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More Free Christian Resources
Below are some further Christian resources that you may find useful in your ministry, plus some links to other helpful ministries.
Free Christian Coloring In Picture Free Christian Colouring In
Free Christian colour in and colouring pages ready to download and print. A useful resource for your ministry lessons, Sunday school or home schooling.  A creative activity to keep the kids busy.
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health education HELP (Health Education - Lessons in Pictures)
Basic Health Lessons - Free to download and print. Ideal for missionaries to teach in remote communities. Relevant to all persons regardless of their age, gender, culture or religious beliefs.
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Free Christian Poems Christian Poetry by M. Dyson
Free Christian Poems written by Maurice Dyson. Dedicated to those who love the Word of God and seek to honour the Lord Jesus Christ.  An excellent teaching resource.
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Free Christian tracts Christian Tracts by K. Tabinor
Free Christian tracts written by Keith Tabinor.  Excellent resource introducing the Gospel and who is Jesus Christ.  Great to leave lying around for loved ones to read.
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Free Christian card gamesFree Printable Bible Cards
Print and play. A great way to teach children the people in the Bible. Free printable Christian cards for fun traditional or memory games.  Excellent for Sunday School activities or rewards for children to collect.
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Free Christian Wife Weekly Christian eMail
There are so many Christians Illustrations to be read on this website that we have provided a free service that emails one Illustration for you to ponder each week.
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Free Christian links Christian Ministries
Christian Ministries Links that have been extremely helpful in our spiritual growth. .
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Free Christian Reading Recommended Reading
A selection of books & authors we have found immensely helpful in our Christian walk and are happy to freely recommend.
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Free Christian Cartoons Free Christian Cartoons
Christian comic strips that are free to use in your church newsletters, sermons, Christian magazines and publications, or simply to send to a friend to brighten their day.
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Anyone who desires the above Christian products on this website can use them without cost or obligation. In the sentiment of Matthew 10:8, freely we have received, freely we give.