Free Christian Computer Games

Free Christian Computer Games

At FCI, we are delighted to offer fun, Christian-focused computer games as a new, FREE resource.  These online games have been designed as exciting ways to encourage your children with the Word of God.  So much fun, they won’t realise they are learning.
Our Christ-focused games are run from our secure SSL site. To play these online games, your computer or device will need a modern ES6(2015) compatible browser that supports WebGL or Canvas (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera).For further support, please email Tom at (Spirit Filled Games):

Quiz Angel
A fun multiple-choice Bible quiz game. (6 yrs to Adult.)

Advance through the levels and go from private to arch-angel in this fun Biblical trivia game.


Screen shots for QUIZ ANGEL

QUIZ ANGEL: A fun multiple-choice Bible quiz game. (6 yrs to Adult.)

Games Currently in Production

A game to help you learn and claim God’s Promises. Use the Canon-of-Scripture to shoot down your worries and fears.
Getting through your busy day can be hard, but using the Word of God will see you through. A Pacman-like Game.
Unlock the important artefacts to Christianity and learn why they are significance. A Bejewelled-like Game.
Your favourite card games with a Bible theme. Play your cards right to escape the sharks.

Meet the game developer: Tom Jolin

Tom’s desire to advance the Kingdom of Christ has led him to use his computer skills and passion for gaming to create a Christian resource to be used freely by people worldwide. Tom is eager to create fun, online computer games that encourage Christian learning and living for both children and adults who love playing computer games. 

There is no charge for these online Christian computer games.
Through grace, we have freely received - through grace, we freely give.
If anyone desires these Christian games they can be played without charge or obligation.
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