, and so did they quote;
Presenting this factor as worthy of note.

But Jesus corrected their Scriptural view;
My Father is giving the true bread to you;
They said to Him, Lord, give this bread evermore;
As yet not discerning the Person they saw.

He gave further light to what Scripture had said,
Your fathers ate manna but now they are dead;
Whoever partakes of the bread that I give,
Shall never see death but eternally live.

The bread is My flesh and the drink is My blood;
The terms that He stated were misunderstood;
For many who heard were overtly dismayed;
They could not accept this assertion He made.

When Jesus perceived that they murmured at this;
That what He was teaching was taken amiss,
He made an appeal to His future ascent,
For that was the key to His whole argument.

The Spirit gives life but the flesh profits naught;
The words that I speak they are spiritually taught;
But there are among you who do not believe;
For one would betray Him as He could perceive.

So many turned back and went with Him no more;
For Jesus had stated an unwritten law:
That no one can come to the true Son of Man,
Excepting the Father has granted he can.

The Lord is our manna and heavenly Bread;
The gift of the Father as Scripture has said;
Our soul will be nourished whatever the need,
As filled with the Spirit on Jesus we feed.



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Alpha and Omega
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord,
 which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Revelation 1:8

Atonement was certain before time began,
But was not enacted till ages had ran;
So when God had waited as had been foretold,
He came down from heaven to rescue His fold.

Baptizing is something that most understand;
It could be in water or maybe on land;
However, the only baptizing we need
Is that by the Spirit as God has decreed.

Commitment may be to a person we know,
Or unto a lifestyle we cannot let go;
The Lord was committed to die on a tree;
He went there expressly for you and for me.

Decisions are choices we make every day;
Whatever the options that happen our way;
Deciding for Christ is the gateway to life,
For then He is with us in danger or strife.

Emotions respond to the spirit and soul;
Without them we would not be balanced or whole;
Emotion is just like the flow of a stream,
As when the sub-conscious calls out in a dream.

Forgiveness is needed when people are hurt;
To those who are wounded we should be alert;
When we are forgiven for all we have done,
It’s more than befitting to honour the Son.

God’s glory surpasses the state of our mind;
And yet in the Bible its record we find;
Creation, redemption, His work on the tree;
His life here among us for all men to see.

Heart-searching is crucial in questions of need;
It’s not just a matter of culture or creed;
The question that every born sinner must face
Is what have we done with the gospel of grace?

Intrusions, encounters occur as they do;
In these we might learn something vitally new;
A person we meet or who crosses our path
May speak of salvation or mention God’s wrath.

Jehovah is One who is also the Lord;
We must be connected to Him by a cord;
A cord we call faith that is founded on grace,
That nothing can break or can ever replace.

Kind-heartedness always refreshes the day;
It could be in deed or whatever we say;
We see it displayed in full measure to all
When Jesus recovered our loss at the Fall.

Law-makers are rulers appointed by men;
Forever amending their laws yet again;
But only one law is inclusive and true:
The law of Christ Jesus that we should pursue.

Miraculous deeds are reported or seen;
It happens whenever a soul is made clean;
We cannot explain it in everyday speech,
Although it is seen by its gracious outreach.

Nobilities are not confined to a class,
Inheriting titles quite lawful to pass;
A person is noble and laudable too
When giving his life for the sake of his crew.

Obscurants who can’t see their dangerous plight,
Are like the Titanic afloat in the night;
Assured it could never encounter distress,
So too unbelievers will drown, nonetheless.

Perchance it is only a tale after all;
This talk about sin and the cardinal fall;
How can we affirm what will be when we die?
These stories of God are just pie in the sky.

Quite often rebuffs are the answers we get;
A person may have a deep grievance they’ve met;
Compassion and grace should enlighten our tone;
Some hearts can be softened that once were as stone.

Reaction is common when speaking of grace;
Discarding our goodness is what we must face;
For those who respond with a heart so disposed,
Reward is their portion in all that’s disclosed.

Salvation is always the issue in mind;
It is the solution for all of mankind;
If we keep refusing to trust in the Lord,
The judgment of God will descend like a sword.

The only condition that’s healthy and clean
Is living by faith as it ever has been;
There’s light in the Word for the penitent heart,   
And peace for the mind with a life set apart.

Unless we are free from the natural way,
The bondage of sin will be holding its sway;
For those who are born of the life-giving Word,
The joy of the Lord will arise like a bird.

Vitality signifies vigour or growth;
It may be related to keeping an oath;
The Scripture encourages study and prayer,
As both are so vital in times of despair.

We are what we choose to believe as we go;
True knowledge comes only by faith even so;
Though not like the wisdom the world has to give,
Our faith and belief is the reason we live.

X-rays are the record of what they reveal;
The pictures recorded are lucid and real;
So likewise the Scriptures look into the soul;
The conscience is there to consider the goal.

Young people depend on instruction and care
From those dedicated with duties they bear;
A life so committed to God from the start
Will duly bear fruit from a reverent heart.

Zoology studies the animal sphere;
Their prominent place in the Bible is clear;
The Lamb that was slain is exalted on high;
He’s coming again for His kingdom is nigh.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
Poems of Praise by Maurice Dyson