Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Poems about Consequences and Reprecussions

Thy Kingdom Come
The earth is the LORD’S and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.

Psalm 24:1

Why do the nations rage,
And calculate in vain?
The kings and rulers set themselves
Against Messiah’s reign.

The One who sits on high,
Whom they have long defied,
Shall speak to them in holy wrath
And vex their lofty pride.

Yet has He set His King
Upon His holy hill;
The city of Jerusalem
Shall be exalted still.

The edict is declared;
The LORD said unto Me,
Thou art My Son, this very day
Have I begotten Thee.

The nations shall be Thine,
If Thou shouldst ask of Me;
The earth unto its utmost parts
Are Thine eternally.

So shalt Thou smash the proud,
And wield Thine iron rod;
Be wise ye rulers of the earth
And serve the Lord your God.


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The Sheep and the Goats
And these shall go away into everlasting punishment:
but the righteous into life eternal.

Matthew 25:46

When Jesus Christ returns to earth
In glory and in power;
The nations will be gathered round,
At that climactic hour.

He’ll separate the sheep from goats;
The sheep upon His right.
The goats will be upon His left,
Determined for the night.

The King will then address the sheep:
Come you, My Father’s blest;
And enter in the kingdom where
You find eternal rest.

When I was hungry lacking food,
You brought it without fail.
When I was taken from My home,
You came to Me in jail.

Then will the righteous answer Him,
Lord, when did we do this?
And when were You in such a need
Or suffered nakedness?

Then shall the King say unto them,
I say assuredly,
That as you did to one of these,
You did it unto Me.

And then the King will say to those
Assembled on His left:
Depart from Me you cursed ones;
You saw Me so bereft.

For when I needed food and drink,
Or clothes to cover Me;
You did not offer any help,
In love or charity.

So when the Second Advent comes
Upon a stricken world;
And Jesus Christ the Righteous One
Will have His flag unfurled;

Then those believing in His name
Will welcome His return;
But those who have rejected Him
Will agonize and burn.


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Keep yourselves in the love of God,
looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
unto eternal life.
Jude 21

I had been very diligent
To write to you indeed,
About salvation which we share
But found a greater need.

I therefore am exhorting you
To earnestly contend,
For faith committed once to saints,
On which our lives depend.

For some have crept in secretly,
Unrecognized as yet;
Ungodly men of ill repute,
Whose judgment has been set.

Who turn the boundless grace of God
Into a lewd estate;
As well, deny the only Lord;
Our God and Potentate.

And so I am reminding you
Though you would be aware,
About our well-known history,
And things that happened there.

For when the Lord saved Israel
From their Egyptian lord,
He later killed those murmurers
Who disbelieved His word.

And angels who did not retain
Their proper status quo,
He has reserved in lasting chains
In darkness deep below.

As Sodom’s gross inhabitants,
And cities thereabout,
Who gave themselves to wickedness,
Which duly wiped them out.

These are examples set for us
Of men of base desire;
Who shall receive the punishment
Of everlasting fire.

So too these dreamers foul the flesh
And spurn authority;
And also utter evil things
Of men of dignity.

Yet Michael with angelic rank
Dared not to bring a case,
Against the devil when he sought
To overstep his place.

But these speak evil constantly
Of things they do not know;
And as brute beasts corrupt themselves
In things debased and low.

Woe unto them! Who eagerly
Have gone the way of Cain;
And greedily run after wealth,
As Balaam did for gain.

These men defile your worship feasts;
They feast yet do not fear;
But serve their own intrepid selves;
Whose end is drawing near.

These are the clouds devoid of rain,
Blown every way about;
Late autumn trees bereft of fruit,
Twice dead and rooted out.

These are the raging waves at sea,
Disgorging up their shame;
Lone stars that wander in the dark
Reserved for their domain.

As Enoch also prophesied
About these miscreants:
The Lord will come and bring with Him
Ten thousands of His saints.

To execute judicial wrath
On all ungodly men,
Who practised their ungodly deeds
And spoke against His name.

These are the wanton murmurers,
Who cater to their lust;
And with their mouth speak swelling words
To lure men’s simple trust.

But you, beloved, call to mind
The apostolic word,
Which they received from Christ the Lord,
To whom they oft referred.

They spoke about the latter days
When mockers would arise,
And walk in their ungodly ways
With ever lusting eyes.

These are the brutish worldly ones
Who cause divisive strife;
And do not have within themselves
The Spirit-given life.

But you, beloved, keep yourselves
In God’s protective care;
And build up your most holy faith;
Continuing in prayer.

To some men be compassionate,
Who doubt the Lord is near;
But others rescue from the fire,
With fortitude and fear.

Now unto Him our Saviour Lord,
To God the only wise,
Be glory, power and majesty
Till endless ages rise.


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Know Your Enemy
How long halt ye between two opinions?
 if the Lord be God, follow him:
   but if Baal, then follow him.

1 Kings 18:21

A prophet called Elijah
Had passions such as ours;
He spoke out for Jehovah
Before the ruling powers.

His prayerful stance and action
Brought harder times for all;
Yet there remained a fraction
Who did not worship Baal.

Elijah's prayer petition
Was not evoked in vain;
It brought a dry condition,
Without a drop of rain.

A drought depicts the climate 
Surrounding us today;
Whatever we spend time at,
We all have gone astray.

When people are confronted
With objects in their view;
They well may be affronted
In choosing twixt the two.

The choice remains as always,
For Baal is still around;
In city rooms and hallways
Or on provincial ground.

The kind of gods we follow,
Most often please the eye;
Yet such desire is hollow,
It cannot satisfy.

In times of mass declension
As in Elijah's day;
We must do more than mention
The one exclusive way.

Like those within his nation
Whose faith in God was staid,
So those who seek salvation
Will never be dismayed.


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The Will of God
Because he hath appointed a day, in the which
he will judge the world in righteousness
by that man whom he hath ordained,
whereof he hath given assurance unto men,
in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Acts 17:31

How can I know the will of God,
When I am in the dark?
How can I see the way ahead,
Lest there should be a spark?

How can the things not manifest,
Be understood by me?
Who can unlock the treasure chest,
Holding this mystery?

God has revealed His perfect will,
Totally in His word.
There is no mount or obstacle,
That we should be deterred.

Unbelief is the barrier,
Hiding it from our view.
Sin is the mortal carrier,
Active in all we do.

Everyone knows that God is there,
By their God-consciousness.
He has ensured that we’re aware
Of His almightiness.

Someone has put the stars in space;
Furnished and made the earth;
Moulded and formed the human race;
Nourished us from our birth.

If we will seek His will in time;
Seek it with all our heart;
Then we shall know the truth sublime;
Purest in every part.

This is His will for everyone,
Stated in simple word:
That we receive His only Son;
His will is never blurred.

When we receive His perfect gift,
Crucified on the Tree;
What was before a painful rift,
Soon is a harmony.

No one enjoys a tasty meal,
Till they have had the whole;
Those who have proved that God is real,
Worship Him in their soul.


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The Humble and the Proud
...for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace
to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore
 under the mighty hand of God,
that he may exalt you in due time.

1 Peter 5:5, 6

To the pilgrims throughout the Dispersion,
Who have met with the Lord in conversion;
Though your trials increase,
May He keep you in peace,
And preserve you in any diversion.

Now the baptism signalled by water,
Testifies to a son or a daughter;
Being simply a claim
To have called on His name
In dominions throughout any quarter.

For the stone that the builders rejected,
Is the One whom the Lord has elected;
But a rock of offence
To the natural sense,
And the person who stays unaffected.

For the Lord giveth grace to the humble,
Even though they are weakly and stumble;
But He counters the proud
Who go on with the crowd;
For their vain disposition will crumble.

If we humble ourselves now before Him;
Having chosen no more to ignore Him;
When the Advent is nigh
He will lift us on high,
And we’ll live with the saints who adore Him.


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Fear and Judgment
And fear not them which kill the body,
but are not able to kill the soul:
but rather fear him which is able to
destroy both soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:28

Fear is a topic we often ignore,
Keeping it out of our thinking;
Yet there are times when it comes to the fore,
As when a lifeboat is sinking.

God has put into our conscience and mind,
Triggers to wake and alarm us;
Each has a role that is clear and defined,
Warning of things that could harm us.

Children are taught at a delicate age,
Not to give favour to strangers;
Nor to go near to an animal’s cage,
Fraught with its possible dangers.

Judgment is never a popular word
Heard in polite conversations;
Some may assert it is rather absurd,
Subject to men’s aberrations.

Yet if we study the Bible at all,
Noting its stark revelation;
Judgment has followed because of the Fall,
Sealing our need of salvation.

Judgment is certain as day follows night;
Vested in Him who has sworn it;
For the believer it harbours no fright:
Jesus the Savour has borne it.


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And he shall set the sheep on his right hand,
but the goats on the left.

Matthew 25:33

When the Lord sits on His throne,
At His soon returning,
Every deed will then be known
Faithful or discerning;

All the nations will be there,
Sheep and goats before Him,
And will soon be made aware
If their lives ignore Him.

Then the sheep He’ll separate
As His own beloved;
Others He will estimate
What their lives have covered;

Then the King will say to those,
Sheep regenerated,
Come ye blest to My repose,
As your works have stated.

Then unto the other flock,
Goats without a witness,
There will be the greatest shock
For their lack of fitness;

There was not the slightest hint
Of a faith detected;
Even not the faintest glint
Of a light reflected.

Such will be assessment made
Of the judgment meted;
For the truth had been displayed,
Sin had been defeated;

What they had done hitherto
For the brethren rendered,
Was in fact for Jesus too;
Thus they were commended.

In the tribulation time,
When that time has finished,
Lack of faith will be a crime,
Not to be diminished;

Those who practised faith with deed
Will be so rewarded;
But for those with just a creed,
Judgment will be ordered.


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Be on the Alert!
Keep yourselves in the love of God. Jude 21

The letter of Jude,
In serious mood,
Alerts us to dire situations;
Of men who conspire
With lowly desire
To damage the flock at their stations.

The writer recalls
The woe that befalls
When God’s holy precepts are flouted;
Like Sodom of old
As has been foretold,
And spirits rebelling were routed.

Yet those who creep in
Will meet with chagrin,
Their conscience degraded and hardened;
Who’ve gone after Cain;
Whose lives are a bane,
With errors that cannot be pardoned.

Beloved, he writes
As Scripture he cites,
Remember the words that were spoken;
For mockers will rise
With ungodly eyes,
Whose judgment will never be broken.

Now unto the One,
Whose mantle we don:
The robe we receive undeserving;
Be honour and praise
Through infinite days,
Unceasing and ever unswerving.


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I am the light of the world.
John 8:12

When there’s nothing to relieve us,
As inherent unbelievers,
We articulate a life that offers vain security;
But our rational decisions,
With their optimistic visions,
Cannot satisfy the longings in our private reverie.

As the Light is always shining,
Though our days may be declining,
It’s the only satisfaction that can meet our every need;
We shall meet our Lord Creator,
Very soon or sometime later,
When we recognise His Person and His all-redeeming deed.

If we do not heed or hearken,
As the days begin to darken,
To the voice that never ceases till our days have passed away;
We shall evermore regret it,
Agonise and not forget it,
That the Light we then rejected was our only hope and stay.


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Due Time
To every thing there is a season.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a due season
For every event;
A heavenly reason
For which it was sent;

A time for conceiving;
A time to give birth;
A time to be grieving
Those gone from the earth.

A time to be sowing;
A time to uproot;
A time for the growing
And bearing of fruit;

A time for the healing
Of troublesome pains;
A time when ill-feeling
No longer remains.

A time for destroying;
A time we should build,
With friendship enjoying,
And duties fulfilled;

A time to be weeping
With others who mourn;
A vigil in keeping
When hearts are forlorn.

A time to be merry
When spirits are high;
As hatchets we bury
Are gone with a sigh;

A time to be clearing
The rocks and the stone;
A time that is cheering,
For work has been done.

A time for embracing;
A time to refrain,
A time for retracing
Our steps back again;

A time to be gaining;
A time when we lose;
A time for explaining
Our logical views.

A time to be rending
A garment outworn;
A time to be mending
A fence that is torn;

A time to be silent;
A time we should speak;
When voices are strident,
A time to be meek.

A time to be loving;
 A time when we hate;
A time for not proving
A heated debate;

A time to be warring;
A time when there’s peace;
A time for restoring
 A soul ill at ease.

For all God created
Is good in its time;
Just as He has stated
In language sublime;

He set thoughts eternal
Deep into our hearts;
With kindness paternal,
That never departs.

There is a conclusion,
For time slips away,
Amid the confusion
We meet every day;

Before time elapses,
With death at the door,
Beware lest it traps us
And time is no more.


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Joy Amid Despair
Although the fig tree shall not blossom,
neither shall fruit be in the vine…
Yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
I will joy in the God of my salvation.

Habakkuk 3:17, 18

Though the fig tree may not flourish,
And the ground is lacking dew;
Though the plants we tend and nourish
Are in number growing few;

Though there is no feed for cattle,
And the autumn harvest fails;
And survival is a battle,
As the countryside travails.

When the poor are needing water,
And there is no water there;
And for every son and daughter
There is sorrow and despair;

Yet our hearts will not be craven,
Though the news is full of woe,
For the Lord will be our haven,
And His love will overflow.

For the rivers He will summon,
And the fountains they will spring;
On the hillside and the common,
Exultation will be king;

Both the cypress and the pine tree
Will abound with shouts of glee,
In a newly fashioned country
Where the ransomed will be free.


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For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because
the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee, brother.

Philemon 7

Conditions in which we are caught,
Should not leave us sad or distraught;
We must have a hope
By which we can cope,
And keep moving on as we ought.

Emotions may come into play,
As part of our usual day;
When under control
They furnish a role,
Expressing the thoughts we assay.

The spiritual joys we express
Are not something done to excess;
They may be defined
As truth in the mind,
We should not subdue or suppress.

So let our emotions be led
By Jesus the Lord and the Head;
With joys in the heart
Extending their part,
So others are built up and fed.


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So then faith cometh by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God.

 Romans 10:17

Faith is believing that something is true,
When there’s compelling persuasion;
It may not happen to me or to you
Till there’s a death-like occasion.

We may go on in our daily routine,
Having a worldwide perception;
Yet disregarding that we are unclean:
Hoarding an inward deception.

Washing and bathing is needed by all,
As we are oft rubbing shoulders;
Yet deep within us obtained from the fall,
Lies that which man has not told us.

We must be washed in the blood of the Lamb;
Born of the Spirit, as stated;
These words were said by the One Great I AM,
So they are not underrated.

Washing from sin is the way of the Cross,
Where every sin was imputed:
Placed on the Lord that we suffer no loss,
If He be no wise refuted.

But if we come to the end of our days,
Dressed in our mortal attainments,
We shall be naked as under His gaze,
Having no God-given raiments.

So we should ponder before it’s too late,
Whether to trust our endeavours,
Or place our faith in the One who is Great,
Before the darkness that severs…


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Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in Jehovah in all of your cares;
Lean not on wisdom your own;
Acknowledge Him in your daily affairs;
Make your discipleship known.

Honour Jehovah with all you possess;
Give Him your daily increase;
So will your barns be filled up with excess;
New wine will flow on your lease.

Withhold not good unto those it is due;
Give when you have it in hand;
Render no evil to neighbours with you;
Take a hospitable stand.

So will your life be a token of grace;
Others by this will be blest;
And when you stand before God face to face,
You will find mercy and rest.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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