Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Creation

Maurice has created a long poem that takes a journey through the books of the Bible to tell the story of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We hope you enjoy the trip.


The Bible Story

His Story
 Heaven and earth will pass away,
but My words will by no means pass away.

Matthew 24:35

Let us review each canonical book,
So we may grasp its intention;
There are some factors we can’t overlook:
Prophecies that we should mention.

Genesis opens the Bible account;
It is the book of foundations;
Just like the water that springs from a fount,
Spreading abroad through the nations.

After the earth and the heavens were made,
Mankind was given its order;
Earthbound conditions were settled and staid;
Freewill was marked by a border.

When sin had entered the order was changed;
Degeneration had started;
What had been perfect was now disarranged;
Friendship with God had departed.

So we observe a rebellious trend;
Righteousness thereby diminished;
Nowhere a deed that the Lord could commend;
Mankind appeared to be finished.

Yet there was one who found mercy and grace:
Noah along with his dearest;
But for the rest they would go to a place,
Under a judgment severest.

Now a new civilisation began;
Split into nations at Babel;
Nothing could possibly alter God’s plan,
Always progressive and stable.

God spoke to Abram a Gentile of Ur;
Leave your abode, He directed;
When he had duly departed from there,
Faith was the law he respected.

From this man’s body a Seed would appear,
Destined before time had started;
Duly predicted by prophet and seer,
Giving the life He imparted.

From this beginning the story moves on;
Isaac was next in progression;
For unto Abraham God gave a son,
Now his most dearest possession.

Then Isaac’s son would continue the line;
Fathering tribes on his station;
Judah was chosen by royal design,
Into the next generation.

So this book closes with Egypt in view:
Jacob’s descendants sojourning;
They will remain till their rescue is due,
As we shall shortly be learning.

Exodus brings a redemption so grand;
Yet it required preparation;
Pharaoh the king was the lord of the land;
So there would be confrontation.

Moses was duly appointed and sent;
Let go my people, he stated;
But for the king it aroused discontent:
Loss of his standing he hated.

Plagues fell upon them but Pharaoh stood fast;
He would not soften his stances;
As every judgment before him was cast,
They struck his people like lances.

But when the ultimate punishment fell,
Only deliverance mattered;
He heard the sound of that sickening knell;
Plans for his offspring were shattered.

Blood was the signal that God had portrayed;
Placed on the door where they rested;
Where it was seen so the judgment was stayed,
Just as the Lord had attested.

Thus were God’s people released in a day;
Idols were duly confounded;
With signs and wonders and no more delay,
There a new nation was grounded.

Into the Red Sea which parted in twain;
Thus they escaped those pursuing;
When they had crossed it reverted again,
Sealing their masters’ undoing.

Then to the mountain where law would be learned;
Standards that met God’s approval;
Not that acceptance with Him could be earned;
It called for evil’s removal.

Unto their leader a plan was disclosed;
Careful adherence was needed;
Built on the pattern that God had imposed,
Where godly worship was heeded.

Yet there was trouble with Moses away,
Even illicit behaviour;
Eating and drinking they rose up to play,
Thus disregarding God’s favour.

As a result of this terrible sin,
Thousands were slain of their number;
It should alert us in matters obscene:
God’s holy wrath does not slumber.

So did their wandering journey commence;
Forty years in its duration;
Yet for the rebels there was no defence,
Only the Lord’s indignation.

Now it’s Leviticus into our sights,
With tabernacle erected;
Priests are appointed with God-given rights,
Doing their work as directed.

Strict regulations are set as a code;
Nothing ordained can be broken;
Those who would enter this sanctified mode
Must have their conscience awoken.

It should be noted that all in the tent;
Colours and metals and curtain;
Symbolised Jesus for so it was meant,
Now we can know it for certain.

Feasts are appointed and kept in the year;
Each one portraying progression;
Looking to when our dear Lord will appear;
At His forthcoming accession.

There is recorded the wrath that ensues
On any person rebelling;
They are rewarded as fitting their dues:
Punishment lasting and telling.

We cannot leave this devotional way
Without the Day of Atonement;
Which the Redeemer will bring on that day,
Leaving no further postponement.

Numbers is set in the wilderness ground,
Where those for battle are counted;
But there were murmurs at food that was found,
As their rebelling had mounted.

God sent abundance of flesh from the sky
As they complained of the manna;
He was displeased causing many to die,
Since they rejected His banner.

As they approached their objective ahead,
Spies were commissioned for sighting;
There was no reason for fearing or dread,
God had equipped them for fighting.

But they returned with an evil report:
Strongholds where people were dwelling;
Causing alarm with the hearers distraught,
Fearful at what they were telling.

So did that wandering nation of old,
Hear many laws through their leader;
Filling their minds for the role they would hold,
Set for a godly procedure.

Now Deuteronomy sums up the Law;
As these five books are presented;
They are the blueprint for spiritual war,
Ordered and well documented.

In it we read a review of events,
Deeds by the Lord God Almighty;
Unto a nation now living in tents,
Though their misdeeds were unsightly.

Moses went through all the Law once again,
Unto a new generation;
Which had been born on the wilderness plain,
Now with renewed expectation.

He could not enter the land they had reached,
But God allowed him to view it;
Discipline came for the law he had breached,
Nothing could change or undo it.

Joshua was placed as the one in command,
Charged as an able successor;
He had been trained for the office at hand:
Tutored by his predecessor.

Canaan was ripe for the conquest in store,
It was beyond mere instruction;
Nations defying traditional law,
Bring on their certain destruction.

Crossing the Jordan was set in their track;
Even with banks overflowing;
It was accomplished with waters held back,
Cleared for the way they were going.

Jericho stood with its ramparts secure;
Walled as it was with defences;
Unto its dwellers its safety was sure;
 Thus was their common consensus.

Yet there was coming a sudden surprise;
Jericho’s doom had long waited;
Walls that had seemingly reached to the skies;
Now were completely ill-fated.

So did the conquest of Canaan proceed;
Every tribe getting its portion;
Faith in the Lord must adorn every deed;
Watchfulness as a precaution.

God had commanded that all be subdued;
There must not be an exception;
But when relaxing of standards accrued,
Compromise led to deception.

There are examples for everyone here;
Faith must continue unhindered;
If it does not then the outcome is clear:
Help is withdrawn or rescinded.

Times of the Judges are days of decline,
Just as we see all around us;
There is no longer a godly design;
Evil continues to hound us.

As with the nation that ran into woes,
So are the times we are sharing;
Till our obedience blossoms and grows,
Pockets of war will be flaring.

Warnings are given to focus our needs;
Ignorance will not protect us;
Evil is just like a cancer that breeds,
Unless the Scriptures correct us.

Ruth is a story of virtue and trust,
Set amid sadness and grieving;
When next of kin have returned to the dust,
Any good news is relieving.

So had Naomi lost husband and sons;
She was alone with her daughter:
Widowed as well and with no little ones;
There was dismay every quarter.

Coming to Bethlehem where it began,
We see God’s purpose emerging;
As food was needed and having no man,
Ruth did not need any urging.

She ventured out at her mother’s request,
Where certain grain fields were sited;
Gracious provisions bring comfort and rest,
Not to be doubted or slighted.

Any misfortune that happens our way;
Even with no comprehension;
Faith in the Lord is the drill of the day,
And evermore by extension.

1 & 2 Samuel
Samuel covers the life of two kings;
Thus was the monarchy founded;
Saul is the leader that royalty brings,
Starting with prospects well grounded.

But when the test came he fell into sin;
Worse, it was outright rebelling;
It pictures clearly the state we are in,
If it’s the Truth we’re repelling.

So God chose David as heir to the throne;
And he was duly anointed;
Then he was tested as Scripture has shown,
Until his day was appointed.

From this same David the line would progress,
As we have previously stated;
Unto a throne that the Lord will possess,
Welcomed and gladly awaited.

1 & 2 Kings
  Kings is the record of glory to shame,
Starting with David’s accession;
Guidance was there for each monarch to claim,
Yet there was steady regression.

Solomon’s glory is known far and wide;
He reigned in wonderful splendour;
But we soon notice a turn in the tide:
He had a suspect agenda.

Lack of obedience is always a crime;
Whether a king or a peasant;
It will corrupt if not dealt with in time,
Leading to measures unpleasant.

1 & 2 Chronicles
This book of Chronicles as it’s inferred,
Highlights significant features;
David as king is the subject preferred,
And what the narrative teaches.

Solomon’s reign is recorded again
Over a kingdom united;
When Rehoboam had started his reign
Wars very quickly ignited.

Rulers of Judah as we can observe
Vary from godly perspective;
Broadly they trace a degenerate curve,
Losing their lofty objective.

Having rejected the warnings they heard,
Discipline fell undivided;
Everything forecast distinctly occurred;
God’s word cannot be derided.

After the nation was exiled abroad,
We see a remnant returning;
There will be work till the land is restored,
And the reforms they’ll be learning.

Temple rebuilding is taken in hand,
With opposition encountered;
Marriage is charged for a godlier stand,
With other problems surmounted.

This marks the end of the history side;
Israel no longer a kingdom;
Yet in God’s plan they will always abide,
Under the King that He brings them.

Esther is set among ethnical Jews,
Exiled in Persia for sinning;
Always the objects of Satan’s abuse,
As from their stated beginning.

Esther the Hebrew was chosen as queen;
Lineage was not her disclosure;
Haman expected his rank to be seen;
Quickly he lost his composure.

His evil scheming was finally shown,
Planning the Hebrews’ destruction;
He reaped the harvest of what he had sown:
Hanged on his evil construction.

Job is the story of suffering alone;
Sudden bereavement comes falling;
Yet it reveals what takes place at the Throne,
When divine council is calling.

Job would be tested throughout an ordeal;
Such were the vile accusations;
It would be seen if his conduct was real
Under successive privations.

Even though bodily ailments were sore,
Wrought by his evil contestant,
There were three parties to add to the score,
Giving their legal assessment.

But when the Lord God spoke out of the wind,
Even a whirlwind as stated;
He did not offer solace to His friend,
Nor answer problems debated.

When Job had heard all the glorious deeds
Wrought by His mighty Creator,
He put aside all his temporal needs,
Seeing an entity greater.

After repenting he prayed for his friends,
As the Lord duly commanded;
Living the faith-life is no mere pretence,
Even when such it is branded.
Psalms are the hymnbook of human desire;
Fit for the soul’s meditations;
There are no words we could further require
In our religious oblations.
Written by men who were Spirit inspired;
Sometimes with heated emotion;
Touching the glories that men have desired;
Focussed with godly devotion.

Psalms we have heard on a parental knee,
Trace out the pilgrimage story;
For it is there the Good Shepherd we see,
 Leading to pastures in glory.

Proverbs are sayings that we can apply;
Maxims for every occasion;
Short pithy statements that meet with the eye;
Meriting godly persuasion.

They are the teaching of father to son;
Wisdom of God as intended;
Willingness needed to see it is done;
Nothing put off or pretended.

Such are the factors portraying our walk;
Needing a balanced perspective;
What we should follow and what we should balk;
Always with Christ our objective.

This book displays what a man can acquire:
Total enjoyment of riches;
Everything unto which man would aspire;
Yet there are manifold ditches.

God has placed something deep into our soul,
Needing a godly solution;
It has been there since a crime took its toll,
With universal pollution.

Vanity started with Adam and Eve;
As now it covers all nations;
In God’s redemption this bondage we leave,
Free from its many frustrations.

Song of Solomon
Last in the group of poetical scrolls,
Canticles carries much feeling;
As a love poem the story unrolls:
Beauty and pleasure revealing.

There are three parties involved in the play:
Solomon secretly wooing;
Also the Shulamite met in the way,
And the relations ensuing.

There are some others observing aside,
Echoing their observations;
Seemingly friends of the imminent bride,
In her discreet preparations.

Many good lessons emerge from this set,
With a divine undertaking;
Love is the greatest event we have met:
That which our Saviour is making.

First in Isaiah a censure is heard:
God is addressing His nation;
As they rebel so His anger is stirred,
Bringing a strong condemnation.

Similar language continues to flow,
With other people included;
Yet interspersed with these warnings of woe,
Blessings are never precluded.

There are predictions of infinite worth;
Chapters that lift up the spirit;
Pointing to that indescribable birth,
Of Him alone who has merit. 

One who would take a vicarious role,
Lifting the burdens that bind us;
Living a life that was perfectly whole;
Sending His Spirit to find us.

Glory and majesty honour His throne;
So is His kingdom projected;
Ruling forever He cares for His own;
Bought by His blood and protected.

Judah is now in a darkening zone;
Facing a coming invader;
When every plea is unheeded and gone,
Pagans will come and parade her.

So does the prophet continue to weep;
Nowhere is evil abating;
He is concerned for the shadows that creep,
And the destruction awaiting.

Lastly he weeps for a city accursed;
Yet the Lord’s mercies enfold him;
Thus reassured in conditions adverse;
Darkness no longer can hold him.

Now to a book that is baffling for some;
Coloured by symbols and visions;
It speaks of glories predicted to come
In most desirous conditions.

Signs are presented with teaching involved;
Lessons with each illustration;
When all the stages are set or resolved,
Time will be ripe for all nations.

So did the prophet foretell in his call,
After his kin were deported;
And when he heard of Jerusalem’s fall,
He passed the message reported.

Just as the glory had gone from his land;
Lastly away from Mount Zion;
So its return will be mighty and grand;
Reigning with justice of iron.

Daniel was faithful when put to the test;
Where it concerned his Messiah;
Trusting the One whom he duly confessed,
He found his daily desire.

Daniel was given interpretive skills;
Showing a true explanation;
As every gift has a role that it fills,
He had divine revelation.

Dreams that the king would not openly state,
Outlined the kingdoms intended,
Empires of men would in time dominate,
Until their seasons were ended

This book is linked to the end time for Jews,
Known as the Great Tribulation;
But then as now there is always good news,
Offered to each generation.

The Minor Prophets
These Minor Prophets as so they are called,
Have certain plots in their writing;
Just like a city established and walled,
They have a storehouse inviting.

Each of the prophets was called to his role;
No one is found independent;
 Every pronouncement is set for its goal;
Even as Christ is ascendant.

Some are addressed to the nation Israel;
Others specifically Judah;
Some are directed to nations as well;
As to an evil intruder.

Anyone wishing to understand more
Of these narrations and others;
Need to ask God for a fellowship door
Where there is teaching from brothers.

After an era of four hundred years
New revelation is given;
Into a household an angel appears
Bringing a message from heaven.

Unto a virgin a Child shall be born,
Even as prophets have written;
Joseph, in order to shield her from scorn
Took her to wife as was bidden.

Thus was the Infant born totally pure,
Free from the sin we inherit;
Having a holiness set to endure
Throughout a lifetime of merit.

Always intent on His ultimate goal,
Jesus displayed His credentials;
Filling entirely His prophesied role;
Teaching the kingdom essentials.

So does this gospel fulfil for the Jews
 All that the scriptures predicted;
They do not have any valid excuse,
Having their conscience convicted.

So by foreknowledge and counsel divine,
Jesus was slain and rejected;
It could not halt that determinate sign:
He rose again, resurrected.

Mark is the gospel where service is seen;
Wrought by the Suffering Servant;
Healing the sick and the sinners unclean;
Wholly committed and fervent.

After His baptism rendered by John,
So the Lord Jesus was tested;
Then when the forty day testing was done
We see His works manifested.

He is a popular figure to most,
But there is soon opposition;
Still He is set on the victory post,
Which He received by commission.

Feeding the hungry in body and soul,
Always with tender compassion;
Only desiring that they should be whole,
Not just in temporal fashion.

So is this picture of Jesus complete;
Following death, resurrection;
Every heart-longing we lay at His feet,
In whom is set our affection.

Luke gives a careful and detailed account:
Jesus the Man of perfection;
As He advances by steps to the mount,
There is no shade of defection.

Luke as a doctor describes very well
Scenes that the narrative covers;
Personal things a physician can tell,
Not so apparent to others.

Every encounter the Lord has to face,
He meets with inward composure;
Always a heart full of mercy and grace;
Never confined in a closure.

We can walk gladly as those of His flock;
Sharing His fellowship dearly;
He is our Saviour, Preserver and Rock;
Let us delight in Him freely.

John gives the deepest portrayal so far;
Reaching beyond human senses;
Further than time or the uttermost star;
Singing the highest cadences.

In the beginning the Word was indeed;
Without beginning or ending;
What was foretold as the forthcoming Seed,
Now is the Saviour descending.

John is selective in all that he writes;
Spirit empowered and guided;
Certain events of importance he cites,
As in the Lord he confided.

Of conversations we read in the text,
There is a spiritual meaning;
Whether the person is needy or vexed,
Faith will determine their leaning.

This gospel writer is cogent and clear;
Signs are the evidence stated;
Simple belief with a reverent fear,
Leads to a glory awaited.

This is a book where transition is found;
Jews are the first by commission;
But when the gospel hits non-Jewish ground,
Gentiles will form an addition.

Israel stands as a nation in court,
With kingdom prospects repeated;
When this appeal is discarded as nought,
Judgment is finally meted.

Thus having listened to Peter and Paul,
Israel showed no repentance;
Lack of belief was their ultimate fall,
Bringing their terminal sentence.

Yet did the gospel bear bountiful fruit,
Out into faraway regions;
Reaching the hungry and those destitute,
Even among Roman legions.

Thus was a body progressively built,
After the Spirit descended;
Truly forgiven and freed of all guilt;
Formed as the witness intended.

So has this body continued to grow,
Two thousand years in formation;
It will remain on the earth even so,
Till there is glorification.

This book explains many doctrines we need,
If we have studied it plainly;
Forming the basis of practice and creed;
So that we walk not ungainly.

Ably constructed on Jesus the Lord;
Having a solid foundation;
It shows what happens if God is ignored,
When there is clear revelation.

As man developed inordinate lust;
God gave him up to his craving;
No longer leaning on One he could trust;
Evil became his engraving.

With no exception we all are condemned,
Having no ethical answer;
It took a sacrifice firm to the end,
Bringing the cure for our cancer.

Romans is patterned a spiritual school;
Teaching for each able student;
Lack of respect is reserved for the fool;
Wisdom is there for the prudent.

1 & 2 Corinthians
Christians at Corinth were gifted and taught,
Yet there were many defections;
Some were divided, yet not as they ought,
Into autonomous sections.

Paul writes this letter addressing their need;
Partisanship is divisive;
They are a body in word and in deed;
His reprimand is incisive.

Every man’s work will be made manifest,
Just as the day will declare it;
It will be tested by fire and assessed;
Only the worthy will bear it.

Marital problems are dealt with by Paul,
Also the role of the genders;
Varied positions are given to all;
Only the Saviour can blend us.

As the Lord’s Table is set as a feast,
It must be rightly regarded;
Sin cannot rule in our heart in the least;
His precious name must be guarded.

Gifts are distributed unto each one;
Sovereignly chosen and given;
Building the church till its structure is done;
Bringing it closer to heaven.

Then there is given a detailed account;
Speaking about resurrection;
Unknown to many yet so paramount;
Being our final direction.

Paul’s second letter is more intimate;
Yet it is equally binding;
We can learn more of our spiritual state,
Just like a pathway unwinding.

This is the book where our freedom is stressed;
Legal pronouncements are binding;
Grace is the fortress by which we are blessed;
Not by a system of grinding.

Only the gospel of Christ do we preach;
Nothing subtracted or altered;
He is the Person who stood in the breach,
When all humanity faltered.

We can be likened to fruit-bearing trees;
Virtues produced by the Spirit;
It only comes as we grow by degrees,
And by the lives we exhibit.

This letter starts with a paeon of praise,
Into the heavens ascending;
Father and Son with their glory ablaze,
And with the Spirit unending.

Then a response with a holy acclaim,
Coupled with faith intercession;
That we might know through that glorious Name,
All that pertains to His session.

He who descended to these lower parts,
Is the same One who ascended;
Our Saviour Lord seeks a home in our hearts;
Thus will His name be commended.

Spiritual warfare is also addressed;
Cunningly fought by the devil;
Doctrine is written to read and digest,
Keeping our minds on the level.

Here the apostle is writing to saints;
Praying with much exhortation;
Blessing with joy is the picture he paints,
During his incarceration.

God is at work both to do and to will,
All that is in His good pleasure;
Faith on our part is the role we must fill;
Living for Christ is the measure.

So as our life on the earth is decreed,
Be it extensive or slender;
God will supply all our everyday need,
From His great riches in splendour;

Paul writes this letter to strengthen the heart;
Countering worldly intrusions;
He is meticulous doing his part;
Citing religious illusions.

Oral traditions that men have conceived:
Do not be tasting or handle;
Simply are plaudits imposed like a creed;
Principles not worth the candle.

Finally, brethren, rejoice in the Lord;
There is no attitude better;
Paul closes off with this joyful accord,
In his encouraging letter.

1 & 2 Thessalonians
Here is a doctrine that Christians defend:
That which the church has awaited;
It is the day when the Lord will descend,
Calling the saints He created.

It will precede that momentous event;
As the old prophets have sounded;
For unbelievers a time of lament,
With all their doings unfounded.

So in these letters the trumpet will call;
Are we expectant and ready?
It will create such a terrible pall,
With every stronghold unsteady.

1 & 2 Timothy-Titus-Philemon
Pastoral teaching is prominent here;
Standards for each congregation;
Authorisation by God must be clear
In every administration.

Qualifications are clearly defined;
Leadership roles must be guarded;
Biblical truth is like gold that is mined,
    Precious and never discarded.

Family ties are foundational bonds,
Built on the Lord by tuition;
Just as a leaf is made up of its fronds,
Each member holds a position.

Paul and Philemon were partners of old,
Sharing a common perspective;
Bringing Onesimus into the fold,
Was the apostle’s objective.

This group of documents written by Paul,
Outline the rules for behaviour;
There is a role for the great and the small,
Lived in the light of God’s favour.

In this epistle the Lord is proclaimed,
As the superior Figure;
Faith and believing are purposely named,
Calling for courage and vigour.

Warnings are given of falling away,
As when there comes persecution;
Or as those Hebrews who rose up to play;
Having no strong resolution.

Jewish believers are clearly in mind,
With the church teaching emerging;
Ritual order is now left behind;
Thus far the writer is urging.

So the Lord Jesus is brought into view;
Setting Him forth as Messiah;
Jointly His priesthood is evidenced too,
Greater than Aaron’s and higher.

Faith as an issue is made in the text;
Citing a past generation;
It must be practised or else leave us vexed,
In light of God’s revelation.

So there is listed the faithful of old;
Abel and those through the ages;
Each with a life that is vividly told,
In the Old Testament pages.

Faith without works is an issue for James;
Having no visible credence;
Where there is nothing to back up its claims,
He has a possible grievance.

Abraham’s faith had a tangible base;
Giving his son as commanded;
Nothing deterred by the loss he could face;
His faith is set as a standard.

Our lives are mirrored in scripture we read;
Seeing our problems reflected;
It is intended to show us our need,
And get our pathway corrected.

No one has ever ruled over his tongue,
Unlike the beasts we are taming;
It may be dormant till something goes wrong,
Then there is language inflaming.

Anger expressed is not always a sin,
When it’s divine indignation;
God knows our hearts and the state we are in,
And every lawful causation.

James is a book with a practical view;
Orders are stated most clearly;
There’s always something that any can do,
Even a word spoken cheery.

1 & 2 Peter
Holiness stands as a way and a goal;
Peter describes its formation;
It should be always the aim of our soul,
Knowing our Lord’s proclamation.

Wholly redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
Costly, availing and precious;
Questioned by Moses He answered, I AM;
One day He’s coming to fetch us.

Secondly Peter is looking ahead;
Seeing the forthcoming dangers;
Our conversation is not with the dead;
Here we are pilgrims and strangers.

There is a glory and splendour in store,
After the great conflagration;
Righteousness only will reign evermore,
In the new cosmic creation.

1, 2 & 3 John
  John brings our fellowship into the fore;
We should be rightly related;
Reading his letters we keep them in store,
Doing the things he has stated.

Walking is always a suitable term;
We should be ever advancing;
If we are balanced our steps will be firm,
And have a witness enhancing.

Central to all is to walk in the light;
Cleansed from our sin by confession;
Loving the world is to walk in the night;
Such is the road to regression.

We are alerted to spirits unclean;
Not to believe but to try them;
If in their doctrine our Lord they demean,
Our duty is to decry them.

John’s other letters are written to friends;
Greeting them as they are walking;
In their encounters with various trends,
Evil is constantly stalking.

Jude brings our battleground into the light,
As he makes earnest contentions;
Plots and perversions are forces we fight,
With their ungodly intentions.

Ungodly persons have lived throughout time:
Those who deny their own Master;
Turning to sin as if no more a crime,
Sealing their certain disaster.

But to believers he makes a request,
Maintain your love in the Saviour;
Reach out to those who need comfort and rest;
Hating ungodly behaviour.

This book is almost beyond human scope;
Reaching the greatest dimensions;
Contrasting horror with glory and hope;
Comfort in midst of the tensions.

It takes the form of a vision to John,
With angel beings attending;
God lifts the curtain as time marches on,
With every message He’s sending.

John is to write what he sees and he hears:
That which is past and appearing;
Things that eventuate over the years;
 And certain woes that are nearing.

Jesus our Lord is the Person he sees,
Clothed with His garments of splendour;
Quickly He sets His apostle at ease:
Words of assurance and tender.

Thus when the churches have had their review,
Seen in their different stages;
There is a vision not seen hitherto,
Never disclosed through the ages.

Only the Lamb can break open the seals;
Worthy in all of creation;
Soon will be heard all the thundering peals;
Judgment will reach every nation.

Yet in the midst of this terrible scene,
There will be hope for believers;
But for the sinners remaining unclean,
They’ll share the lot of deceivers.

Time will divide every earth-dwelling soul,
Destined for darkness or glory;
Those who have Christ as their Saviour and goal,
Share in His ultimate story.



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Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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