Free Christian poems


By Maurice Dyson

Christian Poems about Biblical Beginnings

The Universe
In the beginning God created
the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

Creation must have a Creator
He spoke and the cosmos appeared
The whole universe
Devoid of a curse
Created by One so revered.

The earth was His special creation
Its beauty we see as revealed
The rivers that flow
With life they bestow
Make verdant the grass in the field.

The universe seen all around us
The stars as they shine in the night
Convey to our eyes
The breadth of the skies
Their grandeur with myriads of light.

The vastness of cosmic creation
Will last till a new one is born
A day lies ahead
As scriptures have said
When darkness gives way to the dawn.


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And God said, Let us make man
in our image, after our likeness:

Genesis 1:26

Humanities made from the dust
Are not quite the people we trust
Our bodies and soul
Were perfectly whole
Till love took a turn into lust.

We know from the Bible we read
That man heard the word God decreed
But then came a test
And we know the rest
His choice plunged the race into need.

This tragical start to the race
Is what we as mortals must face
Our sinful estate
We cannot relate
For it is a constant disgrace.

We carry God’s image within
Yet marred by the entrance of sin
It can be restored
By trusting the Lord
And that is the race we must win.


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For all have sinned,
and come short of the glory of God;

Romans 3:23

Sin had its birth by volition
Man had the option to choose
He had been warned on condition
Freedom is what he would lose.

So was the testing enacted
Aimed at the woman God made
Soon her defences were fractured
Thus was her nature displayed.

She gave the fruit to her wedded
He ate what God had forbade
They now had sin which is dreaded
Fear with its guilt overweighed.

Sin will exist till it’s banished
Time will expire at its close
When unbelievers have vanished
Having no garment or clothes.

Sin is the focal intrusion
Barring the way unto bliss
Trusting in Christ: the solution
One thing we ne
ver should miss.


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For the law was given by Moses,
but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

John 1:17

Grace is a concept unheeded
Unknown by natural scope
Yet in God’s plan as He deeded
It is the gateway to hope.

Grace is unmerited favour
Offered by God unto all
Just as a feast has its flavour
Grace gives the taste by its call.

Grace is the source of salvation
Promised to Adam and Eve
Christ is its great consummation
Gifted to those who believe.

Grace is extent for a season
Only as long as we live
If we live only by reason
There is no ground to forgive.

Grace must exclude human goodness
Nothing we do is of worth
Christ is the goal and the fulness
Seen by His life on the earth.

Grace is a once only offer
While we have light in the soul
If we ignore it we suffer
Christians are sinners made whole.


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And as it is appointed unto men once to die,
but after this the judgment:

Hebrews 9:27

Judgment and grace go together
As was the case at the Flood
When sin had reached to its tether
Judgment was then understood.

Judgment right now has restriction
Grace must precede its release
It is the time of conviction
Then our probation will cease.

Judgment was never intended
On a responsible soul
It is a sentence suspended
Till sin has taken its toll.

Judgment fell onto our Master
While He was pinned to the tree
We face eternal disaster
If we have not bowed the knee.

Christ offers love and refreshment
Newness of life without end
Make Him your foremost investment
He is our hope and our Friend.


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I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be
for a token of a covenant between me
and the earth
. Genesis 9:13

A contract divinely indentured
Was sealed on the day it was entered
The party was Noah
To reach every shore
And so it remains documented.

A clause that was duly inserted
Today has been widely perverted
To shed a man’s blood
Is well understood
So we should be truly alerted.

This contract contains more directions
Repeated in orderly sections
Then God gave a sign
A gesture benign
Thus pledging His kindly affections.

This contract has also prediction
For those who will have jurisdiction
An orderly race
Must keep in its place
By lawful abiding, not friction.


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…from thence did the LORD scatter
them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

Genesis 11:9

Now the earth had one language or tongue
Thus united they saw themselves strong
So they built up a tower
Duly vaunting their power
But the Lord could perceive they were wrong.

They had flaunted God’s directive word
His command that their fathers had heard
Go spread far and wide
In your countries reside
But their stiffness remained undeterred.

Then the Lord came and saw their intent
For He knew their reactions were bent
So He fractured their speech
Put their work out of reach
And they scattered wherever they went.

Thus the nations began to extend
With the idols they had as their trend
So is Babel today
It has not gone away
But is something we must not befriend.


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…Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.
…the beginning of his kingdom was Babel,

Genesis 10:9, 10

The kingdoms of natural man
Have always a limited span
Their ways are ill-founded
On laws wrongly grounded
Till they reach the term they have ran.

The kingdom of God is unique
For such is the language we speak
It will be outstanding
As truth is demanding
A home for the lame and the weak.

The first human kingdom we read
Was not of reputable deed
The cities like Babel
Had crimes that unravel
For pride was their function and creed.

The kingdom of Christ will prevail
As promises true cannot fail
His glory appearing
We wait without fearing
As high as the mountains we scale.


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God…hath in these last days spoken unto us
by his Son, by whom also he made the ages;

Hebrews 1:1, 2

History falls into ages
Seen as we study God’s word
They come at critical stages
Distinct and clearly inferred.

First is the age of the Gentile
Covering 2000 years
It is not marked by its lifestyle
Rather with violence and fears.

With Abram’s call intervening
So came a radical change
Now a new age had a meaning
Glory comes now into range.

This age was then superseded
Israel’s kingdom had failed
But still the ages proceeded
God’s plan forever prevailed.

So the Church Age as we know it
Started that Pentecost day
Nothing can e’er overthrow it
It will be lifted away.

Lastly the age of Messiah
Set for the saints whom He chose
Leading to vistas much higher
Treasures that only He knows.


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For as in Adam all die,
even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

1 Corinthians 15:22

Everyone receives their resurrection
In a body case that cannot die
It is not a matter of conception
It will be applied to you and I.

Resurrection first belonged to Jesus
He has pride of place before us all
In His ministry He daily feeds us
Till the voice is heard, the final call.

Resurrected saints will live forever
As the final stage of what precedes
As they meet in Paradise together
Having been rewarded for their deeds.

Unbelievers also get their portion
Counterparts to those who have believed
It is not the time for a precaution
Unbelievers cannot be reprieved.

Resurrection splits the race forever
Their allotted places have been set
There is no revival or endeavour
To reverse the portion that we get.


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Wherefore come out from among them,
and be ye separate, saith the Lord,

2 Corinthians 6:17

Separation is a godly calling
As is taught throughout the holy word
It upholds a standard without falling
Since our Christian service has occurred.

Separation follows from discernment
Holding life in balance is the key
It is not the seeking of preferment
Only God promotes as He can see.

It should not be pompous or exclusive
It is always there to give a hand
Nor should it be questioned as intrusive
Sometimes there is need to take a stand.

Jesus did not separate from sinners
For He came that they might live above
As He knew the vacuum deep within us
So He offered charity and love.

Separation carries on forever
We are set aside from evil ways
No one can our tie with Jesus sever
He is storing up our countless days.


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And when the day of Pentecost was fully come,
they were all with one accord in one place.

Acts 2:1

The Church began at Pentecost
For thus we do infer
On those disciples counted just
The Spirit settled there.

It was a day of miracles
Of languages displayed
Proclaiming godly oracles
As truth was there portrayed.

It was a day of reckoning
Precisely for the Jews
For judgment day was beckoning
Its warnings and its dues.

Repentance was the crying need
As Peter spelt it out
The nation must give earnest heed
So went the vital shout.

What started on that noted day:
The body of the Lord
Will yet be taken far away
At home with One adored.


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The Incarnation
And the Word was made flesh,
and dwelt among us,

John 1:14

An infant babe with godly care
Lay sleeping in a manger
The angel host were watching there
To them He was no stranger.

And so began a sacred walk
Mid testings and distractions
A sacrifice that none could baulk
His Cross held no attractions.

Yet steadfastly He preached the word
Inviting and out-calling
The multitudes at large were stirred
Enthralled while some were stalling.

Then finally His hour had come
He hung in desolation
And then returned unto His home
Our hope and consolation.


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And you hath he quickened,
who were dead in trespasses and sins;

Ephesians 2:1

A word denoting second birth
Is that - regeneration
It is the call received on earth
Complete with much ovation.

Regeneration is the start
Of life that has no ending
It reaches deep into the heart
With songs of joy ascending.

The Spirit-life we now possess
Is full of expectation
Let’s praise the Lord with thankfulness
Mid shouts of exultation.



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And whosoever was not found
written in the book of life
was cast into the lake of fire.

Revelation 20:15

Death is the sentence that Adam incurred
After he’d broken God’s sanctified word
Spiritually speaking he died instantly
Physical death is the one that we see.

As Adam’s offspring we share in his sin
So human nature is tainted within
That is the reason as children of wrath
We need direction to find a new path.

It’s not a question of things that are barred
Grace is rejected by hearts that are hard
Pride must be swallowed and works put aside
Doubting the truth is a sin we can’t hide.

Death was defeated by one single act
Then resurrection established the fact
Spiritual death is the danger we face
It is dismissed when the Lord we embrace


Christian Poetry by Maurice Dyson
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Christian Poems by Maurice Dyson
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