Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Poems about Family

A Virtuous Wife
A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that
maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

Proverbs 12:4

Who can discover a wife that is pure?
Blest with those virtues no wealth can secure;
So shall her husband leave things in her care,
Having no lack with abundance to spare.

She does him good all the days of her life;
Nothing of evil is found in his wife;
As she works willingly using her hands;
Weaving her cloth with the skill it demands.

Likened to ships with their cargoes of wares;
So does she bring in the treasure she bears;
Rising up early while yet it is night;
Filling her household with every delight.

In her endeavours she buys up some land;
Then plants a vineyard with profits on hand;
Having a surplus she gives to the poor;
Comforting those who are found insecure.

She’s not afraid of the snow or the cold;
Making warm garments for those in her fold;
Fine works of tapestry cover her chairs;
Purple and linen the clothes that she wears.

Surely her husband is known in the gate,
Ruling with elders their city estate;
Meanwhile his wife is supplying for trade,
Garments of linen she’s skilfully made.

Honour and strength are her godly attire;
She will be found in the heavenly choir;
Wisdom is heard in whatever she says;
Kindness and love are her bounty of praise.

Truly her children describe her as blest,
So does her husband give praise with the rest.
Myriads of daughters have done very well;
But of them all you distinctly excel.


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Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3:3

Light cannot combine with darkness,
Nor can joy relate to starkness;
One excludes the other as we know.
There are lines of demarcation,
That exclude a close relation,
And if we should cross them there is woe.

Partnerships on earth are vital;
Each one has its own requital;
There will be a payment good or bad.
In the course of life’s arrangement,
Friendship can become estrangement,
All because of truth it never had.

When we have the Lord’s salvation,
There is less participation
In the things we did when we were lost.
Now we have His word to guide us,
And a Friend who walks beside us,
There can be no breach without a cost.

Any time we may be walking,
Hard at work or simply talking,
We can have communion with our King.
Jesus Christ our Lord Creator,
Is the final Arbitrator,
At the final judgment He will bring.


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The Helpmate
Submitting yourselves one to another
in the fear of God.

Ephesians 5:21

Creation could not function
Till the woman had appeared;
For man she was an unction,
And to him she was endeared.

The woman has the honour
Of a close supporting role;
With beauty placed upon her,
She attracts the manly soul.

She was the proper helpmate
That would satisfy his need;
But soon would come the mandate
For an Overcoming Seed.

As chosen by her Maker,
She enjoys the royal care;
For no one else could take her
To be mother, wife and heir.

The Lord has honoured woman
As the vehicle He chose;
A providential omen
On which faithful men repose.

The menfolk are indebted
To the women by their side;
And never once regretted
In the Lord as they abide.


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Fathers, provoke not your children to anger,
lest they be discouraged.

Colossians 3:21

Children are a precious gift
In which we have invested;
Giving us a welcome lift
In what they have digested.

Sons and daughters imitate
The ones who go before them;
But they should not overrate
The parentage who bore them.

Children are a legacy
We leave to generations;
In them we identify
Our vested aspirations.

Nonetheless, if there is lack
Of skill or understanding,
Teaching will not hold them back
From what life is demanding.

Children should be always taught
To love the Lord who gave them;
Parents of a godly sort
Should pray for God to save them.

Children are a ready field
To lead to their Creator;
When the Word has been revealed
The fruit will follow later.


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Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
Romans 9:13

Brothers are born with no skill or degree;
No one could tell what Eve’s children would be;
All revelation has lessons to teach;
We have the options placed into our reach.

Abel and Cain were the first to be born;
Both received knowledge at history’s dawn;
Having the option to choose for God’s way;
Etched on their consciences day after day.

There was a sacrifice each one could bring;
It would reveal what they thought of the King;
Abel presented the best of his flock;
Cain offered fruit from his excellent stock.

Abel by bringing a blood sacrifice,
Trusted by faith that his gift would suffice;
Blood was required for atonement for sin;
Abel knew well of the state he was in.

Cain brought the fruit that he grew from the ground;
God was not pleased with the gift that He found;
Then Cain was wroth and his countenance fell;
Yet it would lift if he chose to do well.

We know what happened to murderous Cain;
This prime example is patently plain;
Banishment came as the sentence of doom;
We should be warned as our latter days loom.

Jacob and Esau were twin brothers too;
Esau came in and got scent of the stew;
Being the elder the birthright was his;
Given by God as a grace privilege.

He sold his birthright not seeing ahead;
Letting it go to his brother instead;
While he was out in the field on a hunt,
Jacob put on a disguise as a front.

Isaac their father was dim in his sight;
Jacob exploited his physical plight;
Stealing the blessing his brother was due;
Blessing that nothing could change or undo.

So when his brother came in with the game;
There was no blessing reserved for his name;
He found no comfort to stave off his fears,
Though he sought urgently; crying with tears.

Jacob was cunning in stealing the claim;
Grasping the prize was his ultimate aim;
Later his faith took a meaningful turn;
God broke his journey for truth he must learn.

In this true story the choices are made;
Life can be lived like a game that is played;
God saw that Jacob’s intentions were right;
Esau did not have salvation in sight.


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For ye are all the children of God by
faith in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:26

Families have always been
Pillars of the social scene,
If they have a spiritual foundation;
Parents play a vital part,
If the Lord rules in their heart,
And the children learn by imitation.

God has got a family,
Chosen in eternity:
Those responding to His invitation;
Living as was meant to be,
They preserve society,
By their godly lives and supplication.

In the future prophesied,
Families will there reside,
As they are the called by implication;
Having trusted in the Lord,
They enjoy their full reward:
Worshipping the Lord with adoration.


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Martha and Mary
Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.
John 11:5

Martha and Mary were friends of the Lord;
He came for a visit one day.
Martha invited Him into her house,
Befitting the customary way.
She was distracted with so much to do,
While making the Lord feel at home.
But in her serving, she thought, Wait a bit!
I’m doing this all on my own!

Coming to Jesus, she stated her case,
And bid that the Lord would command.
Speak to my sister and tell her to help!
Assist me and give me a hand!
Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet,
And choosing to take in His word.
Teaching more precious and dear to her soul,
Than any she ever had heard.

Jesus was seeking the best for them both,
And Mary had chosen that part.
All Christian service falls short of its goal
If not coming forth from the heart.
First we must listen like Mary of old,
And then when our service is pure;
Offer the Saviour our bodies and then,
He’ll gladly accept them, I’m sure.


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A Citizen of Zion
LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle?
Psalm 15:1

Who may abide in Thy temple, O Lord?
Even in Thy holy mount?
He who walks uprightly, being no fraud;
Keeping a righteous account.

Truth is the maxim he openly speaks;
Spite he will ever refuse;
Goodness for others he constantly seeks;
Neighbourly love he pursues.

He does not take up with any reproach,
That would dishonour a friend;
Evil debate he will not even broach,
Knowing its ultimate end.

He honours those with respect for the Lord;
Faithful in all he would swear;
Unlawful dealings are strictly abhorred;
Bribing he never would wear.

He who is doing these laudable things;
Walking in manner approved;
Has a reward that integrity brings;
This one shall never be moved.


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Living Faith
The just shall live by faith.
Hebrew 10:38

Now faith is the essence
Of hope yet unseen,
Apparent to those with perception.
In no way it lessens
The visible scene,
As written without an exception.

Now Abel, believing,
Was counted as right;
His worship was thereby accepted.
A witness achieving,
With godly insight,
A pattern that God has protected.

Now Enoch was taken
Up into the sky
And could not be found or discovered;
His faith was unshaken
So he did not die,
And reckoned by God as beloved.

By faith also Noah,
With warnings from high,
Constructed an ark for salvation.
It was the bestower,
As decades passed by,
For sealing the world’s preservation.

When Abraham heeded
The outgoing call,
He left his domestic relations,
And thus there was deeded
A blessing for all:
A heritage large for the nations.

By faith even Sarah,
Though stricken in years,
Considered Him faithful who’d spoken;
And so as the bearer,
Without any fears,
Her son became more than a token.

By faith we see Moses,
A beautiful child,
Adopted by Pharaoh’s young daughter;
Yet God’s sure enclosures,
So perfectly styled,
Was watching His child every quarter.

By faith he left Egypt
And treasures therein,
Not fearing the wrath he encountered;
No issue or edict
Related to sin
Could rate with the tests he surmounted.

By faith he kept truly
The Passover Feast:
The blood that was sprinkled that first morn;
Ensuring that duly
No angel or least,
Could harm or destroy any firstborn.

So Rahab the harlot
Told evident lies,
While trusting her life to the Saviour;
She used a bizarre plot
To rescue the spies,
And thus she was treated with favour.

What more shall we say then,
For time cannot tell
Of those who performed deeds of valour;
The Lord has His own men,
And women as well,
Who faithfully trust Him with honour.


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Behold the Lamb of God,
which taketh away the sin of the world.

John 1:29

We know the place of common beast
Among the Lord’s creations;
In western countries and the east,
Or rural situations;
They have a varied role to play
As only they can do it;
They live beside us every day
As neighbours passing through it.

The donkey is a quadruped
With useful reputation;
It may be lacking in the head
In terms of destination;
But when a prophet travelled south
With evident disfavour,
A word came from the donkey’s mouth
Rebuking his behaviour.

A dove is inconspicuous
Among the feathered creatures;
With noted inoffensiveness
And peaceful-loving features;
Attendant at the ministry
Of Jesus at the river,
It certified His Deity
For those He would deliver.

A lamb is truly typified
As innocent and gentle;
A trait that is identified
As not just accidental;
As such it aptly illustrates
A Person who is endless,
Who holds the key to heaven’s gates,
For sinners who are friendless.

Among the many Bible names
Descriptive of the devil,
Are those that tally with the claims
Consistent at his level;
A lion with a fearsome roar
Is one of his portrayals;
And like a serpent at the door
With venomous betrayals.

So animals again portray
The empires they depicted;
That held the nations in their sway
For seasons long predicted;
A leopard has agility
And swiftness in its manner;
Like those who had ability
With Alexander’s banner.

We can’t forget the fallacies
Inherent in our nature;
Described as sinful tendencies
In Bible nomenclature;
As human souls we hold a place
Above these lowly creatures;
So we should heed implicit grace
That portraits duly teach us.


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And hath made of one blood all nations...
that they should seek the Lord.
..Acts 17:26, 27

The nations and races,
In various places,
Have come from a unified source;
An ancient prediction,
Without contradiction,
Has followed a prophesied course.

For each son of Noah
Became the bestower
Of leanings existing today;
These characteristics,
Are found in statistics,
And seen by their outward display.

Japhetic descendants,
Their sons and dependents,
Developed the north and the west;
The Hamites migrated,
To regions located,
Wherever they thought it was best.

The Semites are noted,
As writers have quoted,
For having a worshipful role;
From them came a nation,
Which had the vocation,
Of preaching the needs of the soul.

The Jews are the holders
Of all God has told us:
The Scriptures declaring His will;
From this revelation,
We learn of salvation
In Him who abides with us still.


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Christ and the Church
Husbands, love your wives,
even as Christ also loved the church,
and gave himself for it.

Ephesians 5:25

Our Father has blessed us;
In love He possessed us,
With spiritual blessings on high.
Before the foundation
Of people or nation,
He destined our home in the sky.

That we should be blameless,
Not guilty nor aimless;
Adopted as sons by the Lord.
In whom is salvation;
For each generation;
In whom we have peace and accord.

His word is a treasure:
His will and good pleasure;
The riches of wisdom and grace.
When times are completed,
And sin is defeated,
His glory shall fill every place.

We therefore abiding,
In Jesus confiding,
Are called to walk worthy and true.
Kind-hearted and lowly,
Longsuffering and holy,
That oneness and peace may ensue.

For once we were blameful,
In darkness and shameful;
But now we are children of light.
The night is receding
As watchmen are pleading;
So let us continue the fight.

With no dissipation
Nor drunken libation,
But filled with the Spirit and strong.
With much intercession,
As fits our profession
Of Jesus, to whom we belong.


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His Body
So we, being many, are one body in Christ,
and every one members one of another.

Romans 12:5

The body is a composite;
Each member has a role;
The hands cannot replace the feet
To balance up the whole;

The local church that God ordained
Is called a body too;
The gift each member has obtained
Should not stay in the pew.

The gift of helps is commonplace,
As help is oft required;
For every gift applied in grace
Is needed and desired;

The gift of pastor is a call
Requiring certain skills,
To know God’s essence overall,
And teach it as He wills.

Each member has a part to play
Within a local church;
The Lord will always lead the way
By Scripture, if we search;

For service is our vital role
As long as we are here,
To edify each other’s soul
In humbleness and fear.

The Church while in its infancy
Had all the gifts ordained,
Like knowledge, tongues and prophecy,
But they have not remained;

For when the canon was complete
There was no further need;
The gospel with its mighty feat
Is here for us to read.

With all the gifts contributing
To edify and build,
The church will be exhibiting
Its membership fulfilled;

As that in Philadelphia
In Revelation Three,
It will be so much healthier,
And be what it should be.


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Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever
I command you.

John 15:14

Friendships can be close or be informal,
Influenced by culture or beliefs;
Friendships in a family are normal,
Like children playing Indians and Chiefs.

Friendships can develop or can weaken,
Clear communication is a must;
Lasting ones are brighter than a beacon,
Built on good relationships and trust.

Every friend on earth will have a weakness,
Maybe unintended or unknown;
But there’s One who demonstrated meekness,
Crucified for us He hung alone.

He’s the Friend we need above all others;
He will never fail us in the test;
We’ve had loving families and mothers,
But they still are fallen like the rest.

Jesus Christ is offering His pardon;
Perfect as the Saviour that He is;
As He rose triumphant from the Garden,
He will take us home to perfect bliss.


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A friend loveth at all times,
Proverbs 17:17

We make lots of friends on our travels,
Companions and cousins we knew;
And then as our journey unravels
We meet some dear citizens too;

Some friends we do value more highly
As trustworthy people they are;
A friend does not deal with us slyly,
They intercede when we are far.

There is a good Friend that we cherish;
He knows every motive and thought;
His will is that no one should perish,
And not by temptation be caught;

His word is the seal of His promise;
His cross is the victory sure;
The word that He spoke unto Thomas,
Pronounces that we are secure.

If you seek a friend who is human,
Who always is faithful and true,
Then Jesus you’ll find as a true Man
With knowledge of what we go through;

As well He is truly eternal,
The Lord and the Ancient of Days;
His word is not merely a journal,
It is whatsoever He says.

Believers all know Him as Saviour,
For now He’s their Lord and their Friend;
We cannot win over His favour
By any good thing we intend;

Believing is non-meritorious;
The merit: in what He has done;
He gave Himself totally for us,
The risen and glorified One.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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