Free Christian artworks

Free Christian 'Clip Art' Illustrations

There are many Christians doing a fantastic job teaching God’s Word. What they often lack is Christian artworks they can freely use to aid them getting the Message across. Hopefully, the clip art illustrations below will help 'equip the saints' with their presentations of the Gospel and the Word.
Free Bible Images Free Jesus Christ artFree Biblical Illustrations
Free Christian ImagesFree artworks for Heaven and HellFree Christian artworks
These Christian clip-art images and illustrations are completely free. They are created for your use as teachers' resources for: religious education, presentations, colour-ins, time-lines, stickers, fridge magnets, puppet designs, bookmarks, cards – the list goes on.
We will attempt to add new clipart images to this page as often as possible.
Free Bible Images

Old Testament 'Mini-Biblical' Clipart

Click on the Christian clip art image to download a free PDF file, (Approx, 100 KB each).
Throne of GraceGod's ThroneCartoon AngelCute AngelCute DevilCute Satan
clip art globeclip art WorldSerpent devilGarden of Eden serpentTree of Good and Evil Tree of Knowledge
cute adam and eveadam and eve in edenEden the Garden BibleGarden of Eden
cute adam and eveadam and eveAngel Guardian Guardian AngelFire swordFlaming Sword
Fig LeafFig Leaf Olive Branch Olive BranchBible PotsBiblical Pots
Noah and wifeNoah and wifeNoah's Ark IllustrationNoah's Ark Clip Art
Olive Branch DoveDove with olive branchNoahs Rainbow Rainbow Clipart altar clipart
Christain Clipart Jacob clip art Joseph coat of many colours clipart Joseph coat of many colours Joseph in Egypt Joseph Egyptian Prime Minister
Moses clipartMoses in Basket Moses Clipart Moses EgyptClip Art MosesMoses Clipart
Burning BushBurning Bush Frog Plague Locus Plague Lambs Blood
Free Clipart Queen of EgyptEgyptian Soldier Egyptian Soldier Golden Calf Clipart Golden Calf
Pillar of FirePillar of fire Mana from HeavenLoaf of BreadBread of Life Bible QuailQuail Snake on Stick
Christian Clip Art Christian Lion Sampson Clip Art Sampson Delilah Sampson and Delilah
Wheat SheafWheat SheafIsraelite dwelling housBible GoatBiblical Goat
Davids SlingDavids SlingBible Clipart Free Christian ClipartGoliath ClipartGoliath ClipartGoliath GiantGiant Goliath
Goliaths SwordGoliaths Sword Davids HarpDavids Harp JavelinJavelin King Saul King SaulWitch of EndorWitch of Endor
Prince Jonathon Prince Jonathon David WarriorDavid Warrior Abigail and DavidAbigailAmalekite Amalekite Raider
Davids Mighty Men David's Mighty MenAsahelAsahel running
Cave of AdullamCave of Adullam Biblical WellDesert Well
JoabJoab King David Clip artKing DavidCrippled Boy Mephibosheth Ishbosheth King Ishbosheth
Prophet NathanNathan ProphetBathshebaBathshebaUriah Uriah the Hittite
AbnerAbner Bible NabalNabal BibleAbsalom Davids sonAbsalomSolomon ClipartSolomon picture
Elisha the Prophet Elisha the Prophet Clip art Jehu Jehu Prophet King Jehoshaphat King Jehoshaphat
Mordecai cousin of Esther Mordecai cousin of Esther Image Esther Queen Esther
Big FishJonah FishJonah BibleJonah and the whale Jonah and the whale Jonah in Fish
Free Christian Images

New Testament 'Mini-Biblical' Clipart

Click on the Christian clip art image to download a free PDF file, (Approx, 100 KB each).
Jesus StarChrist StarJesus in a mangerBaby Jesus Mary Jesus motherMary mother of Jesus Joseph and MaryJoseph father of Jesus
Jesus BabyBaby Jesus Christ Mary and baby Jesus Mary and Jesus Clipart DonkeyClip art donkey
Mary and JosephJoseph and Mary Christmas StableChristmas Manger
Lamb of GodInnocent LambClipart CowCow Clipart Chicken clip artChicken Clipart Mouse ClipartClipart Mouse
Cartoon AngelCute AngelNativity Shepherd Bible Shepherd Shepherd BoyDavid Shepherd
Mary Mother of Jesus Mother of Jesus Young Jesus Clipart Young Jesus Pharisee Clipart Pharisee Teacher
Christian IllustrationsJesus Christ Clipart Palm Sunday Palm Leaves clipartJesus on Palm SundayJesus Riding Donkey
Jesus Teaching Jesus Christ Teaching Bread and Wine Communion Bread Wine Judas Clipart Judas Iscariot 30 silver Pieces Thirty silver pieces
Crucifix Nails and Hammer Crucifix Nails crown of thorns Christs crown of thorns Crucifix ClipartJesus Cross ClipartJesus Christ crucifiedJesus Christ on Cross
Crosses on the hill Three Crosses Innocent Lamb Lamb of God Empty Tomb Christs empty tomb
John the BaptistJohn the baptist Rich man and lazarus Rich man Lazarus clipart Lazarus
wounded man Samaritan Good Samaritan Bible Good Samaritan
Jesus Teaching KidsJesus Teaching Children Jesus Reading Bible Jesus Reading Scripture
Jesus in PrayerJesus Praying Jesus water walk Jesus walking on water Jesus Carrying Lamb Jesus Lamb of God
Jesus Throwing Rocks Jesus Judge Not Jesus Healing Girl Jesus Healing
Jesus Christ imageJesus Christ Illustration Jesus Christ Washing Feet Jesus Christ Washing feetJesus Christ Breaking Bread Jesus Christ Breaking Bread Jesus Christ Judged Jesus Christ Thorn of Crowns
Jesus Christ Fish and loaves Jesus Christ Fish and loaves Jesus Christ Fishing Image Jesus Christ Fishing
Heavenly Gate Stairway to Heaven
Scripture Scroll Clipart Bible Clipart Cute Bible Church Clipart Christian Church
Jesus Christ on White horse Jesus Christ riding white horse
Free Bible images

If you are wanting more FREE images, illustrations or photos to use for your ministry, visit the FREE BIBLE IMAGES website and explore their large library of Biblical imagery – it's well worth the visit.

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Free Bible Images Free Jesus Christ artFree Biblical Illustrations
Free Christian ImagesFree artworks for Heaven and HellFree Christian artworks
Free Christian Illustrations