Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Creation

For thus says the LORD, who created the heavens,
who is God, who formed the earth and made it,
who has established it, who did not create it in vain,
who formed it to be inhabited:
I am the LORD, and there is no other.

Isaiah 45:18

When God had created
This earthly domain,
The angelic creatures were singing,
As Scripture has stated,
This happy refrain,
Is ever incessantly ringing.

The earth was in darkness,
Without any form,
The water upon it was frozen;
This desolate starkness,
While never the norm,
Would not be the form God had chosen.

The Spirit was brooding,
Now over the deep,,
With life-giving heat that was needed;
This needful intruding,
Like waking from sleep,
Began the six days that proceeded.

Then God gave an order,
Now let there be light!
And light was as God had commanded,
With darkness its border,
For such is the night,
Day one was displaying the standard.

The five days thereafter,
By holy command,
With land, sea and sky in their places,
Occur in this chapter:
The work of His hand,
And all that creation embraces.

The work now was finished,
Pronounced very good,
Designed by the Lord in perfection;
Though much has diminished
Through shedding of blood,
We look to the Lord’s resurrection.

The future is certain:
A new day is planned,
Eternal, with joy never ending.
When God lifts the curtain,
And dying is banned,
His praise will be ever ascending.


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Divine Design
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing,
that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day.

2 Peter 3:8

As we observe our history
A pattern fits symmetrically;
Seven thousand years are set to be
The sum of their entirety;
Six thousand years have now expired;
One thousand yet are still required.

One thousand is to God a day,
As so the scriptures clearly say;
A week of years would be the plan;
With six days given unto man;
The seventh day is one of rest
As that from God at His behest.

Divisions are so evident;
Two thousand years the Gentiles spent;
And then two thousand for the Jew;
The church itself allotted two;
And so a thousand years remain,
For Christ and His immortal reign.

So we observe a true design
When days and weeks and years align;
With six days for the working week,
Then one for rest, for so we speak;
When human works have had their day,
The Lord will rule without delay.


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Divine Imprint
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour
and power: for thou hast created all things, and for
thy pleasure they are and were created.

Revelation 4:11

Our God is three,
And He is one,
Devoid of contradiction;
And so we see
What He has done,
In making this distinction.

The Trinity
Contains the key
To all our understanding;
As there must be
A harmony
In what this is demanding.

The Father planned
With righteous hand
Our wonderful salvation;
The Son endured
The goal secured
Through much humiliation.

The Spirit’s power
At every hour
Sustained the Incarnation;
It satisfied
And glorified
The God of all creation.

This threesome-ness,
Is what we stress,
As that which God created;
In time or space,
Or rocky face,
This grouping is located.

Our human form
Has got a norm
Of body, soul and spirit;
It cannot start
Without each part
In life that we inherit.

In summary
We must agree
Creation tells the story;
The earth and skies,
Before our eyes,
Reflect His matchless glory.


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And God saw every thing that he had made,
and, behold, it was very good.

Genesis 1:31

God has designed institutions;
Each in its singular place;
Man with his sinful intrusions,
Mixes their God-given base.

Consciousness calls for decisions;
Choosing for darkness or light;
Darkness is full of collisions;
Christ gives invaluable sight.

Marriage was so instituted,
Joining two people as one;
Not to be barred or disputed,
Nor to be wrongly undone.

Families make up a nation;
They are the links that unite;
Discipline, love, education,
Brings every goal into sight.

Government must be respected;
Ordained for justice and law;
Yet if God’s laws are rejected,
Trouble will reign all the more.

In a world system ill-founded,
New institutions abound;
We should be never astounded,
When they are proven unsound.

God having planned institutions,
Will on a day He declared,
Banish all human solutions,
And every state they have snared.


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New Heavens and a New Earth
Nevertheless we, according to His promise,
look for new heavens and a new earth
in which righteousness dwells.

2 Peter 3:13

As the Scriptures have foretold,
In epistles clear and bold,
This creation that we see has got its limits;
For this universal scene,
Once magnificent and clean,
Has been tarnished by the sin of men and spirits.

There is yet a coming day,
When the earth will pass away,
And the heavens will dissolve with burning fire;
In eternity will dwell,
Those inhabitants of hell,
Who did not embrace the God of all desire.

But a realm of great delight
Will enclose the sons of light,
Who responded to the Lord of their salvation;
For the ultimate repose
Of the children whom He chose
Is a place that is beyond imagination.

When the earth and heavens too
Are created yet anew,
There will nevermore be anything intrusive;
Everything will harmonise
In that lasting paradise,
For the will of God is done by all, inclusive.


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Order Out Of Chaos
And He that sat upon the throne said,
Behold, I make all things new.

Revelation 21:5

At the beginning of time we are told,
God made the earth and the heavens of old;
He spoke the word of command and they came;
Each of the stars He established by name.

Then as we read of the state of the earth:
Formless and void; could this be at its birth?
Many would speculate why this should be;
Would God create such a dark entity?

Then God provided a life-giving heat;
Each day attested a wonderful feat;
Light was divided from darkness below;
Daytime was born on this planet we know.

Further divisions then duly took place;
Dry land appeared on the earth at its face;
Waters were gathered together as Seas;
Each preparation was made by degrees.

Plants and the animal kingdoms were made;
Lights in the heavens appeared as He bade;
One that is greater to rule in the day;
That which is less with its lunar display.

Then on the sixth day, not being the least,
God made the cattle and four-footed beast;
Thus was the setting for God’s perfect plan:
Out of the dust He created a man.

In His own image thus God made the race;
Both male and female, each having a place;
Given dominion of all living things:
Fish of the sea and the birds having wings.

Bear fruit and multiply, thus was the charge;
For by this method the race would enlarge;
Both man and woman were happy and free;
Test of their will would devolve on a tree.

All other fruit they could freely partake;
But one commandment they never must break;
If they should eat of the fruit God denied,
Spiritual life would no longer abide.

Life in the Spirit is God’s greatest gift;
Once violated it opens a rift;
They both rejected God’s resolute word;
Now His perfection has long been deferred.

So many ages have passed on the scene;
Never has life been sedate or serene;
But when the Saviour returns in His might,
All the disorder He’ll surely put right.


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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

Origins are everywhere disputed;
Theories are fancied far and wide;
Often by professors well reputed;
Shrugging off the Scriptures as a guide.

God is not a part of His creation;
He is both eternal and supreme;
Everyone He made has got a station;
Some to be the members of a team.

Angels were created with volition;
Satan chose to exercise his will;
He is destined for a lost perdition;
On the day he takes that bitter pill.

Origins of choice are documented;
Satan wanted everything his way;
Any such response should be lamented;
We have got the options every day.

Jesus Christ the Lord is our Creator;
Adam was the creature that He made;
Eve was introduced a short time later;
God had set the moral grounds displayed.

Would they be believing and obedient?
Did they hear God’s absolute decree?
His command was no way inconvenient;
Keeping it ensured they would be free.

Adam chose to disobey his Master;
His decision brought about the fall;
 So there followed consequent disaster;
Sin has infiltrated one and all.

Origins progress to their production;
God has made the choice to give His Son;
Do not stay in Satan’s strong seduction;
Trust in Jesus Christ the Chosen One.



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The Creation
The heavens declare the glory of God.

Psalm 19:1

Before the earth was dark and cold,
And angels were divided,
The heavens had been made of old,
Where cherubim resided.

The Spirit hovered o’er the earth,
Then followed, incubation;
Preparing this creation’s birth
For human habitation.

The light became the dawning day,
And dark the night that passes;
The waters with their awesome sway,
Were split into their masses.

Assigned below, the mighty seas,
The land mass dry above it;
The earth brought forth the many trees,
That yield the fruit we covet.

The lights shone in the firmament;
The moon to set the seasons;
The signals clear and permanent,
For beneficial reasons.

The living creatures did abound;
The birds of every feather;
Wherever trees and food are found,
In every sort of weather.

And finally in God’s design,
Humanity was moulded;
The first in an immortal line,
As history unfolded.


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This Passing Earth
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
for the first heaven and the first earth
were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Revelation 21:1

The Scriptures give a portraiture
Of fundamental stages,
The earth will be subjected to
Throughout the passing ages.

Before it was inhabited
By human generations,
It could have been the dwelling place
Of ethereal creations.

The Bible tells of precious stones
Where Eden was located;
The habitat of cherubim
And angels so related.

There is explicit reference
That warfare had erupted,
And numbers of the angel host
Had then become corrupted.

The next declared environment
Was done by renovation;
Because the said rebellion
Had wrought such devastation.

And so upon successive days,
For six must be completed,
The earth would be in readiness,
For life which Adam greeted.

This wonderful environment
With all that it included,
Was excellent in every way
Till arrogance intruded.

Though earth retained its comeliness
And good climatic features,
There was a changed relationship
With God and with His creatures.

The earth assumed another form
Through global inundation;
The wickedness of humankind
Had gone to saturation.

So when the flood had soaked away,
The torrents being lifted;
The earth received a massive change;
Geographies were shifted.

The next stage in its history
Will come when wars have ended;
The earth will be restored again
As first it was intended.

A thousand years of perfect rule
Has yet to run its courses;
When everyone will have a share
In all the earth’s resources.

Because this earth is temporal
And therefore not eternal,
A judgment day is prophesied,
Inclusive and infernal.

A new earth will eventuate
Amid the heaven’s glory;
A place for us to contemplate;
But that’s another story.


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Psalm 19
Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

Psalm 107:31

The heavens are telling God’s glory from high;
His handiwork vividly etched in the sky;
From day unto day they are uttering speech;
And night unto night with the knowledge they teach.

No language occurs where their voice is not heard;
Throughout all the earth goes their eloquent word;
Their message has reached to the end of the world;
Resplendent above like a banner unfurled.

In them He has set up a tent for the sun,
That goes like a bridegroom whose day has begun;
Rejoicing as one who is running a race;
A circuit described by its circular trace.

The law of the Lord is effective and whole;
Its witness is simple converting the soul;
Its statutes are noble rejoicing the heart,
Establishing truth for our innermost part.

His holy commandments are gracious and pure;
Enlightening the eyes that our sight may be sure;
The fear of the Lord is enduring and clean;
His judgments are righteous and wholly pristine.

More are they desired than the finest of gold;
And sweeter than honey for youngest or old;
Moreover by them is Thy bondservant warned,
And keeping them favours a lifestyle adorned.

For who understands his erroneous ways?
Acquit me of faults that are hid from my gaze;
And keep back Thy servant from sins born of pride,
And let them not rule me nor hinder my stride.

Then I shall be clear from their grievous excess,
And innocent whereof I’d greatly transgress;
Let all my intentions by day or by night,
Be counted acceptable, Lord, in Thy sight.


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Psalm 139
O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good:
for His mercy endures forever.

Psalm 136:1

O Lord, Thou hast searched me,
And known me through and through;
My sitting down and rising up,
And everything I do.

My thoughts Thou dost know well,
Thou knowest them far off;
Thou winnowest the path I take,
And all my ways thereof.

There is not a word, Lord,
That issues from my tongue,
But what Thou knowest totally,
And what may come along.

And Thou hast enclosed me,
Behind me and before;
And laid Thine hand upon me so,
It filleth me with awe.

For where shall I go to?
Or from Thy Spirit flee?
If I ascend to heaven’s height,
Thy presence there shall be.

If hell be my bedroom,
Behold, Thou art there too;
Or dwell in parts beyond the sea,
Thy hand shall hold me true.

If I say with sureness,
The dark shall cover me;
But then the dark shall be as light
About me unto Thee.

The night cannot hide me,
It shineth as the day;
The dark and light are both alike
In Thy just interplay.

My reins Thou hast fashioned,
And formed my inward parts;
And woven me within the womb,
A masterwork of arts.

So I will extol Thee
With steadfast accolade;
For I am from Thy skilful hand
Most wonderfully made.

How precious Thy thoughts are
To me O God my Lord!
The sum of them is all too great
Than ever could be scored.

If I should but count them,
They would be more than sand,
That lies beneath the mighty sea,
Or borders on the land.

O search me, my Saviour,
And know my inmost heart!
And test all my anxieties
Known unto Thee apart.

If there be within me
Withal a wicked thing;
And lead me on the upward path,
My Master and my King.


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And you He made alive,
who were dead in trespasses and sins;

Ephesians 2:1

The creation we see,
As a tri-unity,
Is a pattern reflecting its Maker;
Whether land, sea or sky,
Or in vistas most high,
We observe them as fits a partaker.

God is One yet triune,
Ever perfect in tune,
As the Father, the Son and the Spirit;
When creating the man,
It was always His plan,
To invest him with hope he’d inherit.

We were threesome when made,
Yet without accolade,
For a thing is not staid till it’s tested;
So our true loyalty
Would relate to a tree,
For its fruit would bring death if ingested.

As we stated before,
So we add furthermore,
We were threesome as having a spirit;
Yet because man rebelled,
God’s commandment has held,
And his sentence of death we exhibit.

There is only one cure
For the death we endure;
A solution that God has provided;
For the Cross is the tree,
Where the Lord made us free,
And believers will not be misguided.


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Psalm 95
O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make
a joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation.

Psalm 95:1

Let us come and sing our praises to the Lord;
Let us glorify the One who is adored;
Let us make a joyful noise,
With a hearty gladsome voice,
To the Rock of our salvation with accord.

Let us come with our thanksgiving to His throne;
And with psalmody let all His works be known;
For the Lord our God is great;
He is Head of every state,
With a Majesty no other god can own.

He possesses all the places of the deep;
And the strength of every hill is in His keep;
For the sea was made by Him,
As He limited its rim;
And His hands have formed the valleys and the steep.

Let us worship our Creator on our knees;
As a Father He will listen to our pleas;
We are ever in His care,
And should never feel despair,
For in Him there are no dark anxieties.

So today if you will listen as He speaks,
For it is your preservation that He seeks,
Do not turn away your heart,
Where your soul decisions start,
Like the people who resisted many weeks.

In the wilderness as in the day of test,
When they proved Him having seen His holy quest;
Through the space of forty years,
He was grieved with all their fears,
So He swore they should not enter in His rest.


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Psalm 8
O LORD our Lord, how excellent
is Your name in all the earth,
You who set Your glory above the heavens!

Psalm 8:1

O LORD our Lord, how excellent
Is Thy majestic name!
In all the earth exemplified;
With evidence on every side
Re-echoing Thy fame.

According to Thy providence,
Thy glory has been set
Above the heavens in its state,
On which we can but contemplate,
Until our hopes are met.

From mouths of babes and sucklings,
Thou hast perfected praise;
That all Thine enemies be stilled,
Because the hopes on which they build
Are manifestly base.

When I consider all Thy works,
The heavens Thou hast made;
The moon and stars Thou hast ordained,
And by Thy faithfulness sustained,
Are nightly on parade.

Then what is man that Thou shouldst care
For his eternal state?
For Thou hast set his mortal place
Below the angels in his case,
In all Thou didst create.

Thou gavest him dominion
Of Thy created things;
And having made the earth complete
Thou placed it underneath his feet;
A paradise of springs.

O LORD our Lord, how excellent
Is Thy majestic name!
In all the earth personified,
By men and angels glorified,
Through endless years the same.


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The Eternal Spring
Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding.
When the morning stars sang together,
and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Job 38:4,7

Before God made His creatures,
Or earth received its form,
It rested with the Mighty One
To formulate the norm.
The universal features,
As much as we can see,
Are so designed to satisfy
A role in history.

The circular attractions,
Of matter large and small,
Are evident by telescope
Or in the science hall.
We marvel at the actions,
Which keep them in their paths,
And from their stable characters
We standardise our maths.

There is a great Designer
Controlling everything:
The many constellations
Or the sparrow on the wing;
The largest ocean liner
That ever put to sea,
Would never reach its port of call
If facts did not agree.

The law of gravitation
That holds us in our place;
The measureless dimensions
That we commonly call space;
All form a grand equation
That echoes and coheres;
Maintaining checks and balances
Throughout the passing years.

This wonderful creation
And marvellous expanse
Was brought into existence
By the Master’s strict commands;
We share the exultation
That angels once portrayed,
The day they sang that joyful song
When earth and sky were made.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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