Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Christianity

1 Corinthians
Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40

At Corinth the church was astir,
For Paul had spent many months there;
Yet problems encountered
Must now be surmounted,
By scriptural teaching and care.

They each had a personal claim,
To Christ or another by name;
Such loyalty factions
Have certain attractions,
But leave the participants lame.

The preaching of Christ crucified,
Is where all the nations divide;
For Jews are requesting
A sign for investing;
While Greeks seek a rational guide.

For those who are called Greek and Jew,
The Cross brings a life born anew;
With wisdom and power
Of God from that hour;
For all who believe in Him true.

The church was not fully mature,
Although they were saved and secure;
They had not discarded
The life they once guarded;
To grow in God’s grace was the cure.

Now Paul heard a common report:
A deed of a serious sort;
A church with such breaches
Of law that God teaches
Must hold its own judgment and court.

Some members had lawsuits they pressed,
Against fellow members addressed;
They should have been able
To lay on the table
Their grievance with grace they possessed.

Now Paul is addressing a need,
Concerning the lifestyle they lead;
He taught the corrections
For marriage connections,
And celibates now they were freed.

Their liberty had to be bound,
That conscience be guarded and sound;
It must be respected
In others affected,
For that is the biblical ground.

Now Paul cites a people of old,
Who passed up the law they were told;
The Exodus nation
Did not keep their station
In that which they had been enrolled.

Temptations that test our belief,
Should not be occasions for grief;
For God is consistent,
Trustworthy, not distant,
And will at the end bring relief.

Paul issued a firm reprimand,
Regarding a matter at hand;
For when they were meeting
Discernment was fleeting:
Not heeding God’s righteous command.

Because of this flagrant abuse,
A conduct ungodly and loose,
The discipline meted
Was being repeated,
As still God’s command they refuse.  

The subject of gifts is defined,
For ministries duly aligned;
The body must function
By spiritual unction,
As each part does what is assigned.

The practical side is made clear:
A truth to which all should adhere;
Where love is prevailing
No gift will be failing,
For that is the virtue most dear.

Assemblies are brought into view;
As shared by the many or few;
Control by the Spirit
Is duly implicit,
That spiritual wealth may ensue.

The church’s departure is taught;
As wrongful ideas have been brought;
The saints’ resurrection
Demands introspection:
To live out each day as we ought.

In closing Paul brings to their mind:
Be thankful, be loving and kind;
Give praise to the Saviour
Whose name stands forever;
With gladness be always inclined.


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Therefore to him that knoweth to do good,
and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

James 4:17

My brethren, take it joyfully,
When trials seem unkind;
And know the testing of your faith
Brings on a patient mind.

Let patience have its perfect work,
That you may be complete;
Not lacking any firm resolve
In anything you meet.

Blest is the man who perseveres,
For when he has been tried,
He shall receive the crown of life
From Christ the glorified.

If any of you be unwise
In this society;
Then let him ask of God in prayer,
Who gives abundantly.

But let him ask in simple faith,
Not harbouring a doubt;
For he who doubts is like a wave
Impelled and tossed about.

For such a one should not assume,
That he will get a thing;
He is a double-minded man,
Unsure and wavering.

Let lowly brothers celebrate
Their new exalted sphere;
But let the rich regard their wealth
As just a vain veneer.

For as the lily of the field,
They soon will pass away;
Just as the sun dries up the grass
Throughout the heat of day.

Let no one in temptation say,
The Lord is tempting me;
For He does not tempt anyone
And neither can He be.

But each is tempted by his lust,
And then is drawn away;
And when desire has been conceived
It brings its deadly pay.

Let every man be swift to hear,
And speak as well he should;
And let him not resort to wrath
For that is never good.

Put far from you all filthiness;
For such will take its toll;
And meekly feed upon the word
Which nourishes the soul.

Let faith be active in your life,
Not giving mere assent;
And be a doer of the word;
Not lax nor negligent.

If any thinks he is devout,
And does not check his tongue,
He constantly deceives himself,
And can’t see right from wrong.

Religion which is undefiled
And pure before the Throne,
Is visiting the needy ones
And living Christ alone.


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Confession of Sin
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just
to forgive us our sins,
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

God is light His works declare,
That which darkness cannot share;
Light reveals the scourge of sin,
Where His truth must first begin.

If we say we walk in light,
Doing what we claim is right,
Yet in truth we do not live,
He will not our sins forgive.

If we say we have not erred,
Since our newborn faith occurred;
By so much we merely lie,
And His truth we plain deny.

If we would our sins confess,
Freely spelt or under stress,
Every sin He will release,
That we may enjoy His peace.

Little children, this I write,
That your sins be put to flight;
If by chance you err and fall,
There is set a Judgment Hall.

Jesus Christ our Advocate,
In His new exalted state,
Intercedes for us His own,
At the Father's gracious throne.

If we do as He commands,
As each circumstance demands,
Fellowship will be our part,
As the bulwark of our heart.

Worldly things that tempt and lure,
Cannot harm the meek and pure;
Lust and pride will pass away,
At the coming Judgment Day.

So then let us fight the war,
As our brethren did before;
And for Him who made us free,
Let us flee idolatry.


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For the weapons of our warfare
are not carnal, but mighty through God.

2 Corinthians 10:4

We wrestle not with flesh and blood,
Nor do we fight with bows;
There is no place for human good
In conflict with our foes.

The contest rages every hour
With bouts that never cease;
And as we face demonic power
There is no case for peace.

The war began in ages past
When everything was bright;
But as the devil's die was cast
It ushered in the night.

As Christian soldiers of the One
Who leads us in the fray,
We need our battle armour on
In this the evil day.

The belt of truth around our waist;
A breastplate that is just;
Our feet prepared to go in haste
With news of whom we trust.

The shield of faith, our sure defence
Against those fiery darts,
Which Satan throws in stark offence
At our unguarded parts.

The helmet of deliverance
That Jesus Christ secured;
Which covers every circumstance
His loved ones have endured.

The weapon of integrity:
Our ever present sword;
Which lasts for all eternity:
The gospel of the Lord.


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The eternal God is thy refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms.

Deuteronomy 33:27

By faith we abide in the Lord,
Outworking the word we have stored;
Its purposeful witness is seen by its fitness,
With practice and truth in accord.

When Christ is at home in our heart,
Self-seeking and suchlike depart;
He is the solution for any intrusion,
If doubt or depression should start.

In dire situations we meet;
In blizzards or sweltering heat;
The Saviour is near us to strengthen and cheer us,
For Satan is under His feet.


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Ye must be born again.
John 3:7

The miracle of God: regeneration,
Has called us to a new historic station;
As men who had no sight,
Yet now with inner light,
We hold the gospel torch in every nation.

For we who were by nature unenlightened,
By grace have got a future that has brightened;
The life we now possess,
Is not from our prowess,
But from a new perspective that has heightened.

We did not have a gifted disposition,
But qualified as sinners for perdition;
We celebrate the day,
Our sins were washed away,
And worship Him who took our low position.

The risen Lord regards our humble status;
And though the world may ridicule or hate us;
We stand by faith alone,
In Christ the cornerstone,
And live for Him who died to liberate us.


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...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
longsuffering, gentleness, goodness,
faith, meekness, temperance.

Galatians 5:22, 23

A fruitful tree consistently,
Needs water, food and care;
The life we live and what we give,
Is born of faith and prayer.

The seed we share and fruit we bear,
May reach a foe or friend;
The fruit of love comes from above,
And has no measured end.

The fruit of joy in girl or boy,
Is more than happiness;
It has its source along a course,
Which God can only bless.

The fruit of peace will never cease,
With those who love the Lord;
Though wars may start they cannot part,
The bond that has been stored.

Longsuffering may often bring
God’s blessing in its wake;
A gentleness or soft caress,
Can soothe a grieving ache.

The goodness shared from hearts prepared,
Can help the poor and weak;
When faith is seen as pure and clean,
It causes men to seek.

The meekness borne by souls forlorn,
Comes from their inner strength;
With temperance and godly sense,
It goes to any length.

The Spirit-filled and Bible-drilled,
Bear fruit that all can see;
The fruit will keep as treasures deep,
For all e


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Good Works
Wherefore the rather, brethren,
give diligence to make your calling and election sure:
for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.

2 Peter 1:10

In light of the grace and the peace that is ours,
Through knowledge of Jesus our Lord,
And having been warned of the despotic powers,
Let’s follow His path with accord.

He’s granted the assets that life will demand;
With godliness being our aim;
His promises backing His word of command;
His character always the same.

In order that we might, in light of His grace,
Partake of His nature divine;
And having escaped from our natural ways,
Our life should no longer decline.

Applying all diligence with our belief,
Let’s add moral excellence too;
A virtue that brings a contrasting relief,
In all that we witness or do.

And then adding knowledge, our everyday role
Of studying God’s holy word;
As well, in the actions of body and soul,
Our self-discipline should be spurred.

And then perseverance, as when we are tried,
For patience will have its reward;
Then godliness, let it be put in our stride,
That rigours of life may afford.

Then brotherly kindness, a wonderful trait,
That many a saint has displayed;
And love that is active when matters dictate,
Or when a decision is made.

If all these distinctions are ours and increase,
We shall not be lacking in fruit;
So let us be faithful until our decease,
To make them our daily pursuit.


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The Walk
Let us walk honestly, as in the day.
Romans 13:13

As we grow, however slow,
It represents our walking;
What we do will carry through,
Though Satan may be stalking.

At the start a contrite heart,
Assures a good foundation;
Faith will build the Spirit-filled,
In terms of graduation.

Growing brings the daily swings,
Like children who are learning;
Every test or time of rest,
Bring treasures worth the earning.

At the goal our ransomed soul
Will reach its destination;
Serving Him who is supreme,
In endless


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Love and Hate
Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
Romans 9:13

Love and hate are separate,
Yet both are necessary;
Love must be reality
When couples choose to marry.

God on high has heard our cry
And set His love within us;
Yet He hates deceptive states
In unrepentant sinners.

We should love the things above
That come from God the Giver;
Hate can spoil our daily toil
Like flotsam on a river.

If we claim the Saviour’s name
Yet do not love our neighbour;
It will be hypocrisy
And neutralise our labour.

We should fear to lend an ear
To heresies or lying;
There is need to sow the seed:
For this we should be trying.

Love abides with many sides
And always is transparent;
As the play on any day
Between a child and parent.

Let us pray that we shall stay
With love as our directive;
And to share it everywhere,
And not to be selective.


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The Spirit Life
But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit,
if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.

Romans 8:9

Condemnation has been banished
For the saints in Jesus Christ.
Total judgment has been measured;
Christ Himself is sacrificed.

Sin and death are legal tyrants,
Blocking off our upward goal;
But a higher law is working,
Giving freedom to the soul.

What the Law could not accomplish,
God accomplished through His Son.
Righteousness is now afforded;
Satan’s hold has been undone.

Those who live by human standards,
Set their minds on things on earth.
But those who are Spirit-minded,
Value things of higher worth.

If the Spirit dwells within us,
We belong to Christ alone;
But those having not received Him,
Will be speechless at His throne.

Now that God has set our standards,
Which are bound in our belief;
Every sin within the body
Brings the Holy Spirit grief.

As the Holy Spirit leads us,
We are royal sons of God;
Free to follow on the pathway
Which our Lord devoutly trod.

Heirs of God with Christ our Saviour;
Joined to One whom we adore.
Sons and daughters of the Highest;
Praising Him for evermore.


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The Suffering Life
And whether one member suffer,
all the members suffer with it.

1 Corinthians 12:26

Suffering was not intended,
In the plan which God decreed.
It became a binding issue,
By a free deliberate deed.

Adam suffered in the garden,
When he disobeyed the Word.
Guilt and shame were consequential;
Sin and death had now occurred.

We have followed his example,
Disobedient from our birth;
Turning from our Lord Creator;
Choosing things confined to earth.

God has seen our need for ages,
With compassion for our plight;
So He took decisive action,
When He fought the crucial fight.

At a place they call Golgotha,
He was nailed onto a tree;
There He suffered infinitely,
For the likes of you and me.

But His agony is reckoned
By the Father, Judge of all;
As an everlasting payment
For the sins of great and small.

God has left us with a promise.
Once, for all, He made a vow:
Those who will receive the Saviour,
Shall be pardoned here and now.

Suffering is for a season,
Till our work on earth is done;
In the timelessness of glory,
Sin and death will all be gone.


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The Holy Life
Be ye holy; for I am holy.   
1 Peter 1:15

Blessed be the God and Father,
Of our Saviour Christ the Lord;
Who Himself has paid the ransom,
Earthbound wealth could not afford.

When the Lord had died for sinners,
Knowing that our souls were lost;
Christ was raised in resurrection,
After He had paid the cost.

We who once were far-off strangers,
Have been reconciled in Him;
Destined for unfading glory,
Where there is no death or sin.

Therefore let our minds be sober;
Rest our hope on heaven’s grace;
Looking for that expectation,
When we see Him face to face.

Though not seeing, yet we love Him,
For His love did ours precede;
When our souls were lost and helpless,
He supplied our every need.

As the Lord is pure and holy,
We should live in godly fear;
Knowing that our souls were ransomed,
By the blood of One so dear.

Holiness is what we strive for,
As sojourners in the land.
Let us seek each other’s welfare,
While we have the time at hand.


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The Practical Life
But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves.

James 1:22

When our faith is tried and tested,
It should be a welcome joy;
Tests produce the added patience,
Useful in its right employ.

If we lack the godly wisdom,
Needed for our daily walk;
We should go to God the Father,
Always eager for a talk.

When we ask in faith, not doubting,
We are sure of what we ask;
Sceptics do not get the wisdom,
Needed for the daily task.

Every gift the Father gives us,
Comes from Him who dwells in light;
Of His will and by His promise,
We received our newborn sight.

Let us lay aside uncleanness,
And receive the Word as taught;
Then with meekness and obedience,
Do whatever thing we ought.

If just hearers and not doers,
We shall imitate the man,
Looking at his mirror image,
Then forgetting heaven’s plan.

If we think we are religious,
Yet do not control our tongue;
We become just vain professors,
Boring as the day is long.

Pure and undefiled religion,
Which our God has always seen,
Is to visit those in trouble,
And to keep our garments clean.


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1 Corinthians 13
...yet show I unto you a more excellent way.
1 Corinthians 12:31

Though I speak with tongues of men,
More than I can tell;
Though I have prophetic skill,
Knowing truth as well;

Though I give my goods away,
So to feed the poor;
Yet do not have virtue-love,
There can be no cure.

Though I have implicit faith
With a firm belief,
So that I could move a mount
To an ocean reef;

Though I be a sacrifice,
Sentenced by a court,
Yet without a heart of love,
It can profit nought.

Love is kind and suffers long;
Never is provoked;
Seeking only what is good;
Not with envy cloaked;

In distresses, comforting,
When resources fail;
Drawing strength and providence
From within the veil.

Whether there be prophecies,
They will pass away;
Whether there be gift of tongues,
They will have their day;

Whether knowledge is perceived,
It will surely cease;
Each will have its role achieved,
At its due release.

For we prophesy in part,
Till it is complete;
Knowledge has been written down
For the life we meet;

When I was a little child,
I had childish ways;
But when I became a man,
Such were bygone days.

In a mirror we observed
Much as we could see;
Now the Scriptures have been set
For eternity;

So abideth faith and hope,
Love, and what it brings;
But the greatest gift is love,
With the King of Kings.


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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