Health Education Lessons in Picture by Jerry Barrett
HELP (Health Education - Lessons in Pictures)
Free basic health lessons to teach remote communities.

HELP is an intuitive by Jerry Barrett (a retired British SAS medic), who has seen first-hand the enormous need for health education in remote regions around the world. Due to language barriers or low literacy, Jerry instigated the HELP program which teaches and promotes basic health lessons visually through a series of storyboards.
Jerry has generously offered these lessons free to missionaries journeying to remote communities in order that they may teach these basic health lessons and potentially save thousands of lives.

Introducing our H.E.L.P. Lessons
Presently, we are working on a series of Health modules that deal with the four B’s: Bugs, Burns, Bites and Breaks.  These initial modules will aid you in teaching lessons for the treatment of basic hygiene; prevention of malaria and burns.
Click on the module below to find out more:
Other modules like (Bites, Breaks, Bleeding) will be added to this website on completion.
About H.E.L.P.
FAiP LogoFirst Aid PictureHELP was born from the need to offer basic first aid education to developing communities no matter what their language or level of literacy.
HELP provides a novel approach to First Aid and Disease prevention in a format that can be easily delivered by health care professionals and community leaders alike. HELP's accessibility has great potential to save lives and contribute to general community well-being in developing countries.
As a resource HELP was designed to be relevant to all persons regardless of their age, gender, culture or religious beliefs.
About the Author, Jerry Barrett:
After completing his medical training Jerry travelled throughout numerous third world communities, many of which were without a common language or literacy level. He was alarmed to discover that the most common obstacle to the delivery of adequate life-saving treatment in these communities were the complex methods used to teach relatively simple medical skills.
Jerry therefore leveraged upon his broad experience to adapt the Western ‘Basic First Aid Skills’ taught to medical personnel into a simplified, more practical style of delivery suitable for the members of such communities.
Jerry has subsequently worked as a critical care paramedic and currently teaches Occupational Health & Safety within the disability environment.
(HELP is © Copyright. Jerry Barrett)
Jerry BarrettJerry Barrett FAiPJerry BarrettJerry Barrett
Your Mission Trip & HELP
Jerry Barret FAiPHELP is currently being tested in remote communities. If you have used a HELP module, Jerry would love to get your feedback. Your experience will help us improve HELP. For further queries please contact Jerry Barrett.

If you are going on a missionary journey to a remote community, it is worthwhile visiting Jerry’s website: Extreme Medical. Check out the Pilgrim's Page. You will find excellent advice plus a range of useful products for your missionary journey like mosquito nets to prevent malaria and a range of practical first aid kits. Maybe you could leave them with the locals when you have finished your trip.