Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about the Church

1 Corinthians
Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40

At Corinth the church was astir,
For Paul had spent many months there;
Yet problems encountered
Must now be surmounted,
By scriptural teaching and care.

They each had a personal claim,
To Christ or another by name;
Such loyalty factions
Have certain attractions,
But leave the participants lame.

The preaching of Christ crucified,
Is where all the nations divide;
For Jews are requesting
A sign for investing;
While Greeks seek a rational guide.

For those who are called Greek and Jew,
The Cross brings a life born anew;
With wisdom and power
Of God from that hour;
For all who believe in Him true.

The church was not fully mature,
Although they were saved and secure;
They had not discarded
The life they once guarded;
To grow in God’s grace was the cure.

Now Paul heard a common report:
A deed of a serious sort;
A church with such breaches
Of law that God teaches
Must hold its own judgment and court.

Some members had lawsuits they pressed,
Against fellow members addressed;
They should have been able
To lay on the table
Their grievance with grace they possessed.

Now Paul is addressing a need,
Concerning the lifestyle they lead;
He taught the corrections
For marriage connections,
And celibates now they were freed.

Their liberty had to be bound,
That conscience be guarded and sound;
It must be respected
In others affected,
For that is the biblical ground.

Now Paul cites a people of old,
Who passed up the law they were told;
The Exodus nation
Did not keep their station
In that which they had been enrolled.

Temptations that test our belief,
Should not be occasions for grief;
For God is consistent,
Trustworthy, not distant,
And will at the end bring relief.

Paul issued a firm reprimand,
Regarding a matter at hand;
For when they were meeting
Discernment was fleeting:
Not heeding God’s righteous command.

Because of this flagrant abuse,
A conduct ungodly and loose,
The discipline meted
Was being repeated,
As still God’s command they refuse.  

The subject of gifts is defined,
For ministries duly aligned;
The body must function
By spiritual unction,
As each part does what is assigned.

The practical side is made clear:
A truth to which all should adhere;
Where love is prevailing
No gift will be failing,
For that is the virtue most dear.

Assemblies are brought into view;
As shared by the many or few;
Control by the Spirit
Is duly implicit,
That spiritual wealth may ensue.

The church’s departure is taught;
As wrongful ideas have been brought;
The saints’ resurrection
Demands introspection:
To live out each day as we ought.

In closing Paul brings to their mind:
Be thankful, be loving and kind;
Give praise to the Saviour
Whose name stands forever;
With gladness be always inclined.


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2 Peter
Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers,
walking after their own lusts.

2 Peter 3:3

From Simon called Peter, a servant of Christ;
To those who are scattered abroad;
May grace be your portion and peace be your part,
In knowledge and love of the Lord.

As He has bestowed all the things that we need,
Whereby He has promised the same;
Through Him who has called us to glory and praise,
To live for His wonderful name.

For this very reason, with patience and faith,
Make virtue your daily pursuit;
And further your knowledge and godly control,
For then you will never lack fruit.

For godliness, kindness and brotherly love
Should always be yours and abound;
But if you are lacking these things in your soul
Contentment will never be found.

I will not be negligent touching these things;
The truths which you know very clear;
I think it is right that I stir up your minds
Because my departure is near.

We did not pursue cunning fables of men
In things we made known unto you,
But spoke of the glory and coming of Christ,
For we were His witnesses too.

Beloved, I write this epistle to you
To stir up your minds which are pure;
That you may be mindful of what has been said
By those who were prophets before.

And knowing this firstly that scoffers will come,
When times of the Gentiles are short;
Who walk in the lust of their sin-darkened hearts
Ignoring the things that are taught.

And say with respect to the promise of God,
Wherein is His coming again?
For since the believers of old fell asleep
All things just continue the same.

For this they are willingly setting aside
The facts that are frequently told;
When floodgates were opened to cover the earth
Which had been created of old.

The cosmic creation existing till now
Is kept in reserve for the day,
When judgment will fall as unquenchable fire,
And take the ungodly away.

Beloved, now do not forget this one thing:
God’s timing is not what appears;
With Him a millennium is just as a day;
A day is as one thousand years.

The Lord is not slack with regard to His word;
We never need doubt His intent;
For He is not willing that any should die,
But rather that all should repent.

The day of the Lord will take men by surprise,
And come like a thief in the night;
The end will result in the judgment of fire
With everything melted in sight.

However, we look for new heavens and earth,
Where justice and concord endure;
So as we look forward to these sure events,
Our lives should be blameless and pure.

You therefore, beloved, since knowing these things,
Beware lest you fall into sin;
But grow in the grace and the knowledge of Christ;
To Him be the glory. Amen.


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Christ and the Church
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,
and gave Himself for it.

Ephesians 5:25

Our Father has blessed us;
In love He possessed us,
With spiritual blessings on high.
Before the foundation
Of people or nation,
He destined our home in the sky.

That we should be blameless,
Not guilty nor aimless;
Adopted as sons by the Lord.
In whom is salvation;
For each generation;
In whom we have peace and accord.

His word is a treasure:
His will and good pleasure;
The riches of wisdom and grace.
When times are completed,
And sin is defeated,
His glory shall fill every place.

We therefore abiding,
In Jesus confiding,
Are called to walk worthy and true.
Kind-hearted and lowly,
Longsuffering and holy,
That oneness and peace may ensue.

For once we were blameful,
In darkness and shameful;
But now we are children of light.
The night is receding
As watchmen are pleading;
So let us continue the fight.

With no dissipation
Nor drunken libation,
But filled with the Spirit and strong.
With much intercession,
As fits our profession
Of Jesus, to whom we belong.


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Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way,
and while He opened to us the Scriptures?

Luke 24:32

A couple walked along a road,
With fears that so dismayed them;
Their speech was of a sombre mode,
With thoughts that overweighed them.

As they conversed and reasoned so,
In their sad conversation;
They rued about the bitter blow,
Inflicted on their nation.

The Lord Himself drew near just then,
And walked along beside them;
He knew the things that troubled men;
Of fears that so betide them.

He said to them, What talk is this,
You share with one another?
He knew their notions were amiss,
As they would soon discover.

Their eyes were kept from knowing Him;
And so they estimated,
He must be on the outer rim
Of news so ventilated.

So one whose name was Cleopas,
Began with such a question;
Do You not know what’s come to pass?
For such was His suggestion.

What are these recent happenings?
The Lord in turn retorted;
And so they told Him of the things
Now commonly reported.

A Prophet come from Nazareth,
With mighty deeds attested;
Has been condemned and put to death,
As so our priests requested.

But we were hoping it was He,
Who would redeem our nation;
And consequently make us free
From Roman domination.

And certain women of our care,
Were at the grave site duly,
Yet did not find His body there,
But saw a vision truly.

He was alive: so they were told
By angels who had been there;
Then certain members of our fold,
Confirmed what they had seen there.

Then Jesus said, O fools and slow
Of heart in Bible story!
Should not the Christ have suffered so,
And enter into glory?

Beginning first at Genesis,
He vividly related,
His role in all the prophecies,
And what the Scriptures stated.

As they drew near to their abode,
He would continue clearly;
Proceeding further on the road,
But they constrained Him dearly.

Abide with us for it is late!
He came as they invited;
And when they served the supper plate,
The blessing was recited.

Their eyes were opened with the light;
They recognised His manner;
But Jesus vanished from their sight,
Yet now they saw His banner.

They said to one another, Say!
Were not our hearts a-burning,
As He was talking on the way,
Of things that we were learning?

They went back to Jerusalem,
And met with the eleven;
Declaring things revealed to them
By Jesus, Lord of heaven.


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You are our epistle written in our hearts…
2 Corinthians 3:2a

Epistles are the medium
Employed by chosen writers;
There is no thought of tedium
In letters that excite us.

They motivate the spirited
In situations daring;
In no way are they limited
If people are despairing.

Epistles are the solid food
Among the sacred writing;
For any break or interlude,
Their study is inviting.

For single folk and newlyweds,
A wisdom book appealing;
For those confined upon their beds,
A treasury of healing.

Epistles are the vehicle
By which the Lord can reach us;
They constitute a miracle
With godliness they teach us.

They complement the testament,
That former saints have guarded;
And are the final instrument
With not a jot discarded.


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His Sheep
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
And I give unto them eternal life...

John 10:27, 28a

Sheep are believers in Jesus the Lord,
Knowing the One they have followed;
Goats are encumbered with works they have stored,
Lost in the lie they have swallowed.

Sheep are as helpless as any can tell,
All they possess is imputed;
Goats too are helpless in danger of hell;
Never could this be refuted.

Sheep must be fed with the food that they need:
Scripture as taught by a pastor;
When their instruction is turned into deed,
Life cannot be a disaster.

Goats have the nature of natural birth:
Only by man generated;
They have a life that is tied to the earth,
This cannot be overstated.

Each one is either a sheep or a goat,
Even by what they are trusting;
Life in the Lord is not far or remote;
It does not come by adjusting.

Trying and trusting are legions apart,
Nothing we do is of merit;
Value or virtue is not in the heart,
Nor is the life we inherit.

Trusting the work of our Lord on the cross,
Honours His name as the Saviour;
Anything else is regarded as dross,
Such will incur His disfavour.

Jesus continues to call out His sheep;
Those who have not yet responded;
Heeding His voice will awake them from sleep,
Rescued from where they have wandered.


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Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.
James 4:17

My brethren, take it joyfully,
When trials seem unkind;
And know the testing of your faith
Brings on a patient mind.

Let patience have its perfect work,
That you may be complete;
Not lacking any firm resolve
In anything you meet.

Blest is the man who perseveres,
For when he has been tried,
He shall receive the crown of life
From Christ the glorified.

If any of you be unwise
In this society;
Then let him ask of God in prayer,
Who gives abundantly.

But let him ask in simple faith,
Not harbouring a doubt;
For he who doubts is like a wave
Impelled and tossed about.

For such a one should not assume,
That he will get a thing;
He is a double-minded man,
Unsure and wavering.

Let lowly brothers celebrate
Their new exalted sphere;
But let the rich regard their wealth
As just a vain veneer.

For as the lily of the field,
They soon will pass away;
Just as the sun dries up the grass
Throughout the heat of day.

Let no one in temptation say,
The Lord is tempting me;
For He does not tempt anyone
And neither can He be.

But each is tempted by his lust,
And then is drawn away;
And when desire has been conceived
It brings its deadly pay.

Let every man be swift to hear,
And speak as well he should;
And let him not resort to wrath
For that is never good.

Put far from you all filthiness;
For such will take its toll;
And meekly feed upon the word
Which nourishes the soul.

Let faith be active in your life,
Not giving mere assent;
And be a doer of the word;
Not lax nor negligent.

If any thinks he is devout,
And does not check his tongue,
He constantly deceives himself,
And can’t see right from wrong.

Religion which is undefiled
And pure before the Throne,
Is visiting the needy ones
And living Christ alone.


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Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Jude 21

I had been very diligent
To write to you indeed,
About salvation which we share
But found a greater need.

I therefore am exhorting you
To earnestly contend,
For faith committed once to saints,
On which our lives depend.

For some have crept in secretly,
Unrecognized as yet;
Ungodly men of ill repute,
Whose judgment has been set.

Who turn the boundless grace of God
Into a lewd estate;
As well, deny the only Lord;
Our God and Potentate.

And so I am reminding you
Though you would be aware,
About our well-known history,
And things that happened there.

For when the Lord saved Israel
From their Egyptian lord,
He later killed those murmurers
Who disbelieved His word.

And angels who did not retain
Their proper status quo,
He has reserved in lasting chains
In darkness deep below.

As Sodom’s gross inhabitants,
And cities thereabout,
Who gave themselves to wickedness,
Which duly wiped them out.

These are examples set for us
Of men of base desire;
Who shall receive the punishment
Of everlasting fire.

So too these dreamers foul the flesh
And spurn authority;
And also utter evil things
Of men of dignity.

Yet Michael with angelic rank
Dared not to bring a case,
Against the devil when he sought
To overstep his place.

But these speak evil constantly
Of things they do not know;
And as brute beasts corrupt themselves
In things debased and low.

Woe unto them! Who eagerly
Have gone the way of Cain;
And greedily run after wealth,
As Balaam did for gain.

These men defile your worship feasts;
They feast yet do not fear;
But serve their own intrepid selves;
Whose end is drawing near.

These are the clouds devoid of rain,
Blown every way about;
Late autumn trees bereft of fruit,
Twice dead and rooted out.

These are the raging waves at sea,
Disgorging up their shame;
Lone stars that wander in the dark
Reserved for their domain.

As Enoch also prophesied
About these miscreants:
The Lord will come and bring with Him
Ten thousands of His saints.

To execute judicial wrath
On all ungodly men,
Who practised their ungodly deeds
And spoke against His name.

These are the wanton murmurers,
Who cater to their lust;
And with their mouth speak swelling words
To lure men’s simple trust.

But you, beloved, call to mind
The apostolic word,
Which they received from Christ the Lord,
To whom they oft referred.

They spoke about the latter days
When mockers would arise,
And walk in their ungodly ways
With ever lusting eyes.

These are the soulish, worldly ones
Who cause divisive strife;
And do not have within themselves
The Spirit-given life.

But you, beloved, keep yourselves
In God’s protective care;
And build up your most holy faith;
Continuing in prayer.

To some men be compassionate,
Who doubt the Lord is near;
But others rescue from the fire,
With fortitude and fear.

Now unto Him our Saviour Lord,
To God the only wise,
Be glory, power and majesty
Till endless ages rise.


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Life In Christ
For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

I thank my God in every prayer,
While making my request;
Remembering our joint affair
Of fellowship and rest.

Because I have you in my heart,
While in my prison chains;
For you are sharers in this part
With love that never wanes.

I pray your love may yet abound
In truth for all to see;
Approving things that may be found
Of matchless quality.

However, I would have you know
That my imprisonment,
Has turned into an overflow
Of that which I present.

For many brethren in the Lord
Among those living here,
Are waxing bolder in the word
And preaching without fear.

But others in self-interest,
Intending for my pain,
Have also made Christ manifest,
And that I count as gain.

According to my earnest hope,
I shall not be ashamed,
That Christ in all His mighty scope
By me shall be acclaimed.

To live is Christ in whom I dwell,
And death is gain indeed;
For what to choose I cannot tell,
And yet I see a need.

I know that I shall yet remain;
Of this I am assured;
But let your conduct so attain
To all that Christ secured.

Now to our God and Father be
All glory evermore;
And may the Lord our destiny
Make full your treasure store.


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For the body is not one member, but many.
1 Corinthians 12:14

As the Church has many members;
Each one with a role;
Christ the Head in love remembers,
All who form the whole.

We receive the Spirit’s unction,
With allotted parts;
Service is our sacred function,
From forgiven hearts.

Ministry is well rewarded,
Offered here in love;
Kept in records duly ordered,
In the realms above.


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Orderly Worship
Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40

When brethren have a meeting,
Some may have come alone;
A handshake or a greeting,
Can set a friendly tone.

One brother has a teaching;
Another has a prayer;
The Lord is always reaching
The souls within His care.

If two or three are gifted,
So let them speak in turn;
Each oracle is sifted,
Whereby the meek can learn.

Let women be in silence,
For Scripture sets the norm;
There is no valid licence
For any other form.

If further light is needed
On what has been referred;
Then let their wants be heeded:
Let husbands teach the word.


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Seven Churches
Nevertheless I have this against you,
that you have left your first love.

Revelation 2:4

The church at Ephesus,
Like any one of us,
Had trouble there
That needed prayer,
Built on God’s promises.

Their works were evident,
With every good intent,
And they had tried
Some men who lied:
Apostles never sent.

An issue quite severe,
Had happened year by year:
Their ardent thirst
For love at first,
No longer did appear.

Repentance was the cue
That they must follow through,
Or else the Light
That once was bright,
Would disappear from view.

Be faithful until death,
and I will give you the crown of life.

Revelation 2:10b

At Smyrna, meaning myrrh,
With tribulation there,
The suffering
Would with it bring
Such trials they must bear.

For those who would endure,
With faith attested sure,
A crown of life
Would end their strife
And bring a heaven pure.

And those who overcome
The sufferings in sum,
Shall see no harm,
But rest with balm,
Within a joyful home.

He who has an ear, let him hear
what the Spirit says to the churches;

Revelation 2:17a

To Pergamos, so write,
Your works are well in sight,
For where you dwell
Is Satan’s knell;
Be faithful in your fight.

The Lord has some complaints
Among your local saints;
The doctrine taught
Of Balaam’s sort,
Is fraught with many taints.

But for the faithful few
God’s manna is your due;
A stone of white
Engraved aright,
That no one knows but you.

But hold fast what you have till I come.
Revelation 2:25

The church with the name, Thyatira,
Among them, a female aspirer;
The same Jezebel,
Soothsayer as well,
Was also an open beguiler.

Promoting the sin, fornication,
While knowing the law’s violation,
She would not repent,
And so she was sent:
Dispatched into great tribulation.

To those who don’t have Satan’s teaching,
And know not the depths it is reaching,
Hold fast till I come;
Be not burdensome;
And keep up the work with your preaching.

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain,
that are ready to die, for I have not found your
 works perfect before God.

Revelation 3:2

Sardis, thou hast fallen short
Of those things so clearly taught;
So be watchful and repent;
Strengthen that which has content.

He who stays in unbelief,
I am coming as a thief;
Thou shall not perceive the hour
That I keep within My power.

There are some with lamps still bright;
They shall walk with Me in white;
Having garments undefiled,
That befit a godly child.

See, I have set before you an open door,
and no one can shut it;

Revelation 3:8a

Philadelphia, this I see,
Thou hast little strength in thee;
I do love thee, furthermore,
I have set an open door.

Those who claim as being Jew,
Shall be bowing low to you;
And because you’ve kept My word,
I will keep you undeterred.

He who lives by faith withal,
Shall have status in My hall;
I will write on him My name,
And my city’s without blame.

I counsel you to buy from Me gold
refined in the fire, that you may be rich;

Revelation 3:18a

Laodicea, this I scold:
Would that thou wert hot or cold!
For I know thy every deed,
Yet thou art in direst need.

This I counsel now of thee,
Buy of tested gold from Me;
Clothes that cover thee from shame;
Raiments white, as to My name.

Lo, I stand now at the door,
Knocking as I have before;
Whoso will responsive be,
Shall both sit and sup with Me.


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The Olivet Discourse
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away.
Matthew 24:35

As God is perceptive of all that occurs,
Beholding events in advance;
In love He has told us of what lies ahead,
For nothing can happen by chance.

The Lord was preparing His few chosen sheep,
For things they would see in their time,
As they were admiring the great temple scene,
A structure ornate and sublime.

This beautiful temple with all of its wealth
Would one day be ashes and smoke,
And thus was the prophecy duly fulfilled,
Some forty years after He spoke.

The fall of Jerusalem, 70 AD,
Is found in the annals of men;
Disasters from God which have happened like this
Are certain to happen again.

As Jesus was with His disciples that day
He sat on the Olivet Mount,
And gave forth His discourse of future events;
A detailed and graphic account.

They asked Him of things which would signal the end,
When times of the age are complete;
He warned them of famines in various climes
When hardship would reach every street.

Let no one deceive you for many will come
Assuming to speak in My name;
And say, I am He, thus deceiving the world,
While spreading their counterfeit claim.

And when you hear rumours of fighting and wars
Do not be unsettled nor fear,
For such things must happen increasingly so
As friendships of old disappear.

For you will be hated because of My name
And great persecutions will come,
And then they will bring you up into the courts,
Take care that you do not succumb.

And do not premeditate what you shall say
For such will be given to you;
The Spirit of God will be speaking to them
With words which they cannot subdue.

But when you see that which the prophet foretold;
That covert and blasphemous smear;
Then those in the country should flee to the hills,
For great tribulation is near.

The Lord went on further describing events
In terms of a parable play;
When fig trees are budding you clearly can tell
That summer is well on the way.

So likewise, when things such as these are in view,
You know that the kingdom is nigh,
Take heed to yourselves lest the cares of this life
Distract you as things passing by.

The kingdom of God can be likened as such
To virgins awaiting the groom,
But on his arrival were found fast asleep,
Which sealed their unspeakable doom.

Or likened to one who has travelled afar
And left his possessions behind,
Distributing talents to each of his staff,
To use as occasion would find.

The Day of the Lord will arrive as a snare
On all those who dwell on the earth;
And just as the days which preceded the flood,
True value will have little worth.

Then Jesus repeated this simple command
To all who will hear and obey:
Be watchful as servants who wait for their Lord
Till empires have faded away.


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Pray without ceasing.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

The object of prayer
Is the One who is there:
The Father who sits on the throne.
While there at His side
Is the Saviour who died,
Who now intercedes for His own.

The entrance declared
For a prayer to be heard,
Is that we believe in His Son.
Repentance for sin,
And the state we are in,
And every transgression we’ve done.

We ask and receive
When we truly believe,
In that which accords with His will.
He does not bestow
On His creatures below,
Such things as would further our ill.

The thoughts we convey
In the prayers that we say,
Are bound in the state of our hearts.
Confession of sin
Is the place we begin,
And then we can ply other parts.

Thanksgiving is meet
For the food that we eat,
And treasures of greater account.
Petitions for some
Who have been overcome,
With problems they cannot surmount.

We pray for our needs
As His providence leads,
With guidance He gives on the way.
We need not turn back
At the frontal attack,
For He is our Lord and our stay.


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Promises and Prophecies
Your word is truth.
John 17:17

Promises and prophecies
Are certain in their time,
Whether they are present or intending;
Without inconsistencies,
Like clocks that have a chime,
They proclaim the message they are sending.

Promises are sureties
That we must simply claim,
If we are to gain the Lord’s approval;
Loosed from our impurities
Involving sin and shame,
Only God can sanction their removal.

Promises conditional
Address our daily need,
If our walk is governed by instruction;
Practices traditional
Like many that we heed,
May be just a passage to destruction.

Factors unconditional,
Like covenants expressed,
Are secure for God has guaranteed them;
Statements propositional,
Indelible and blessed,
Bear the marks of Jesus that precede them.

Prophecies are history
As yet to be complete,
For the Lord is gracious and all-knowing;
Pleasures we are yet to see
Lie at the Saviour’s feet,
For the life to come that’s ever growing.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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